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Top Ads of the Week – Sept 30 – Oct 06

Is This Your Pink Penguin? (Winnipeg, MB)

We see a lot of ads every day at Kijiji. Lost friends are some of our favorites, because they restore our faith in humanity! Anyone in Winnipeg know who this penguin may belong to? She was found abandoned in the south end of Winnipeg at a bus stop. This was posted less than a week ago and has already received over 2800 views.
We hope that means the penguin made it home to their rightful owner.



EMW (Eisenacher MotorenWerk) – 1949 ( Niagara Falls, ON)

Classic cars are always a popular, and interesting, listing on Kijiji. This is a 1949 Eisenacher Motorenwerk (EMW) 340 with 60 horse power engine. Rumor has it that one of the pre World-War-II BMW factory was taken over by the Soviets and they continued the car production but changed the name to EMW.

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Top Ads of the Week – Sept 22-29

Petit divan Ikéa 2 places qui se cherche un foyer (Québec, QC)

It seems like Kijiji users love posting funny sofa ads. We listed two similar ones on July 31st. One of them received 97,000 views while the other is still live (Divan viril (laid) et confortable) and has exceeded 585,000 views!

This one was online for only a week and had received over 25,000 views.

Time Traveller wanted (Borden, ON)

We have another hilarious ad this week. This one is about a time travel opportunity. If you are interested in meeting Karl Albrecht, Prince-Elector of Bavaria from 1744, look no further. This ad received 1100 views in just a few days.



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Top Ads of the Week (Sept 9th – Sept 15th)

Ariel Atom 2 SC – street legal (only one I know of in Canada) (North York, ON)

This week’s top ad includes a rare automobile called Ariel Atom. According to Auto Blog, it is the only one of its kind in Canada. It goes 300 horse power, it weights 1350lbs, and it runs on Honda K20A type R engine. Best of all, its street legal in Canada. This ad received over 8000 views.



Looking for bids on this collectible item (Pefferlaw, ON)

We have a very unique ad for you this week. This user posted a potato chip that looks like an apple which received over 2000 views!



1998 Honda Civic Berline (Montréal, QC)

This week’s hilarious top ad goes to this user who “modified” his car using card boards and a Ferrari sticker. It is indeed a very creative way to attract a lot of viewers to a car ad that would otherwise not get as much exposure. So far this ad has received over 3200 views.






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Top Ads of the Week (Sept 2nd – Sept 8th)


All my Bomber gear (Winnipeg, MB)

This week’s top ad includes an angry fan who had posted all of his Blue Bomber gear because he no longer supports the team. He then received overwhelming response on Kijiji from other fans but his wife eventually convinced him to keep all the gear. This hilarious ad received over 2000 views in just 5 days. Click here to view the ad. Any bomber fans out there who feel the same way about this team?

1933 Ford coupe (Edmonton, AB)

This beautiful Ford Coupe received over 3,300 views. It has been fully customized to incorporate modern design on a classic shape. Truly a unique car to own!


Group of ladies looking for a cabana boy for Cottage Weekend! (Cornwall, ON)

Who wants to be a Cabana boy for a weekend?! The requirements are simple, you must have a loin cloth and a cowboy hat and have a European accent with a nerdy look. Duties will include addressing the ladies by ‘mistress’ or ‘my lady’, rubbing their necks when required, making drinks, cooking meals and playing guitar for them when they feel bored. Now that’s the kind of job offer that will attract 2000+ views!

Click here to view the full ad.


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Top Ads of the Week (Aug 26 – Sept 1st)

520hp! 1994 Toyota Supra Single Turbo (Pickering, ON)

This week’s top ad belongs to the highly modified 520 horsepower Toyota Supra. Even though the car is old but It was fully rebuilt with gt45 turbo, inter cooler, blow off valve, turbo timer and a lot of upgrades. It still has a potential to be upgraded to 720hp! Any sports car enthusiast would love this car. No wonder it received over 4500 views!




Harley-Davidson custom bobber (Toronto, ON)

This beautiful custom built Harley Davidson Sportster was used as a promotional bike until it was purchased by the user in 2010. Mileage on this bike is only 1500km. It should be a good trade for whoever gets it. This ad received over 4000 views.




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