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How to Turn a Basement into a Homey Hideaway

Whether you are looking for basement ideas for finishing your own family room, setting up an income basement apartment suite you can rent out, or setting up your own basement apartment, the challenges are the same. The basement space is one of the most challenging parts of a home to make feel inviting. They typically suffer from a lack of natural light, low ceilings, and less air flow than most would like. Luckily, there are ways to make this space not only livable, but desirable and inviting. Whether you are fully remodeling, looking for ideas to make a small basement space into a getaway, or trying to transform a basement apartment into a space that will attract a high quality… read more

Stuff you have multiples of: sell them!

Spring Cleaning: How to make money and clean up!

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task to get through. Being able to sell your old stuff is a great motivator for getting through more stuff (and selling as much of it as possible). Here is our top list of things to look out for when you are doing your yearly purge. Items with the tags still on (or still in their original box) If the tag is still on, you clearly haven’t used it, and you could use that space for something better. Couple that with the fact that marking an item “New in box” (or NIB if you are down with the lingo), or “new with tags” (NWT) is more likely to result in your ads getting some… read more

How to price your item to sell on classified sites

Posting an ad on Kijiji may be easy, but that doesn’t mean that selling your item is. We’ve been over the way to ensure that you post an effective, attention grabbing ad, but that is only half the battle. The other half: actually getting the item out of your house! No one wants to see their ad they spent so much time perfecting languish on the site for months. Ideally, we would all like a quick, easy, drama free sale. How do you go about that? Kijiji: a refund? Unless you are selling a new in box sought after item (perhaps a new iphone days after the release or the hottest sold out toy at Christmas time), or a collector’s… read more

What’s With Mandatory Postal Codes?

At Kijiji, our ultimate goal is to facilitate successful neighborhood transactions. To help buyers and sellers connect, we have introduced mandatory postal codes in many of our categories. This will help you search within only the area that you are actually willing to travel for an item when buying, and help you connect more easily with those in your area when selling. Now, you will be able to restrict your search only to your immediate vicinity if you want to only go within walking distance, and the ads that show up as nearby will actually be ads from your neighborhood. It is easy to combine your transactions with your evening dog walk, or pick up an item on your way… read more

What to do with the "purge" pile?

With Goodwill closed, what can you do with your stuff?

Those who love hunting for treasures in charity stores, have big bags of post-holiday donations to drop off, or who like to give back to their community in the Greater Toronto Area or parts of Ontario are likely hurting from the recent news that Goodwill has closed all their local store locations. Goodwill has been a large contributor in the second hand economy, as well as a major employer to those who face significant barriers to employment, and their contribution to their wider communities will be missed (though as their website states, they will continue to explore ways to continue their mission). What are the alternatives out there? For Donations: Furniture, construction materials, appliances, and home items can go to… read more