How to Go Glamping on the Cheap

Not everyone is keen on “roughing it” in the woods with just a thin tent and a sleeping bag. If you’re more of a hotel person than a camper, glamping may be your way to experience sleeping under the stars while enjoying a little luxury at the same time. You don’t even have to pay a ton of money to do it if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Try these ideas and turn your next camping trip into an affordable glamping trip! Borrow, rent or buy a used trailer Whether it’s a tent trailer or something a little more substantial, you can borrow from a friend, rent or find some decent second-hand camping vessels for sale on Kijiji. If you’re concerned… read more

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Cash In On Christmas in July

Retailers know Christmas in July is a big marketing tool to bring in sales during the summer. It gives buyers the message that shopping early for Christmas can save a lot of money. You’ll see big discounts at local retailers, online stores and local sales ads. Take advantage of this marketing tool to spruce up your Kijiji ads with these effective tips. Product or Service Christmas in July is a great time to sell your holiday-inspired products. This can be everything from ornaments to Christmas cake pans. The items you sell don’t have to be Christmas-themed. They could be items that would make great Christmas gifts. Remember that parents buy pre-owned items such as dollhouses, skateboards and video games. Think… read more


Turn Your Kid’s Old Stuff into Extra Money

Everyone has that endless pile of things the kids have outgrown, broken or just don’t want anymore. You spent good money on all that stuff, so why not turn it back into extra cash or new items for the kids? You can use these selling tips for hot-item bundles that parents use all the time. Video Games There are always other parents looking to buy pre-owned video games. They know they don’t need to spend $80 on a brand new game when there are perfectly good ones (like yours) on Kijiji for $20 or $30. Most of the time, kids have only played a new game a few times before they move on to the next one. When selling your used… read more


Save Money on Outdoor Toys for Kids

Well summer is finally here, but you’re not prepared with outdoor toys for the kids. At this point, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any deals at a retail store. If you’re looking to save, here are some ideas to get more use out of the toys you already have, plus some tips for shopping for new additions to the toy chest on Kijiji . Reuse the outdoor toys you already have Most discarded toys just need a little fresh perspective. You can add something new to a toy without spending money. For example, an old sandbox can be fun using egg cartons, Jell-O moulds and Tupperware to build new sand structures. Have your kids join you in turning something old into… read more


What Questions Should I Ask Before I Buy a Toy or Game for my Kid?

Saving money isn’t the only advantage of buying a used version of a toy or game.  Not only are used products eco-friendly, but they also encourage people to purchase items locally. Looking for a good deal on a gift for a children’s birthday party, a rare collector’s item, or a board game? If so, quality is most likely your top priority. Neither Kijji nor any other third party guarantees your purchase when you buy an item on Kijji.  As a result, the inspection process is 100% in your hands. If you don’t carefully inspect the item that you’re interested in, before you buy it, you’re taking a risk.  Before you say, “yes” to a specific toy or game, you should know the answers to… read more