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Tips for Newcomers to Canada

Thinking of resettling in Canada? Great choice – Canada has a lot to offer. There are tons of resources to help you with the legal side of things, but what about those small details once you land? Here are a few tips for getting started in your new home. Finding a home: When you first land, you will probably want to rent for at least a little while to get a sense of where you would be happy to make your life before making a big investment like a house. Make sure you understand the rights and responsibilities that landlords have when renting out a space. Different provinces and municipalities have different laws, so check the specifics for the city… read more


How to transform your not-so-nice apartment into a beautiful space

Living in an apartment can give you a lot of freedom. Unfortunately, not all rentals are created equal; some are seriously lacking, some could just be nicer, and some are simply gorgeous. If you didn’t luck out and start with a plumb unit, don’t lose hope. Even without a renovation, your apartment can be redeemed. Remember to talk to your landlord before making any changes to your space. If you are making improvements, they might even help pay for some of them if you broach the subject the right way. Here are our tips to make any space feel homey. If you are still hunting…. Go with light. If you have a choice, go for the apartment with more natural… read more


Designing a Dorm Room That Will Be the Envy of your Floor

Dorm rooms are famously boring. No one wants to feel like they are living in an institution, but it can be hard to transform a room that will be temporary into something that feels as relaxing as a permanent home. Here are our ideas to make your dorm room into an awesome space to hang out in. Don’t overdo it. Dorms are a small space, and it doesn’t take much to make them feel cluttered. Buy what you need and bring things you love, but remember that less is more. Get some throw pillows or some folding chairs. It’s great to have friends over, and it is also great not to clutter up your valuable floor space with seating when… read more


8 Ways to Find Back to School Savings

Back to school costs add up fast. Between shopping trips, all the transportation to and from school, and after school activities, it can all easily blow through your budget for the month if you aren’t saving where you can. Here are 8 ways to keep some of that cash in your wallet. 1. Buy used. Of course we would advise that, but it makes a big difference! Even just buying used a few big ticket items cuts expenses way down. Getting your kids’ coats and backpacks off Kijiji will free up money to spend on something else, and chances are you can find gently used ones without too much trouble. Organizing a family clothing swap is another way to outfit… read more


How to Touch Up The Paint on Your Vehicle

Whether your car, truck or motorcycle is getting a little worn, or you’ve just purchased a used vehicle, touching up the paint can make it look new again. Before you shell out tons of money to have a professional do it, you might want to consider touching up the paint yourself! It’s not as hard as it may seem, and it could save you a lot of money. Here’s how to do it: Find the right colour No matter how much you trust your eyesight and your colour-matching skills, your best bet for getting an exact match is to find the colour code. The colour code can be found somewhere on your vehicle, and the owner’s manual should point you… read more