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Kijiji in Your Town

UPDATE – Sorry to disappoint you Canada, we are going to stick to what we do best: Being Canada’s #1 classifieds site. April Fools!

We have conquered online classifieds, now we are putting a face to our name: Kijiji is thrilled to announce the opening of 10 Kijiji stores across Canada.

Kijiji exists in hundreds of communities across Canada and allows people to buy, sell and trade locally with their neighbours. The Kijiji Stores will be an extension of this. Part coffee shop, part showroom these stores will give users a safe place to meet up and complete a sale.

Need some help figuring out what your item is worth? The store will be staffed with Kijiji Appraisers who will be able to advise you what to post your item for, based on current market value, similar items on Kijiji and the state your item is in. New to Kijiji? These experts will be able to show you how to post an ad and answer any questions you have about our service.

‘This is a natural move for Kijiji’ says Zac Candelario, Country Manager for Kijiji Canada ‘We believe in supporting communities and this will be a place for people to engage each other and interact with our brand’

We will also have delicious coffee and locally made treats to fuel your Kijiji adventures 🙂

The Kijiji will be opening in a community near you soon soon. Check back soon for the announcement of which lucky communities will have a Kijiji store.

The Easter Bunny came early

The Easter Bunny didn’t forget it’s friends at Kijiji this year 🙂














For a little fun, we had a easter egg hunt in the office. Of course, things get a bit competitive when there is this much chocolate involved.
















Happy Easter!

The life of a Kijiji Scam Fighter

At Kijiji we work very hard to keep our site free of scams. However given the lengths internet scammers will go to it can be an uphill battle. At our headquarters in Toronto, we have a team of ad moderators – or ‘scam fighters’ as they are known around the office – who spend their time reviewing ads, identifying scam trends and keeping their finger on the pulse of the site to help Canadians buy, sell and trade safely.
We interviewed one of our scam fighters, Bogdan, for his take on this very important job.

Q: What is your role at Kijiji and how long have you been doing it?

A:  I am supervisor with Kijiji ad moderation and quality team and I started battling scammers as customer service representative in 2008. Since joining Kijiji I found myself to be very interested in all the scam trends, evolution of scam tactics, velocity, providing further actions, analysis and suggestions for smart improvements and better filters on Kijiji
Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: Keeping Kijiji safe is a big responsibility that everyone takes very seriously. Outsmarting internet scammers and making sure users have a good experience is very rewarding.I have incredible support from my supervisors and I work to give that to my direct team as well.

Bogdan, a Kijiji Scam Fighter
Q: What is the worst part of your job?

A: There are no negative parts in my JOB or what I do. Each day brings new challenges and the necessity to stay alert and ready for quick decisions. The toughtest part is probably that with scam fighting there is no “black and white” without grey areas  Sometimes it can be hard to tell what is a scam and what’s not.

Q; What does an average day look like for you?

A: Site safety and cleanliness is my first priority. A major part of is the day for me is looking for scams on Kijiji and working with our team to solve the problems they present. I also stay knowledgeable on new trends and pass the information to all other departments and customer service teams.

Q: How have scams on Kijiji evolved over your time here?

A: Without the risk of divulging crucial details in our work, I must say that with scammers we are engaged in a “tug of war” game. By studying scam stages and levels of complexity we  have introduced better filters and resources.I must say, since I started we have done a lot to prevent scams on our site. Scammers will always try and find a new way to reach our users, but we do our best to stay one step ahead of them.

How can Kijiji users help keep the site scam free?

A: An informed community is a better one. We have multiple channels opened exclusively for this type of help.  I encourage everyone to flag all suspicious ads through the “report ad link” located right above the “Poster contact Information” or using by contacting our Help Desk.

Report Ad button

Buying and Adopting Pets Safely with Kijiji

It’s hard to resist the puppies, cats and other animals that appear in the Kijiji Pets category. As with many other items, Kijiji is a great place to comparison shop and find the perfect item to suit your needs. However, pets are more of a commitment then a new sofa or car.

At any given time, Kijiji has thousands of pets ads. Many of these are posted by reliable breeders, shelters or owners looking to rehome loved pets. However some people who list pets for sale on Kijiji are not ethical breeders and you want to avoid those ones at all cost. Our customer service team does a great job of keeping the site clean, but it’s also up to you to ask the right questions about where the animals are coming from.

Our animal loving staff, and their furry friends (including Brody the Pomeranian, JD the Chihuahua and Tank the Shih Tzu) teamed up with Kijiji partner, the Ontario SPCA to share our tips for puchasing a pet from an ethical breeder on Kijiji.

You can review the Kijiji Pets Policies here and if you run into any suspicious posts or sellers you don’t trust please report them to the Kijiji Help Desk, or your local SPCA.

Big thanks to all the Kijiji staff and Agent Brad Dewer from the OSPCA and his dog Jersey, a visually impared Brussels Griffon for helping us make this video possible. Here are some cute behind the scenes shots from our day on set in Toronto

Meet the 2013 Kijiji Red Bull Crashed Ice K-Team

Louis-Philippe Dumoulin

Louis-Philippe Dumoulin is a veteran Red Bull Crashed Ice athlete! Quebec City will be the final destination of his fifth season. After he hung up his skates at the end of his first season with the Junior AAA Terrebonne Cobras in 2007, he qualified for the Red Bull Crashed Ice grand tour. Competition, pushing his personal limits, and victory are all elements that are dear to his heart … he admits to being a very sore loser!  He is used to success, especially in Quebec City, where he won second place in 2008 and 2011.

Here’s what Louis-Philippe had to say…

Why compete in Ice Cross Downhill?

When I was younger, I skied a lot and I figured that going down an icy track would be really fun. When I discovered Red Bull Crashed Ice, I thought I should definitely try it!

What are your abilities that make you dominant in the sport?

I have good balance and I’m quick, despite my height.

Have you adapted your equipment to compete in Ice Cross Downhill? If so, what did you change and how?

Sort of. I tried larger blades, but I didn’t like it. The only modification that I made: I changed some of my hockey equipment to have less protection.  Since there is no risk of being hit by a puck, I chose less padded equipment.

What are you most proud of?

In 2008, when I came in 2nd in Quebec City in front of my family and friends. It was my first race.

What was your family’s reaction when you told them that you were joining Red Bull Crashed Ice?

In 2008, I went to the London (ON) qualifications.  My parents were afraid I was going to get hurt. When I did my first race in Quebec City, and they saw the track, they weren’t thrilled. But since then, they’ve accepted it.

Do you have any fears, concerns or apprehensions?

I have no concerns, but I do apprehend defeat.

Are you superstitious? If so, what’s your routine?

I’m not superstitious, but I always place my left skate on the ice before my right one.

What do you expect from the course this year?

I’ve seen pictures; it looks like a great track. I think there might be a few surprises, but it’s going to resemble the one in Switzerland.

What does it mean to you to compete in Quebec City?

For me, the Quebec competition means not having to travel, and being with family and friends. The atmosphere isn’t the same either.  We have a lot more attention and we are watched and encouraged by thousands of people.

Have you already used Kijiji?

Yes. I sold my boat last month.

Apart from the Canadiens jersey, what is the nicest hockey jersey in your opinion?

The black Team Canada Jersey from a few years back.


Hubert Harvey

Hubert Harvey is known for his participation and victory in the show, Occupation Double in California (2012). However, most people don’t know that before his victory in “OD,” Hubert was above all a complete athlete that played AA Junior hockey for the Harfangs de Beauport. He had also begun an Ice Cross Downhill career at the Red Bull Crashed Ice competition in Quebec in 2008. This season (2012-2013) is his first complete season on the circuit.

Now, let’s get to know M. Harvey!

Why compete in Ice Cross Downhill?

When I first saw the track, I knew right away that I would enjoy doing it, especially for the adrenaline rush…

What are your abilities that make you dominant in the sport?

At the outset, the fact that I skate fast really helped. But now, I’m also developing my skiing abilities.

How do you train for the sport?

I spend a lot of time at the gym, with a personal trainer that makes me work a lot on stability exercises.  I also ski, and play hockey on outside rinks.

What are you most proud of?

Being good at sports in general, being able to perform, and also my agility.

What was your family’s reaction when you told them that you were joining Red Bull Crashed Ice?

For sure, my mom was initially pretty nervous about it in the first years, but she ended up accepting it when she saw that I was passionate about the sport.

Do you have any fears, concerns or apprehensions before a race?

Yes, there are risks and it’s inevitable that I sometimes think about them. Especially when I see someone else get hurt.

How do you overcome your fears, concerns and apprehensions before a competition?

By concentrating. I start off by listening to music to get me powered up. This allows me to forget the injuries I saw over the weekend.

Do you have a pre-race routine?

Other than listening to music and visualizing the track, no.

Are you superstitious? If so, what do you do?


What do you expect from the course this year?

I saw a few pictures… it looks a lot like what I’ve done before. I think there’s going to be some pretty fun obstacles. I also think the track is going to be like in Lausanne: fast. I hope it’s fast, that’s my strength!

Since you are from the Quebec region, what does it mean to you to participate in a race in Quebec City?

It’s the most stressful race of the season. I’m performing in front of family and friends, and I feel like a lot is expected of me. But it’s also the “funnest” race of the season, because it’s the best organized.

What type of helmet did you have when you were younger?

That Bauer helmet that was in style.

Apart from the Canadiens jersey, what is the nicest hockey jersey in your opinion?

The Chicago Blackhawks jersey.


Ross Thompson 

Ross Thompson is a complete extreme sports athlete.  After leaving the world of hockey in order to concentrate on a career in snowboarding and motocross, Ross later came back to the sport to participate in a Senior A hockey team. This was his last season before officially participating in the Red Bull Crashed Ice tour. This is Ross’ 8th participation! He succeeded in coming in 2nd in Quebec in 2007.

This year, Ross did not participate in the grand tour because he preferred to pursue his studies at Thompson Rivers University in order to obtain his commercial pilot license.

Let’s learn more about this multi-talented athlete, who is a member of Team K…

Why compete in Ice Cross Downhill?

When I was younger, a friend asked me if I wanted to do the qualifications with him.  Before I knew it, I was going to Quebec for my first competition.

What are your abilities that make you dominant in the sport?

I have a high confidence level and many abilities that I developed thanks to other sports, such as motocross, snowboarding, and hockey.

Have you adapted your equipment to compete in Ice Cross Downhill? If so, what did you change and how?

I removed certain parts of my protection in order to have lighter and smaller equipment. I also have a motocross helmet and ski goggles to avoid getting snow in my eyes. I also wear carbon-fibre socks to avoid getting cut. Our blades are sharp as razors.

What are you most proud of?

Winning many motocross races and competitions. I am also proud of my 2nd place in the 2007 Red Bull Crashed Ice competition.

What was your family’s reaction when you told them that you were joining Red Bull Crashed Ice?

Since I love snowboarding and motocross racing, my family and friends are used to seeing me take this type of risk. They didn’t have any particular reaction to the news.

Do you have any fears, concerns or apprehensions before a race?

I am aware of the risks, but I know the consequences of extreme sports and I know that accidents can happen. You just have to accept that there are sometimes consequences to your actions.

Do you have a pre-race routine?

I eat, I get some rest, and I do stretching exercises.

What do you expect from the course this year?

I expect a similar course to other years, so I think it will be a fast track. There will be lots of fans and a more humid temperature, meaning that the ice will be softer than elsewhere.

Also, the sport is expanding quickly in Canada, so the level of athletes increases significantly every year.  This year, athletes will have to dig deep to win.

What does it mean to you to participate in the competition on Canadian soil?

It’s an honour! In Canada, this sport has many aspiring athletes and many young people would love to be among the participants.

Apart from the Canadiens jersey, what is the nicest hockey jersey in your opinion?

The Boston Bruins jersey. Their black jersey is particularly aggressive.

We caught up with our K-Team athletes as they prepare for the Red Bull Team Challenge. Here’s what they had to say.