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10 Years of Kijiji = 10 Months of Giveaways!

We have had such a great 10 years, we decided that for our birthday celebration, we will give gifts to our fans and users who have helped grow Kijiji to what it is today! Every month for the next 10 months, we will be giving away an item from our awesome prize list. The type of item will inform where you have to post your ad, so for example, in April we are giving away a video baby monitor, and our contest category for the month is baby items. Post an ad in baby items and submit it in the entry form at to enter.
Things to know:

  • This contest is open to ALL residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority.
  • Your ad must be a legitimate ad in accordance with all of our rules and posting policies. People found to be spamming, posting fake ads, or violating the rules of Kijiji will have their entries disqualified.
  • Your ad must remain live until the draw date to win.
  • No editing ads that have been submitted as an entry, with the one exception of adding “NO LONGER AVAILABLE” if your item is sold during the month.
  • Your ad must state that “This ad is a contestant in a Kijiji Contest. See more details at”.
  • Each month you can enter up to 10 times if you are able to post up to 10 legitimate ads.
  • You can only use one email address/Kijiji account to enter.
  • We have some amazing prizes to give away, so don’t be shy. Post your ads, get rid of stuff, make some cash – and as if getting paid to get rid of your old things isn’t reward enough, now it might lead to winning a great prize. Good luck and happy posting!

    10 years of Kijiji = 10 months of great prizes!

    Kijiji Set To Expand!

    Traditionally, Kijiji has focused on connecting Canadians, but when we saw this ad we decided that it was time to move beyond the Canadian borders – and Earth’s Ozone.

    Kijiji Canada would like to announce that we plan to be the first classified site to offer a section devoted to local trade beyond Earth. If you have applied to the Mars 1 mission, or will be spending time on the International Space Station, you will be able to use Kijiji to connect with other astronauts and interplanetary travelers.

    We are very interested in helping people conserve resources by reusing and recycling. Once humanity has begun a permanent move into space, resources are going to be even more difficult to come by. We think we are a natural fit to help interplanetary travelers set up any newly colonized planets in a sustainable way. Resources in space are very limited, so the second hand economy will be more important than ever. We can’t wait to facilitate our first exchange of baby clothes on Mars for the first generation of native born Martians!

    EDIT: April Fools!

    Kijiji Gaming Contest #KijijiGaming

    For the next two weeks, Kijiji will be giving away gaming consoles for the holidays!

    To enter, scroll to the bottom of the page and answer the week’s question in the contact form. We will have 2 questions (1 per week). You can answer each question only once per week for an entry into the draw. We will be sharing the questions on our social channels (G+, Twitter, and Facebook).

    Entries for week 1 must be in by Sunday, December 7 by midnight (EST).

    Entries for week 2 must be in by Sunday, December 14 by midnight (EST).

    Want Extra Entries? Post an Ad!

    Simply create an ad on Kijiji selling anything related to gaming with the hashtag #KijijiGaming in the title of the ad.  Be creative! Gaming can be anything from a couch to play video games on to the coffee table that you use to place your favourite gaming snacks.

    Don’t forget to include the hashtag #KijijiGaming in the title of your ad.

    Each ad created will get you 2 extra entries up to a maximum of 10!

    Stay up to Date on the Contest by following our Social Channels:

    Kijiji Facebook

    Kijiji Twitter

    Kijiji Google Plus

    Week 1 (Dec. 1 – Dec. 7)

    Which gaming console would you love to receive this holiday?

     Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4


    Week 2 (Dec. 8 – Dec. 14)

    What is your favourite gaming console of all time?

    Click to englarge


    Submit your answer below!

    Don’t forget to create up to 5 ads with the hashtag #KijijiGaming in the title for more entries!

    Full Contest Rules (Link)

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    Happy Halloween from Kijiji

    kijiji halloween 2014
    We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

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    What are you getting this Mother’s Day?

    Stumped on what to get mom this Mother’s Day? Why not take inspiration from last years gifts? We took a look at the Kijiji search data from last year to see which terms jumped in popularity the week before Mother’s day.

    Mother's Day Search Trends 2013

    Mother’s Day Search Trends 2013

    Cats were a popular gift for mom – searches for a persian increased by 10%, siamois (siamese) 28%, ragdoll was up by 11% and “kitten” by 3%. Dogs also were sought out, with searches for an Australian shepherd increasing by 13%, yorkshire by 7%, and yorkie by 3%. Remember, you should NEVER buy a pet as a gift unless you have already discussed it with the recipient! Pets are a long term commitment, and the decision needs to be made as a family.

    Thinking of fixing up the garden or patio for mom? Bistro set searches saw an increase of 19% last Mother’s Day, and people seeking a garden bench increased by 53%. These weren’t the only gift ideas aimed at improving quality of life – searches for dyson increased 11% (for those who gifted mom a vacuum, how did that one go over?), and searches for a live out nanny went up a whopping 55% (hiring a nanny is definitely a gift that keeps on giving). People looking to get a pair of birkenstocks went up by 40%, while searches for spa increased only by 6%. Ladies golf clubs went up by 41%, so mom could join the fun on the green.

    Of techie gifts, the samsung galaxy s4 seemed to be the most popular gift for mom, with searches going up 40% leading up to Mother’s Day. Searches for apple products increased, but less than you might expect; iphone was up by 4%, while ipad mini was up by 7%.

    Our most unexpected search increase might be for a psychic, a query which increased by 21%. Jewelry remained a popular classic, with pandora increasing by 23%. Searches for Mother’s Day brunch went up 166%, while just plain Mother’s Day increased by 471%, so it appears that many were hoping ad posters had already thought of a great gift option.