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The Best Things to Sell to Make Cash for the Holidays

Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or something else entirely, gift giving holidays can get seriously expensive! There are plenty of ways to get creative with gifts, but what if all you want is some more cash in your pocket to check things off your shopping list? Well, we took a look at some of the most popular items on Kijiji in December (based on top searches from last year), and here are our top picks of things you might want to consider selling to make some money.

Country Wide

  • Snowblower. Doesn’t matter where you live, this is a popular item once the snow falls. If you have recently downsized, or just prefer shovelling the old fashioned way, now is a great time to sell a snowblower.
  • Snowmobile. If you have a snowmobile sitting unused, there are plenty who would love to take it off your hands before the holidays. Put your old ski-doo or polaris on Kijiji to simultaneously make someone else’s holiday season, as well as make some cash for your own!
  • Gaming systems. If you have a PS4, an Xbox 1, or even some vintage consoles collecting dust, December is the ideal time to advertise them.
  • Skis, snowboards, or other winter sports gear. If you don’t plan on using them this winter, make some cash by selling them to someone who will.
  • Lego and other timeless toys. Has your child outgrown or lost interest in them? Sell them now to make room for the new.
  • Jewellery and watches. Always popular gifts, so if you are thinking of unloading some, before the holidays is an ideal time.
  • Technology. Any item that would be a good gift and is current technology won’t last long at a good price leading up to the holidays. Consider ipods, headphones, tablets, phones, laptops, desktops, and any other electronics you aren’t using.
  • Musical instruments. These are often popular gifts for older children or teens. If you have entry level guitars or string instruments, woodwinds, or brass instruments which you have since upgraded, or some old instruments not getting the play they deserve, consider selling them now. Guitars are especially popular this time of year.

Regional: Maritimes

  • A wood burning stove. If you have an extra or an old one, sell it now, while they are being actively sought out.
  • Firewood. Have extra wood? December is a great time to sell.

Regional: Prairies

  • Ice fishing gear. If you haven’t put it to use in a while, sell now, don’t wait until summer!
  • Mukluks. Sell them while people are still looking for new cold weather gear!

Prepping for House Guests

Between the work of getting ready for the holidays, and the labour of cleaning your home until it meets the exacting standards you assume guests have for dust, it can be easy to forget to attend to the details. Here is our checklist to make it easy!

Stock the bathroom. Make sure you have extra, and accessible toilet paper, feminine products, and anything else your guests might need but be embarrassed to ask for. Put some shampoo and soap in the shower, have some available toothpaste, and make clear which towels are theirs by putting some clean ones by their bed or in the guest bathroom.

Clear space in the closet or a chest of drawers. Make sure that your guests have a place to unpack their clothing, and some hangers to keep their clothes looking good over their trip. Make sure there is space for heavy jackets, suits, and a place where they can primp in private, preferably a full length mirror near the guest space. If you don’t have a lot of space, at the very least, has a space where they can put their suitcase and if possible, provide a suitcase stand.

Set up a primer or FAQ. Leave out some paper with your wifi password, any explanation needed for operating the television or blu ray player, and some ideas for interesting nearby destinations or day trips. If they will be using public transit, include instructions and some tokens to get started.

Stock the fridge. Make sure you check on any allergies or dietary restrictions and have some appropriate food and drink options ready for them. If you have pets, include any need to know information (don’t let the cat out) on your list.

Make up & test the guest bed. If you are using an air mattress, make sure it isn’t leaking. If a regular bed, make sure the amount of blankets are appropriate for the season and there are ample pillow options for different sleep preferences.

Make a spare key. You’ll be glad you did when they aren’t ringing your doorbell every time they arrive.

Save Money This Holiday Season with a Kijiji Christmas

Do you want to save some serious coin on your Christmas celebrations this year? Kijiji has gifts for every taste and shopping list, from high end goods to vintage treasures to baby toys.
Keith Mullins (@Keithmullins on Twitter) of Cape Breton, NS wrote a song about saving big on Christmas celebrations through shopping on his local Kijiji. We’re big fans!

Want to sing along? Click here to read the full article.

Happy Halloween from Kijiji

kijiji halloween 2014
We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

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Hibernating in style: Ideas for Fun as the Weather Cools Down

With the mercury continuing to drop nationwide and snow starting to fall in the mountains, it’s important to hibernate in style – think lush rugs by the fire, classic movies, hot apple cider…it’s all about rewarding yourself, because baby it’s cold outside. But it’s not all about indulgence, it’s important to keep busy too. With plenty of indoor activities to take the chill out of the air, here are some cool suggestions from Kijiji on how to keep warm at home this season:

Hibernation Nation: Ideas for Indoor Fun as the Weather Cools Down

Invite the neighbours or your friends around for a games night. Put the smart phones and tablets in a drawer, and go head to head with your friends and put those analog skills to the test with classic board games like Scrabble, Jenga and Monopoly, or newer options like The Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, or Cranium. Prefer video games? Why not dust off the vintage gaming systems and invite some friends over for a nostalgic night of Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis games?

Do some crafting. Knitting has made a big comeback, so why not learn to knit of crochet? Check out Kijiji hobbies and crafts for patterns and books to teach yourself from the comfort of your couch, or search for knitting classes in your local community for a little extra help. Want to socialize but don’t need lessons? See if there is a local club to get together and knit, or set one up yourself!

Start a book club. Grab some friends and lock yourself indoors with some mulled wine and a few fictional classics. If you aren’t part of a book club – use Kijiji to start one and source books. Post an ad in the Activities & Groups section to find club members, and set up an alert for upcoming titles in the books category.

Cook up a storm. Warm yourself up with some comfort food this winter and stock up on those kitchen classics. From fondue kits to cast iron cookware, Kijiji will make sure you’re that much more likely to impress your dinner guests.

How will you use Kijiji to make your winter warmer?

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