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How to Make a DIY Flagstone Patio

With warmer days ahead, it’ll be patio season all over again. Why not bring the party outdoors by creating a backyard oasis? Start with the basics first by creating a flagstone patio to transform your outdoor space. It’s a relatively easy Do It Yourself weekend project that will be sure to impress your summer guests.

Turn Your Garden Into an Oasis with Flagstons

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
gravel, sand or granular material
• level
• landscaping rake
• hand tamper
• rubber mallet
• broom
• natural flagstone pieces
topsoil (optional)

Prepare your base
Select how big you want your patio area to be and take measurements so you can determine how many stones you’ll need to purchase from a landscaping store, nursery or hardware garden centre to cover the surface. Start digging out the soil, about six inches deep, and have a wheelbarrow on hand so it will be easy to relocate the soil somewhere else in your yard like a planting bed. Fill the base with sand, crushed stone or a granular material. Smooth and even out the grade with a landscaping rake before using a hand tamper to further level and compact the surface.

To check that the floor is even, use your level, placing it on a piece of wood on top of the surface you’ve created.

Lay your flagstones
The choice is yours whether you want to use rectangular stone pieces or irregular ones, but once that decision has been made start setting them down like a jig saw, using a hammer and chisel, if needed, to resize or reshape any stone. Take a step back every so often to make sure you like the design. When all stones have been set down and you’re happy with the look, stand on each piece or hit it with a rubber mallet to secure them in place.

Fill in gaps
Use sand, gravel or event topsoil to fill in the gaps between stones. Sand or gravel will hold the pieces firm in place while top soil will allow grass, moss or other greenery to grow between the stones. Dump the material of your choice and use a broom to sweep it into the crevices. Use your garden hose to lightly wet the patio and rinse the stone. The water will also help the material settle in place. You may need to add more material until the gaps are properly filled and are firm.

February is the Month of….

Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Black History Month- three well known days or month-long observances that we’re all probably pretty familiar with.

However, did you know that February is also home to several other nationally recognized observances that you’ve probably never heard of?

For instance: February is also National Cherry Month, Sweet Potato Month, National Mend a Broken Heart Month, Grapefruit Month, Spunky Old Broads Month, National Time Management Month, National Bird Feeding Month, and the list goes on.

Among the many fun and unique themes associated with this month, there was one in particular that stood out to us – Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month. There’s no need to go crazy with the renovations-it’s not meant to be a full-fledged project, but instead, a little nudge towards breathing new life into a room that might have been neglected for far too long.

This little February gem is meant to inspire everyone to re-organize a room or two in the house by doing simple tasks such as re-arranging where furniture goes (starting with the sofa). But why stop there? After you’ve figured out a new layout for the room, you may as well start trying to de-clutter areas in the room that may be piling up with miscellaneous odds and ends.

Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month isn’t just for sofas- use this month to focus on a room that could use some simple updating. Bookshelves, decorative crates, DIY craft projects, 2 in 1 storage units that double as seating or tables- there are so many options available to us and this is your month to get going!

Pull your sofa, chaise longue, couch, or futon out from the wall and fix up your space!

Pull your sofa, chaise longue, couch, or futon out from the wall and fix up your space!

Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month also gives you a great excuse to replace your existing sofa if it’s been sitting around for a few too many years. By the time March rolls around, you’ll have something brag-worthy to show off and hopefully the motivation to continue with some other household projects that need to be tackled.

If you decide to pull YOUR sofa off the wall this month and fix up a room, show us your pictures by tweeting us @Kijiji!

Sustainability Tips

Classified ads provide a great resource to engage in both sides of the responsible consumption equation – by buying used, you are ensuring that you are not creating demand for the production of a new item. When you downsize or sell used goods, you are allowing someone else to make a socially responsible purchase.

Consider the impact of the item after you start using it as well. You can reduce emissions by biking instead of driving, or looking for energy efficient home appliances. In addition to being purchases you can feel good about, these investments will save you money on gas and electricity.

Did you know that cotton production typically utilizes more insecticides than any other individual crop? Consider buying used and vintage clothing rather than purchasing new. Many people get rid of ‘like new’ or barely worn pieces – unless you choose to share that the item is used, others will be none the wiser about your eco-friendly fashion sourcing.

Trees and forests are integral habitats for wild animals, and are key to maintaining the natural beauty and ecological balance of Canada. With such a wide array of choices of beautiful used, antique, and retro furniture, you can save trees and money without sacrificing style.

Reclaimed Rustic Harvest Wood Table on Kijiji

Reclaimed Rustic Harvest Wood Table on Kijiji

The age of technology and gadgets causes a lot of pollution – minimize the impact of your electronics purchases by ensuring that broken ones are recycled appropriately, and buying or selling used devices.

Can Kijiji help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions?

By the second week of January, most people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. It’s now the first day of February, do you fall into that category? Don’t despair! Kijiji is here to help.
We have identified the most popular New Year’s resolutions and come up with ideas on how Kijiji can help you achieve them.

Get Fit

One of the most popular New Years Resolutions by far is to shed some pounds and get into shape. If you are a couch potato, saying you will work out 5+ days a week may not be the best way to start. Setting managable goals, like walking to work, or attending one group exercise class a week will be easier for you to accomplish.

One of the easiest ways to get fit, especially in the cold Canadian winter, is working out at home. We have more then 3,000 listings in our exercise category. Treadmills, Bowflex machines and other high end equipment sell on Kijiji for signifantly lower then their listing price. Even a simple set of free weights can be picked up for a low price, and will help you tone muscle and burn calories in your living room. Browse our exercise section to find equipment that is right for you.

Need motivation? Kijiji has listings of personal trainers and fitness professionals in your local area. Meet with one to see if they can help you meet your goals.

Save Money/Get out of Debt

If you are a regular Kijiji user, this is a no brainer. Shopping on Kijiji can save you money on new and gently used goods, and selling things you don’t use any more will make you money. Its a win win! If you are new to Kijiji, learn how easy it is to post an ad. Also, make sure your ad will get lots of replies by following our tips for writing a better ad.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Everyone has tasks and chores they don’t want to do. If there are things you could pass off to free up your time why wouldn’t you? Hire a plumber to fix the sink you have been fighting with for weeks. Get a cleaning service in once a month to do the heavy lifting so you can play with your kids.

Can’t find someone who can do the job? Post an ad. With 1/3 Canadians using Kijiji every month someone is bound to have the skills you need.

Get Organized

Kijiji is a great way to find storage solutions for a fraction of what you would spend in a store. From bookcases to vintage trunks and clothing racks and kitchen islands your house will be organized with a few quick searches and an an email or two.

Ikea furniture and storage systems are some of the most popular items on our site. Browse for Ikea items in your local area

When you have the perfect item to store all your stuff, don’t forget to go through it and really evaluate what you use. There is no sense in holding on to items for a rainy day. Selling your unused items on Kijiji will earn you money and help you declutter. Two resultions down in one simple action. See how easy it is to post an ad on Kijiji

How have you used Kijiji to help reach your goals?

Stay Green This Holiday Season

Ever wonder about the impact the holidays have on the environment? Well, Kijiji did and decided to do some homework.

According to 2011 research from the folks over at Smart Planet and Ethical Ocean, holiday toys can account for nearly 70M tons of carbon from initial production and packaging to disposal.

The good news is that according to a recent global online study of consumer behaviour by Kijiji* more than 650 million people worldwide reported exchanging goods for cash online. If trends like these continue, they will help to significantly lessen the impact on our environment.

Trading, recycling or upcycling new and used goods are all great ways for people to reduce a carbon footprint instead of buying from conventional retail environments. 

Kijiji  Top 3 Green Holiday Tips

  1. Shopping at major chains and department stores that use ground transport + over packaging has a significant impact on the planet. New items can be found using online classifieds sites like Kijiji, often at a much lower cost.  
  2. Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be store-bought foil paper with a synthetic bow. We suggests using plain brown paper tied with raffia and a holly sprig. Or have fun with newspaper by using the comic section and fold it accordion style.
  3. Vintage-inspired items are a huge trend this Holiday season, so why not actually give a unique gift that you can’t find in-store – true vintage finds have a “new to you” appeal. This is true especially for children, who love a new toy because its new, not because of the box and plastic it comes in.

Do you try and stay eco-friendly this time of year? Share your tips with us in the comments!