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Happy Halloween from Kijiji

kijiji halloween 2014
We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

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Hibernating in style: Ideas for Fun as the Weather Cools Down

With the mercury continuing to drop nationwide and snow starting to fall in the mountains, it’s important to hibernate in style – think lush rugs by the fire, classic movies, hot apple cider…it’s all about rewarding yourself, because baby it’s cold outside. But it’s not all about indulgence, it’s important to keep busy too. With plenty of indoor activities to take the chill out of the air, here are some cool suggestions from Kijiji on how to keep warm at home this season:

Hibernation Nation: Ideas for Indoor Fun as the Weather Cools Down

Invite the neighbours or your friends around for a games night. Put the smart phones and tablets in a drawer, and go head to head with your friends and put those analog skills to the test with classic board games like Scrabble, Jenga and Monopoly, or newer options like The Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, or Cranium. Prefer video games? Why not dust off the vintage gaming systems and invite some friends over for a nostalgic night of Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis games?

Do some crafting. Knitting has made a big comeback, so why not learn to knit of crochet? Check out Kijiji hobbies and crafts for patterns and books to teach yourself from the comfort of your couch, or search for knitting classes in your local community for a little extra help. Want to socialize but don’t need lessons? See if there is a local club to get together and knit, or set one up yourself!

Start a book club. Grab some friends and lock yourself indoors with some mulled wine and a few fictional classics. If you aren’t part of a book club – use Kijiji to start one and source books. Post an ad in the Activities & Groups section to find club members, and set up an alert for upcoming titles in the books category.

Cook up a storm. Warm yourself up with some comfort food this winter and stock up on those kitchen classics. From fondue kits to cast iron cookware, Kijiji will make sure you’re that much more likely to impress your dinner guests.

How will you use Kijiji to make your winter warmer?

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The Hottest Halloween Costumes on Kijiji

It should probably come as no surprise that one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas this year is Disney’s Frozen characters. According to the National Retail Federation, there will be an estimated 2.6 million kids who plan to dress up as Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the likes of them. Your children just can’t “let it go.”

But they won’t be the only ones playing dress-up during the night when spirits and the dead cross over into the world of the living for one night. Halloween gives everyone, adults included, an excuse to play make believe, eat candy and party.
Here are some other trending costumes that have been inspired by popular culture.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
These anthropomorphic turtles who live in the New York City storm sewers made a comeback to the big screen recently. The characters originated from a comic book and peaked in popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s with a cartoon series, films, video games and toys.

Batman (and other super heros for that matter) continues to be a popular costume choice, likely because Hollywood continues to put out a film every couple of years. Currently, the new TV series Gotham has revived the character and people are still questioning whether actor Ben Affleck is appropriately casted as the Dark Knight in the upcoming upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Look for it in 2016.

Zombies continue to be a popular Halloween costume choice. Perhaps its shows like the Walking Dead and movies like World War Z. Or it could have something to do with social outings like the Zombie Walk that are bringing out zombies in droves. Either way, with a little face paint and some old clothes all torn up and dirtied, you too can sport the look of dead people.

Yes, people are so over the movie series Twilight, but TV series The Vampire Diaries and True Blood are still going strong. Popular culture can’t get enough of these blood-thirsty creatures, which is evident with the latest release of the movie Dracula Untold, which is currently in theatres.

Video game characters
From classic Nintendo characters like Mario and Luigi to Angry Birds, people are getting inventive with their costumes. Many are getting into their own DIY projects to create and outfit that will stand out from the rest.

Game of Thrones
Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons was a popular costume last year and is once again this year from the popular TV series Game of Thrones. Put on a knight costume and a blonde wig and you can easily be transformed into Jaime Lannister.

Not interested in being part of the trend? Then stick to the classics like witches, ghosts, skeletons and black cats. You can also bring out your creative side by recreating your favourite childhood storybook character. In recent years, costumes like Max from Where The Wild Things Are, The Little Prince and the Paperbag Princess have translated well into costume.

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Popping The Question? Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy an Engagement Ring

As if finding “The One” wasn’t hard enough, finding THE ring for “The One” can be an even more stressful and confusing ordeal. The thing is, it shouldn’t be! The whole process should be exciting and teach you new things as well as open up the doors to a whole new chapter in your life. To get you prepped and looking forward to the ring finding process, here are 4 areas to take into consideration before you really jump into the search.

Popping the Question? What you need to know before buying a ring

1. The 4 C’s

Jewelers throw around the 4 C’s as if everyone in the world should know what they are, when in truth, most of us who haven’t needed to go diamond shopping before have no idea what a single C is or what the C means.

Without going into every intricate detail, the short version is this: The 4 C’s stand for Carat (the unit in which the weight of the diamond is measured), Clarity (how flawless or devoid of scratches and imperfections the diamond is), Colour (exactly what it sounds like), and Cut (the width and height, as well as the symmetry of all the faces on the diamond).

Each C has its own grades and levels which affect it’s pricing. Obviously the larger the diamond, the more perfect the clarity, the clearer the colour, and the more intricate the cut, the more expensive the diamond is going to be.

When choosing a ring, your budget determines which C’s are your top priorities. For most of us who don’t have a money tree growing in our backyard, it’s helpful to figure out which C matters more to you. This is all based on personal preference as well as the taste of the person you’re buying for. Some people are willing to sacrifice on the size of the diamond if it means the clarity and colour of the diamond are higher whereas others believe size is more important since the naked eye can’t always see the imperfections of a diamond. Then there are those who feel like the cut is the most important since it can make even a smaller diamond seem more brilliant by the way it catches light and sparkles. Ultimately, it really is about personal preference.

2. The Alternatives

We’re raised to believe that THE ring has to be a diamond ring, but we live in an age where there are a lot of other options that are just as, if not more eye catching and beautiful than a diamond. Other than for the purposes of tradition or status, diamond alternatives can make the engagement ring truly unique (not to mention save you quite a bit of money.)

Here are just a few diamond alternatives that are growing in popularity and are definitely worth looking into as part of your options.

  • Moissanite: A lab-made stone that sparkles as well as any diamond and is almost as hard, making it quite durable and worth the money. It is significantly less expensive than a diamond. Where it lacks slightly for some is in colour. Moissanite tends to be less white than a diamond, but they are able to be made in a variety of colours.
  • Asha: Even less expensive than a Moissanite, this diamond alternative made from diamond carbon bonds is a step up from a cubic zirconia (probably the lowest end of the clear coloured diamond alternatives), but quality wise, it does lack in the durability and sparkle department.
  • Precious Stones (Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, topaz, amethyst): so much attention is given to diamonds that people forget about how gorgeous and outstanding precious stones can be, especially with a beautiful setting and maybe accent diamonds on the side if you really want there to be diamonds somewhere on the ring. They come in colours that diamonds just can’t replicate, and like the other diamond alternatives we’ve mentioned so far, you’ll be spending far less on a ring with a precious stone versus a classic diamond ring.


3. The Options

Just like the stone in THE ring, you have plenty of options when it comes to WHERE to get THE ring. People tend to run straight towards chain jewelry stores found at the nearby mall when they really should be exploring all their options in order to get the best deal.

  • Second-hand rings shouldn’t be overlooked! Although this option requires you to be very careful and to do your research extensively, getting an engagement ring second-hand from sellers on Kijiji can not only save you money, but get you one of a kind or antique rings that just aren’t found in stores.
  • Buying online is also another possible cost-effective option, however, just like with the second-hand ring option, the key to a successful online ring-purchasing experience is asking as many questions as you can, researching the right type of questions to ask, and checking out reviews as well as asking around for people who have used this method.


4. The Style

Last but not least, consider the style of the person you’re buying THE ring for. Ask their friends, snoop around their closets, take sneaky pictures of jewelry they already own and use all these clues to find out what type of ring they’re going to gravitate towards. Rings don’t just come in one style- there are modern rings, celebrity imitation rings, vintage-style rings, deco-rings with intricate designs, two-tone rings (mixing metals), or classic rings, to name just a few. Knowing the style of the ring you want is crucial because the way the stone is set, the designs on the band, and the overall look of the stone is based on the style. It’s not only about the stone in the center of the ring.

At the end of the day, The One is going to love whatever you pick because it came from you, but if you’re going to be shelling out a significant amount of money, you’re going to want to think about all your options and really do some thinking and researching before you choose your final ring.

Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Everyone wants to get away during the summer, but having wee ones in tow can make it significantly harder. What are some strategies to make the process of getting from point A to B more enjoyable when bringing toddlers along for the ride?

How to Travel with Toddlers

During Travel on a Plane: airports and airplanes can bring out bad behavior even in mature adults. For a toddler, it is even more confusing and overwhelming. Build anticipation beforehand by explaining air travel, pointing out planes, or giving them an airplane toy. Once in the airport, give them their own child sized suitcase to pull around to help get rid of some excess energy, and calmly explain in detail what is occurring during security checks. Make sure you have both familiar toys and activities and a new toy to distract them once on the plane. During takeoff and landing, explain the process to help them understand the strange new experience, which may reduce the chance of acting out, and remember to bring something to help with the ear pressure, like a lollipop or a sippy cup. If possible, book only nonstop flights, and try to time it so that their usual nap time occurs while in the sky. If you do have a stop over, use the opportunity to get them to run around as much as possible. If you aren’t bringing a car seat with you, find a car service in advance that will pick you up and drop you off that includes a car seat.

Taking a long Car Trip: plan games, stories, and activities in advance. If only one child is present, consider having an adult sit in the back with them if possible to distract them for at least part of the trip. Plan to make rest stops frequently, and if possible, time them to be in fun places, like a park or green space to run around in. Bring some outdoor toys to amuse them at rest stops, too – maybe a ball, skipping rope, or a frisbee. If you have an iPad or tablet, load it with plenty of kid-friendly apps beforehand that don’t require an internet connection to keep them occupied for longer drive times.

Sleeping Overnight in an Unfamiliar Environment: unfamiliar locations, especially after a long trip can be trying. If planning to stay with family or friends unfamiliar to your child, show them pictures and tell some stories about these individuals beforehand to get them used to the idea. If staying in a hotel, show them pictures of inside the rooms so that it will seem more familiar upon arrival. Try sticking to your usual routine for bedtime as much as possible, as will likely help ease the process (as well as give you more time for some grown up socializing).

What do you do to help ease the stress of travel on young kids? Let us know in the comments!