Whistler Blackcomb: All Hail Caesar

Over 350 million Caesars are consumed in Canada annually and quite a few go down on Whistler Blackcomb. Christine’s, sat at the top of the Whistler Gondola, is infamous for its bouquet style garnishes, while the Garibaldi Lift Company (GLC) at the bottom of the mountain wins with meat lovers. Both bars boast impressive sun blessed patios, and great views of the mountains but who serves up the best Caesar? Well it comes down to the garnishes. Christine’s serves theirs with a Landjager sausage, which means “country hunter” – very apt, as well as a fresh lime wheel, olives, spicy bean and a pickled red hot cherry pepper. The GLC adds a touch of Canada with a slice of crispy bacon and a Banderilla skewer with a sour gherkin, red pepper, pearl onion and olive. The choice is yours…

The GLC’s Caesar

1 Oz Smirnoff Vodka

5 Oz Clamato Juice

Splash of Worchestshire

Splash of Tabasco

1 Spicy Bean

Banderilla Skewer- (sour gherkin, red pepper, pearl onion. olive)

1 Slice of crispy Bacon

Slice of Lemon

Slice of Lime

Cracked Pepper

Christine’s Caesar

Salted rimmed pint glass

Fill it to the top with ice

1 oz of Kettle one Vodka

1 tea spoon of horse radish

Squeeze of fresh lime

1oz of Christine’s Secret sauce

And then topped up with Clamato Juice

Garnished with a  fresh lime wheel, a slice of Landjager sausage, two olives, a spicy bean and a pickled red hot cherry pepper

How Not to Break Your New Year’s Resolutions


It’s that time of year again. January, a.k.a. resolution o’clock, is the month for fresh starts and better behaviour. The most common New Year’s resolutions include getting fit, traveling more and learning something new.

But let’s be honest. Most folks fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Why? Because they don’t have a concrete plan for how to achieve them.

Kijiji can help you achieve your new year resolutions by turning intentions into actions that lead directly to achieving your goal. Here are six new years resolutions you can achieve using Kijiji resources.

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Achieve with Kijiji

1. Resolution: Learning a new language.
Solution: Find a language tutor and book a session. Once you’ve committed to paying for a weekly meet-up, not to mention performing for an authority figure, you’ll feel and act more committed to learning.

2. Resolution: Travel more.
Solution: One of the biggest obstacles to travel is cost. But renting a vacation home or short term rental instead of staying in a hotel can lower travel expenses. Not only are they usually less expensive per night than a hotel, you can cook your own food on the cheap, saving money you’d normally spend in restaurants. You can  also use a rideshare board to find inexpensive ways to get to your destination, instead of renting a car or taking a flight.

3. Resolution: Get fit.
Solution: Motivation is the leading reason people skip out on fitness. A personal trainer’s job is to keep you motivated and support you. Alternatively, save money and go for social support by joining community activities and groups like a running club or a sports team.

4. Resolution: De-clutter your space.
Solution: It’s impossible to have a fresh start with clutter crimping your style. If figuring out how to dispose of furniture and appliances has kept you from feng shui, try giving away your stuff for free in Kijiji’s free stuff section. You’ll be surprised how quickly someone turns up to take it away for you.

5. Resolution: Give back.
Solution: You want to make the world a better place. But your concerns are specific and your time is limited, right? Find the perfect volunteer position for you by browsing a volunteer opportunities ranging from youth mentoring to feeding the homeless and recycling.

Top Searches in Vancouver: Sid Dickens? PS4 Over Xbox One?

Sid Dickens must be doing something right because he’s trending online.
The Vancouver artist, best known for his storyboard memory blocks, topped Kijiji Canada’s Top 5 searches for 2014.

Sid Dickens

Coming in second is security guards, so if you’re in that line of business, you might want to consider posting an ad.

Antiques, cargo vans and Ford’s F-350 trucks round out the Top 5 list.

Curious to know what else made the list? We were too, which is why we pulled data for the top 200 searches on Kijiji Canada.

Besides your typical cars, campers, furniture items, TVs and puppy searches, snakes popped up as the top searched pet coming in at No. 19. Dogs beat cats though, for the record, with Dobermans, Shih Tzus, Bulldogs and Shiba Inus all in the top 100 searches.


The sexy saxophone was also the top instrument coming in at No. 8.

More telling of Vancouver residents though, is the number of searches dedicated to heavy machinery. Everything from snowblowers, welders, backhoes, tractors and bale feeders were among the top 200.

The Vancouver Canucks will be taking a shot to their ego because Vancouver residents have been searching for Ontario Hockey League’s Sarnia Stings merchandise and Winnipeg Jets tickets (yes, we are as puzzled as you are about this one).

In the battle of Android verses iPhone, Apple products are prevailing still with people looking for iPads, iPod touches, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c.


Sony’s PlayStation 4 also beat out Microsoft’s XBOX One, with PS4 coming in at 19 on the list and XBOX One not evening placing.


A rhino also came in among the top 100 searches, but whether that’s a search for the animal or Marvel Universe’s Rhino action figure will be left up to you to decipher.

Other unusual, but interesting searches include dragons, masks and massages.

Looking for a job? You might want to become a driving instructor, heavy equipment operator, mechanic, painter, barista or an electrician — all of whom where heavily searched.

Surprisingly, yoga bigwig Lululemon didn’t even crack the top 200 searches, but we suspect it may be because it recently tried to hammer down on a number of its customers who were reselling products online by blocking them from buying more products on its website. The company said it has since apologized for going to the extremes and has revised its reselling policy, warning its customers that it does not support those who acquire its products in large volumes to resell at an elevated price point.

Search Position
sid dickens 1
security guard 2
antique 3
security 4
cargo van 5
f350 6
cash 7
saxophone | sax 8
honda civic 9
clk 10
sarnia sting 11
saxophone 12
trailer 13
camp 14
f250 15
ps4 16
queen bed 17
snake 18
doberman 19
dragon 700 20
hockey cards 21
iphone 5 22
massage 23
{wabasca} 24
aluminum fishing 25
jeep 26
okanagan 27
snow removal 28
travel trailer 29
tv stand 30
vancouver 31
welder 32
backhoe 33
businesses for sale 34
harley 35
hay 36
island 37
kura 38
shed 39
shih tzu 40
abbotsford 41
apartment 42
bunk bed 43
cochrane 44
honda 45
hull 46
mercedes 47
part time 48
polaris 49
rhino 50


Top Searches in Vancouver: PS4 or Xbox One? Game Boy Giveaway!

The PlayStation 4 beat out the Xbox One in terms of popularity again!

The Xbox One did not even make the top 200 searches on Kijiji for 2014 so far while the PS4 came in as the 17th most popular searched item.

How did Nintendo do?
Nintendo did not crack the top 300 so far in 2014.
However… a lot of you asked about the Game Boy Advanced we found while cleaning up. So we are giving it away for free.



Here is the ad: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-old-video-games/vancouver/game-boy-advanced-advanced-wars-2-black-hole-rising/577744567




Just follow us on G+, comment on the G+ post or reply to the ad. We will randomly select someone and ship it to them for free.
Yes, the Game Boy powers on!

It comes with Advanced Wars 2: Black Hole Rising




Here is a link to our Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/+KijijiCanada/posts

We will announce the winner there or reply to you by email if you submitted an ad.


photo 3



5 Fun Things to Do in Vancouver in March

things to do in vancouver in march

Vancouver St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Image: 2sirius

It’s easy to give in to boredom as we wait for spring to arrive. Don’t. Here are 5 fun things to do in Vancouver in March. Highlights include dance performances, parades and parties. Now get out and enjoy.

5 Fun Things to Do in Vancouver in March

1. Fox Cabaret
This former porn theatre is now the hot new Mount Pleasant arts and culture space. Renovated by the team behind the Waldorf Hotel, you can bet it has a stimulating, super cool line up of events ranging from live music to stand up comedy. The fun will soon be lubricated by an onsite cocktail bar, set to open in April.

2. Coastal First Nations Dance Festival
What do you know about First Nations culture? Not enough. Experience a vibrant celebration of the stories, songs and dances of the Indigenous peoples of the northwest coast of North America put on by The Dancers of Damelahamid and the UBC Museum of Anthropology. Walk away wowed. All performances are at the UBC Museum of Anthropology.

3. Vancouver St. Patrick’s Day Parade
One of Vancouver’s largest and best free annual events, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, March 16, draws 200,000 spectators to downtown Vancouver. Wear green. Cheer on bagpipe bands, Irish dancers, stilt walkers, a motorcycle drill team and more. Don’t miss the sister event, Celtic Fest, a Celtic village and street market with more free entertainment along Granville Street.

4. Nowruz in Vancouver
Nowruz, a 3,000-year-old holiday meaning “new day,” marks the first day of spring and the vernal equinox when day and night are exactly equal. Nowruz is celebrated by Iranian Canadians with parties, picnics and many other other fun events. The holiday is the equivalent of New Year’s Eve for Canadians. Don’t miss the UBC Persian Club’s Norooz Gala at Imperial Vancouver, Friday March 21. It’s formal dress and has Canada’s only celebrity Persian DJ.

5. Vancouver International Dance Festival
From March 7 to March 29, an exceptional line-up of award-winning international dancers will perform at venues throughout Vancouver. Dance styles are diverse and include butoh, hip hop, flamenco, ballet, as well as cutting edge contemporary dance. Tickets are $25 for students and less if you get together a group of 10 or more.

Looking for more community events? Here’s the full list of what’s on in Vancouver now.