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Want to Save Big on Electronics? 8 Ways to Stay Safe Buying Used Technology

Looking for a new cell phone, laptop or tablet? There are tonnes on Kijiji, and a secondhand model is a great way of getting the device you have been lusting after, at a budget friendly price. Staying safe is particularly important when dealing with small, high value items, so here are our tips on how to have a great transaction. Meet face to face. Never send a seller money from your bank account before inspecting the item in person, and don’t send payment via money transfer services. Ask for a receipt. Get the seller to sign and write his/her name and address on the back of a receipt. Take a screenshot. Have a copy of the Kijiji ad so you… read more

Buying and Celling: How to check if a used phone is safe to buy

Buying and “Celling” on Kijiji: How to Check if a Phone for sale is Lost or Stolen

Buying a used phone makes a lot of sense. Much like a new car, new phones depreciate quickly. The hottest new phone can only maintain the title of “most coveted telecommunications accessory” for so long before it is displaced by one even newer and shinier – which is exactly what makes them a great buy on classifieds. Whether you are the one always in hot pursuit of the newest phone (and find yourself constantly wanting to unload the flavor of last month to finance your new toy), or you want to score a great deal on a great phone by buying gently used, connecting with another local Canadian to make your money go farther just makes sense. Many are concerned… read more


On the go holiday savings with the Kijiji App!

Mall chaos used to be the biggest pain of the Holiday season. Not anymore! According to a recent survey by Kijiji, 25% of Canadians would rather spend time in a lineup or fighting for parking than be without their smartphone over the holidays. And it doesn’t stop there: 1/5th would rather put in extra hours at the office, and 15% of Canadians would rather gain 10 pounds than not have their mobile in hand. Canadians are clearly smartphone dependent during the holidays! Not surprisingly, this same survey finds that 28% of Canadians will use their mobile device to research and build their holiday gift list, and nearly a quarter (24%) will use it to shop for the perfect gift. Savvy shoppers… read more

Cell Phone Buying Guide: Cell Phone Tech Specs, Decoded!

In the first part of our cell phone buying guide, we talked about the main questions that everyone should be asking themselves in order to figure out which cell phone is best suited for them and all their different needs. Naturally, the next step would be to actually sort through some options and pick the cream of the crop based on what features you’re looking for. The thing is, unless you’re super techy or work for a cellular company, chances are you’re not going to know a lot of the technical terms that are listed in the phone specifications. Looking at the phone’s “specs” (basically, the cut and dry numbers and figures that make each phone what it is) is… read more

Cell Phone Buying Guide Part 1

Every few months there’s a new “It” Phone out with some brand new, revolutionary feature that everyone’s buzzing about. It can be hard to look past the hype and figure out what you actually need in a phone. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself when you start to consider purchasing a smart phone. How technologically savvy am I? (Or how technologically savvy do I want to be?) Phones can get pretty complicated these days with all the features and customizations that they come with. You have to figure out whether you want a simple phone, or if you’re prepared to take the time to learn about, and make the most of a phone that may be a… read more