Snowmobile Buying Guide

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of miles of groomed snowmobile trails in North America, not to mention virtually endless raw terrain? You probably did if you’re thinking of buying a new or used snowmobile – a fun and exciting purchase to make. There are several different types of snowmobiles, and each type has its own unique features and practical uses. Types of Snowmobiles • Mountain snowmobiles: For uphill action, nothing beats the climbing power of a mountain snowmobile. This is the right choice if you live in an area with lots of mountains, inclines, and snow. Mountain snowmobiles typically offer 120+ horsepower, electronic reverse, and hydraulic brakes. • Trail snowmobiles: High-speed acceleration and a sporty look… read more

Should You Buy Used or New? Pros and Cons of Buying New vs. Used Vehicles

Buying a new vehicle is a process that requires a lot of thought. Which model, which options, which color, and most importantly, should you buy new or used? Both new and used cars offer distinct advantages and drawbacks, so let’s examine the options. Vehicle Depreciation Depreciation is the amount of value that an object loses over time. For example, if you buy a new item for $5,000, and it is only worth $3,500 as a used item, it has depreciated $1,500. When you translate this into cars, the quandary over new versus used starts to lean towards buying used. Let’s say you’re looking at a 2015 Ford Escape SE 4×4 with a sticker price of $34,000. The benefit of buying… read more

Hits of the 2015 Montreal Auto Show

Hits of the 2015 Montreal Auto Show If you didn’t get the chance to visit the 2015 Montreal Auto Show this year, here’s the skinny on the revelations. Here are a few vehicles that wowed me enough to warrant a second date. With the relevance of these showroom-type auto shows dwindling every year thanks to social media, an accurate one-line summary would be: Jaguar is the sex, Audi is the king, Mazda is the local hero, and Volvo is the absentee. Volvo’s absence comes at a bit of a shock given their brand remodelling and desperately needing to get people into showrooms, but that’s another rant for another day. Here are some of the standouts: Audi S8 Okay, the S8… read more

Buying Green: New Vs Used

Buying Green: The Ecological Impact of Buying a Used Car vs. a New Car

In a continuing effort to take better care of our planet, many people are considering the ecological impact of the items they purchase. Trees take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and expel oxygen (O2), which is useful to pretty much every living species on the planet, even those living in the water. Cars do the exact opposite – consuming O2 and expelling CO2 (among other toxins) – and it takes approximately 110 trees to counteract the carbon dioxide emitted by just one vehicle over its lifetime. To put that into perspective, there are 7.4 million vehicles registered in Ontario alone, so it would require 814 million trees to offset the 28 billion kilos of CO2 that those vehicles will produce over… read more

Your Guide to Navigating North American Auto Shows

At the time of this writing, I’ve just gotten back from Montreal’s Salon de L’auto. This auto show is just as important for new car buyers as it is for those looking to buy a used car. The auto show is an excuse for many people to sample the looks and feels of new cars in person without the normal pressure of a dealership salesman. From there, they can move on to a test drive and, in many cases, manufactures will offer promotions at the event to test drive or on the vehicle itself. Whether you’re at the auto show for fun or to look for your new car, here is how to successfully navigate and get the most out… read more