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What’s With Mandatory Postal Codes?

At Kijiji, our ultimate goal is to facilitate successful neighborhood transactions. To help buyers and sellers connect, we have introduced mandatory postal codes in many of our categories. This will help you search within only the area that you are actually willing to travel for an item when buying, and help you connect more easily with those in your area when selling. Now, you will be able to restrict your search only to your immediate vicinity if you want to only go within walking distance, and the ads that show up as nearby will actually be ads from your neighborhood. It is easy to combine your transactions with your evening dog walk, or pick up an item on your way… read more

Iguana riding an ebike with an aquarium in tow

New Categories in Pets (& Elsewhere)

As of this week, we have added 3 new categories in our pets section. No longer will ferrets, rabbits, and gerbils be intermingled with fish for sale and snakes; Fish, Reptiles & Amphibians, and Small Animals each have their own devoted categories. As with our other pet sections, you will have the ability to refine results to only show ads from shelters, breeders, or private individuals looking to rehome, depending on your preferences. When looking to bring a new pet into your family, most people have very specific requirements on what type of animal based on what type of pet would fit into their lives (as well they should). With these changes, it will be easier to connect with communities… read more

10 years of Kijiji = 10 months of great prizes!

10 Years of Kijiji = 10 Months of Giveaways!

We have had such a great 10 years, we decided that for our birthday celebration, we will give gifts to our fans and users who have helped grow Kijiji to what it is today! Every month for the next 10 months, we will be giving away an item from our awesome prize list. The type of item will inform where you have to post your ad, so for example, in April we are giving away a video baby monitor, and our contest category for the month is baby items. Post an ad in baby items and submit it in the entry form at to enter. Things to know: This contest is open to ALL residents of Canada who have… read more

One Way Ticket to Mars

Kijiji Set To Expand!

Traditionally, Kijiji has focused on connecting Canadians, but when we saw this ad we decided that it was time to move beyond the Canadian borders – and Earth’s Ozone. Kijiji Canada would like to announce that we plan to be the first classified site to offer a section devoted to local trade beyond Earth. If you have applied to the Mars 1 mission, or will be spending time on the International Space Station, you will be able to use Kijiji to connect with other astronauts and interplanetary travelers. We are very interested in helping people conserve resources by reusing and recycling. Once humanity has begun a permanent move into space, resources are going to be even more difficult to come… read more

It’s Kijiji’s 10th anniversary!

We know it seems like Kijiji has been part of your life forever, but actually, we’ve only been around since 2005! That means that we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary this year. We’re proud of how much Kijiji has grown in the past ten years. The website we started in Montreal and Quebec City on February 28, 2005 was a small operation, but it reached the rest of the country in just a few months. Today, we’re active in over 100 Canadian cities and our website registers over 12 million unique visitors per month, which translates to 24 million eyeballs a month, if our calculations are correct. These numbers are impressive, but our greatest achievement and source of pride is you – our trusted and… read more