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Happy Halloween from Kijiji

kijiji halloween 2014
We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

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What are you getting this Mother’s Day?

Stumped on what to get mom this Mother’s Day? Why not take inspiration from last years gifts? We took a look at the Kijiji search data from last year to see which terms jumped in popularity the week before Mother’s day.

Mother's Day Search Trends 2013

Mother’s Day Search Trends 2013

Cats were a popular gift for mom – searches for a persian increased by 10%, siamois (siamese) 28%, ragdoll was up by 11% and “kitten” by 3%. Dogs also were sought out, with searches for an Australian shepherd increasing by 13%, yorkshire by 7%, and yorkie by 3%. Remember, you should NEVER buy a pet as a gift unless you have already discussed it with the recipient! Pets are a long term commitment, and the decision needs to be made as a family.

Thinking of fixing up the garden or patio for mom? Bistro set searches saw an increase of 19% last Mother’s Day, and people seeking a garden bench increased by 53%. These weren’t the only gift ideas aimed at improving quality of life – searches for dyson increased 11% (for those who gifted mom a vacuum, how did that one go over?), and searches for a live out nanny went up a whopping 55% (hiring a nanny is definitely a gift that keeps on giving). People looking to get a pair of birkenstocks went up by 40%, while searches for spa increased only by 6%. Ladies golf clubs went up by 41%, so mom could join the fun on the green.

Of techie gifts, the samsung galaxy s4 seemed to be the most popular gift for mom, with searches going up 40% leading up to Mother’s Day. Searches for apple products increased, but less than you might expect; iphone was up by 4%, while ipad mini was up by 7%.

Our most unexpected search increase might be for a psychic, a query which increased by 21%. Jewelry remained a popular classic, with pandora increasing by 23%. Searches for Mother’s Day brunch went up 166%, while just plain Mother’s Day increased by 471%, so it appears that many were hoping ad posters had already thought of a great gift option.

Kijiji set to transform into a full service delivery system!

Here at Kijiji, we’ve been brainstorming the best way to make buying and selling within your community even easier than before, and we are excited to introduce our new innovation: a fleet of remote-controlled solar powered cars, devoted to delivering Kijiji items to buyers.

Through bitter weather and snow, Kijiji delivery will be there to help!

Through bitter weather and snow, Kijiji delivery will be there to help!

With these brand new remote-controlled cars, no delivery is impossible. Their winter-ready tires and sturdy frames make them ideal for our rough Canadian terrain. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, nothing can stop our new remote-controlled cars! Each vehicle contains a chip that allows you to control them and track their progress through our GPS app (available soon in the app store). If you’re nervous about having to control the cars, don’t fret: we’re currently working on pre-programmed delivery vehicles.

GPS systems will take the guesswork out of delivery!

GPS systems will take the guesswork out of delivery!

How will the system work? Easy as 1,2,3:

1. Request a Kijiji remote-controlled car on our website. You can subscribe to the service with a monthly flat fee for all your sales and purchases, or, you can purchase the service à la carte when you need it.

2. Once you have an item to deliver, enter it in the Kijiji system and follow the instructions to load the car. We recommend using PayPal on delivery for payment, as our cars are equipped to handle this exchange.

3. Log on to our website or GPS app to control your car and follow its progress. Both buyer and seller will receive push notifications when the car is a half hour away from the destination, and upon arrival.

Don’t expect the transition to be instant: you can keep making your regular Kijiji transactions for the time being. We will launch test initiatives in major Canadian urban centers in the next few months. Stay tuned to find out when the Kijiji fleet is coming to your area!

Kijiji takes your items on the road!

Kijiji takes your items on the road!

Kijiji takes your items on the road!

Kijiji takes your items on the road!

EDIT: April Fools!

Introducing New Local Hero Videos

One of the most exciting new features of the new Local Heroes blog is that we will be placing an emphasis on showcasing your favorite Local Hero stories through video.

We’ve always felt that video is an important element in storytelling, which is part of the reason we now allow you to upload YouTube videos as part of the Local Heroes submission process.

To kick us off, we’re adding two exciting new videos, capturing a couple familiar faces you may recognize.

Originally posted last year, “Kijiji Gave My Daughter Mobility” tells the story of how Amanda, from Gatineau, looked to Kijiji to find a wheelchair for her daughter Caitlynn who suffers from a rare disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. We visited Amanda and Caitlynn to hear about their amazing story, on which you can now join us, here.

In “Rags to Riches”, storage auction aficionado David told us about how he and his wife gave up their day jobs to buy units, then sell them on Kijiji out of their house. We joined them in Barrie to hear more about their business, how they use Kijiji, and learned about their extraordinary parrot family (who came to them through Kijiji, of course). Explore their story here.

In addition to these success stories, we’ll be looking to directly connect with other community members throughout the year, so stay tuned for more. You may just wind up having our Kijiji film crew knocking on you door to document your story!

Learn more about our new Local Hero features on our blog, and make sure to submit your own Kijiji video here.

Welcome to the new Kijiji Local Heroes


Last fall we introduced an exciting new concept and site called Kijiji Local Heroes. This site was created to inspire our Kijiji users and give everyone a common place to share everyday experiences using Kijiji – from buying and selling household items, to collecting treasures, to assisting members in the community, to even finding that special furry companion.

Since our launch, we’ve received over 400 tremendous stories from across the country. Heart-warming tales of our Kijiji community assisting others with everything from finding places to live, to making donations to schools and charities, preserving the environment, and even using Kijiji as a personal store. Thank you!

One of the features that you’ve embraced is the ability to ‘salute’ each other; let’s call it our version of a pat on the back. Today we look at Local Heroes and see not just a few salutes, but many stories with dozens if not hundreds of salutes. The remarkable aspect of this participation is that it comes from the people who live and work in your community.

Today, with your help and feedback, we’re taking the next step with Local Heroes.


LH Badge


We’ve listened to your feedback on Local Heroes over the path several months – what you liked, what you didn’t, and what you wanted more of. This leads us today to introducing a brand new Local Heroes site with a number of exciting features that we can’t wait to share with you.

Starting with a new layout and design, we’ve now made it easier for you to share your stories and interact with the growing Local Heroes community who come and participate on the site each day. For example, when submitting your personal story, you can now choose to showcase your Local Hero through uploading a YouTube video. This will allow you to add some creative flair into your story. Perhaps showcasing that new piece of furniture you’ve found, or that perfect wedding dress. In any case, we encourage you to check out the new commenting feature to further allow you to engage and interact with the stories that have impacted you.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to see what new opportunities lay ahead for Local Heroes. We’re extremely proud of the contributions our users and readers have made so far, and we can’t wait to hear about all the other amazing stories being created each and every day through Kijiji. It only takes one click to share yours. Why not do so today?