At Home DIY Tricks to Remove Rust and Corrosion From Metals

Everything looks great when it’s shiny and new, but as time takes its toll, unwanted buildup begins to collect and rust can start to take over surface areas that were once gleaming and sparkling. Whether you have bought some awesome copper pots and pans that need to be cleaned up, or you want to get your atomic chrome items looking their best to get top dollar when you sell, there are lots of simple tricks to get the most out of vintage metal items. Here are a few methods to effectively remove rust from various metals.


Removing rust from copper can be done relatively easily. Three DIY methods that can be done with common household ingredients include:

  • Table salt and vinegar: Combine vinegar with salt and then scrub with a soft brush or firm cloth followed by a quick rinse and dry.
  • Lemon or lime and salt: Cut 2 lemons or 2 limes in half and use them as a scrubber. For added potency, sprinkle salt onto the surface of the lemon/lime first and then finish the process off with a rinse and dry.
  • Ketchup: Coat the rusted surface with a layer of ketchup and let it sink in for a few minutes. After, rinse and scrub with a soft brush.
  • Cast Iron

    Usually, cast iron in the home comes in the form of skillets and pans. Cleaning the rust off is a 2 part task. First, you have to clean off the rust and then you’ll have to “season” it in order to ensure it’s going to stay rust-free for a longer period of time.

    For the cleaning step, you’ll need to first use fine steel wool to scrub the areas with rust. Next, use warm water and gentle dish soap while scrubbing the cast iron again.

    After the washing and drying are done, it’s time for the “seasoning” which is really just a funny term that involves coating the now clean cast iron with a small portion of oil (any cooking oil works). Once it’s covered with a thin layer of the oil, simply put the cast iron upside down into the oven and bake for an hour at 350 degrees. (It is definitely a good idea to place a sheet of foil at the bottom to catch any drippings.) After the hour is up, turn the heat off and wait for the cast iron to cool down.


    With chrome, it’s often safest to use specialized chrome cleaner first and then apply chrome polish after to the rusted area(s). Rub extra polish with steel wool and be sure that when you’re rubbing the rusted area, you consistently make sure the area does not get dry. (The steel wool will scratch the surface if there isn’t some moisture there.) Avoid any instinctual urge to scrub the area too aggressively- this will damage the chrome surface. Once you’re finished, rinse the chrome with clean water and you should be good to go!

    If you’re feeling adventurous, Coke has also been known to be effective against rust on chrome. Depending on the surface, either soak the chrome in coke for 15 minutes and then rinse and dry off, or if it’s a large surface, wet a piece of aluminum foil with coke and rub the rusted area with the foil. (Again, like with the steel wool, always keep whatever you’re rubbing with moistened or you will get scratches.)


    Cleaning off rust from aluminum can be done a few different ways. For a more natural approach, try either lemon and vinegar or boiing tomatoes in a pot and then using the liquid to scrub the aluminum. For both these methods, the key is the acidity from the liquids. Once the aluminum is scrubbed down with the solutions, the discoloured aluminum should brighten up instantly.

    If the rust is of the persistent nature, you may need to try commercial cleaners that are targeted specifically for rust. Steel wool plus the cleaner will usually do the trick!

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    Traditionally, Kijiji has focused on connecting Canadians, but when we saw this ad we decided that it was time to move beyond the Canadian borders – and Earth’s Ozone.

    Kijiji Canada would like to announce that we plan to be the first classified site to offer a section devoted to local trade beyond Earth. If you have applied to the Mars 1 mission, or will be spending time on the International Space Station, you will be able to use Kijiji to connect with other astronauts and interplanetary travelers.

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    EDIT: April Fools!

    DIY Home Repairs: Replacing an Overhead Fixture

    Many home repairs can seem like too big of a DIY project to take on, but this isn’t always the case. While you probably shouldn’t climb up on your roof today to fix those loose shingles by yourself or attempt to re-tile one of the rooms in your home, one common home repair you can handle without calling in a professional is re-wiring a ceiling light. There are thousands of interesting light fixtures at great prices on Kijiji, and switching your overhead light is an easy and fast way to make a big impact on a room. The right lighting can really take your interior design to the next level!

    Let there be light: how to change a light fixture

    1. Get A Partner!

    You’ll want someone there to hold onto the screws and bolts, hand you parts you need, and as a general safety precaution, just someone to help make sure you’re following the steps and everything’s going smoothly. Chances are you’ll be up on a ladder, and having a buddy there to spot you is always a good idea when working on something up high.

    2. Speaking of Safety…

    The first step is to turn off the source that powers this lighting circuit – working on live wires with power still surging through them is a bad idea. Just the light switch is not enough – go to the fuse box and turn off the entire room or floor (make sure you have a flashlight handy). Obviously, if you have a natural light source, doing this during daylight hours is preferable to night time. Once the power is off, take off the cover of the light and remove the light bulb.

    3. Take It Apart

    Once the cover of the light is off, you’ll see the screws or nuts that connect the fixture to the gang box on the ceiling. At this point, loosen the screws while keeping a hand on the base (so it doesn’t fall off) so you can get a better look at the wires.

    4. Evaluate

    Look closely at the wires. You don’t want your wires to be frayed or to be loose from its insulation. If you see either of these issues, you know it’s time for re-wiring. If the insulation itself on the wire still looks good and there is no visible breakage in the wiring, then proceed to the next step.

    If the wires themselves don’t look salvageable, it may take more than re-wiring to fix your light fixture. At this point, it might be a good idea to consult an expert.

    5. The Next Step

    If the wiring was still intact and it’s just a simple re-wiring that’s needed, all you have to do it clean up the ends of the wire making sure there isn’t any leftover insulation or tape.

    6. Match Everything Up

    Connect the wires according to colour. There are only 3 wires you need to worry about: a coloured wire that’s usually black, a white wire, and a green ground wire. All that’s needed for this step is to connect the wires to their matching colour with wire nuts. It’s a good idea to secure it with electrical tape for some added stability.

    After this, put in the new bulb or bulbs, place the cover back on, turn on the power source and hopefully…let there be light!

    How to write a great real estate ad

    So you have decided that you want to post your house for sale by owner. Without the support of a real estate agent, getting the exposure that your house deserves can be difficult, so the importance of writing a great real estate ad is even higher when you won’t have a professional and their network supporting your marketing efforts. Remember, you are trying to market your house, so try and maintain a critical distance from it and understand what potential buyers are looking for. You might think the sauna or your custom dog washing station is an amazing feature, but the reality is, most buyers are not going to consider that a top selling point. Read the house listings for homes that generated a lot of interest in your area and try to emulate the parts of them that apply to your home, and follow our tips to create an ad that will generate attention.
    house for sale by owner

    Highlight unique features (provided they are desirable to most). A walk in pantry, wine cellar, en-suite bathrooms, and other stand out features that most people will want should be highlighted in any house for sale ad.
    Entice. Remember, you want people to come see your home, so provide just enough information that they will want to see more. Focus on attributes that have a wide appeal, such as finished basements, high ceilings, bay windows, fireplaces, etc. Don’t focus too much on “upgrades” that may not appeal to everyone, such as pools, second kitchens, saunas, panic rooms, etc. Mention desirable brand names if applicable (if you shelled out for Bosch or Viking appliances on your new kitchen, mention it).
    Mention upgrades. If you have kept your home in good condition, make it clear. A well maintained and recently upgraded home is very desirable. Buyers are especially interested in recently replaced roofs, windows, and heaters.
    Consider your language carefully. Use lots of descriptive words to really illustrate the character of your home through words. Do not use any negative words – think “cozy” over “cramped”, “character” over “old”, and so forth. While you don’t want to bore the reader by writing too much, make sure you have a solid description that will answer some of the major questions that readers will be asking, and get them to imagine themselves in the space you are illustrating through your words.
    Don’t profile the buyer. Anyone with the money could be buying your property, so don’t assume based on your neighbourhood or price what that person will look like. You might have fond memories of raising your family in your home, but that doesn’t mean the prospective buyer cares that has a room “perfect for a nursery”, or that the basement apartment is “ideal for the in-laws”. Focusing too much on what you think your buyer should look like might alienate other potential bidders on your home.
    Be findable. Remember, many potential buyers are searching by area, so do your best to appeal to both search engines by listing the postal code, well known nearby landmarks or prominent intersections, the name and any nicknames for the neighbourhood.
    State your price. If not there, people will assume high, and serious shoppers may think you are out of their price range.

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