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Local Heroes Inside Story: Amanda & Jackson’s Story – Saving Each Other

Every so often, we find a truly incredible story about how Kijiji has played a role in turning someone’s life around. While all Local Heroes are special in their own right, stories like Amanda and Jackson’s – and their incredible bond –remind us of the power of community, and its ability to positively affect us.

Over the past five years, Amanda from Ontario has undergone a number of challenges in her life, leaving her feeling alone and sad. However, she found solace in her roommate’s dog. From this, Amanda decided she would adopt a pet through Kijiji to see if it could help brighten her spirits

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After searching high and low for a Bernese Mountain Dog – a favourite breed of hers; Amanda located a male puppy just over two hours away. As Amanda described her experience, it was love at first sight, but she was hesitant in case their first meeting didn’t go as well as she hoped. “I knew I had to meet him. I set up a time to meet [Jackson] pushing aside all of my hope because I had a feeling things may not go as planned. But when he came out of the back room I knew he was perfect.”

A little skittish at first, Jackson quickly bonded with Amanda; instantly cementing their relationship.

However, over the two years since they met, Amanda’s medical conditions worsened and became more complicated – to the point where she could not leave her own home. But thankfully, Jackson was there to pick up on Amanda’s feelings and help give her a new lease on life. “Jackson is the most emotionally intelligent dog I have ever encountered. He picks up on my feelings and responds very quickly. I feel less alone, more confident, and the happiest I’ve been in years.”

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So much so that a few months ago, Amanda began to train Jackson as her service canine, a role she credits as allowing her to finally get out of the house again and start living life to the fullest. While Jackson is still in training as of today, he has learned to pick up her emotional cues quickly, and is improving each and every day. So much so, that he looks forward to being “on duty.”

To Amanda, Jackson is her Local Hero. As she tells us, “Jackson means the world to me. To express it into words is extremely difficult. To me he represents independence, confidence, love and friendship; and has made me feel all of these things after years of feeling the opposite. I am so grateful to have him in my life, and couldn’t ask for a better dog – or best friend.”

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Amanda’s story has touched us in so many ways. The compassion we feel for animals, is easily returned by inviting them into our homes. We salute Jackson for the astounding Local Hero he is, but we also honour Amanda, for sharing such a deep story with all of us. On behalf of the thousands of pets and their owners who have met through Kijiji, we thank you!

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Guide to Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment

Apartment hunting is tough – and can be even tougher if you are embarking on your search with a cat or dog as a roommate. While it is not legal in many parts of Canada for landlords to forbid pets, the fact is, landlords can choose to rent to someone else who is less forthcoming about being a pet owner. Lying about pet ownership is a bad idea, and will start you off on the wrong foot when seeking a new home. What can you do to maximize your chances of landing a great apartment along with your pets?

Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment

Don’t leave it until the last minute. Finding an apartment that is appropriate for both you and your pet will be much easier if you have time on your side. In addition to finding an apartment that accepts your pet, make sure you find somewhere with the appropriate amenities – for instance, a park within walking distance if you own a dog. We recommend giving yourself minimum 2 months to find an apartment with a pet when possible.

Be honest. Mentioning your pet doesn’t have to be the first thing out of your mouth (or in your Kijiji reply), but if you view an apartment, tell the landlord or property manager about your pet. Be sure to mention their good points (quiet, house trained, etc.).

Understand their reservations. Did they have a terrible prior tenant that trashed the place and had dogs? Are they concerned about people who don’t stop and scoop? Is noise the main sticking point? Talk to the owner about what it is that makes them hesitate. Don’t dismiss their concerns – from the perspective of a landlord, these are all legitimate issues that can be a huge pain for them to deal with. Let them know details about your pets and lifestyle that will help to alleviate their concerns. Do you work from home? Do you have a dog walker? Is your cat content to stick with their scratching post? All of these points can help dispel concerns and reassure them that you take getting along with management and neighbours, as well as being a responsible pet owner, seriously.

Talk up yourself, and your pet. If you can provide proof that you are a responsible pet owner, they may be willing to make an exception for you. Documents that prove your pet has been fixed (and thus calmer and less likely to spray or otherwise annoy neighbours), that you take your pets to the vet regularly (your vet likely has a form letter on file for this purpose), proof that you have taken your dog to a training class, reference letters from your current landlord that you are a responsible tenant and pet owner, and any other documents you might have can help paint a picture of you and your pet being a contributing community member. Make it clear that you will be responsible for your pet at all times – list behavhiours that you as a pet owner find unacceptable from other pet owners, and let them know you understand that not everyone wants to deal with another person’s animals. If possible, introduce them to your pet. Your prospective landlord might have a no dogs policy because they have a life long fear of German shepherds or dobermans. If you have a cuddly, unassuming Pomeranian, their reluctance might wane. Invite them to your current home to meet your pet and showcase how clean you keep your current unit. Take your dog for a professional groom and vacuum up any stray pet hair before hand. A well cared for and well behaved pet in a well cared for home will speak volumes.

Be prepared to get creative. If you are having trouble finding options using the pet friendly filter on Kijiji, consider asking your local humane society if they have a list of apartment buildings which are pet friendly, or reaching out to local real estate agents or property managers for suggestions on where to find an apartment in your budget.

While finding rentals that allow pets can be tough, the hard work pays off in the form of a happy home for ALL family members. Happy hunting!

Hey New Roomie, Now That We Live Together, Want to Adopt Or Something?

So you and your best bud have decided to become roommates and rent an apartment. How exciting! What could be better than getting a pet to celebrate the new apartment and cement your friendship? While it may look like a good idea on the surface, it’s going to take some great planning and mutual understanding to make it successful and keep both you and your new pet happy. Let’s have a look at some of the FAQs we get asked about with this kind of thing.

Adopting a pet with roommates

Who really owns the pet? Have you ever heard the expression, “the piece of paper always wins?” It basically means that a written signature on paper is going to win over any verbal agreements you may claim to have. So whose name is on the adoption paperwork? Whose name is on the dog license with your local Municipality? Whose name appears on the veterinarian records? Sounds like a lot to think about right? This can become really confusing if different names are on different registrations listed above. The solution? Talk about it with your new roomy before you get the pet. Decide who will be the one person listed on all the paperwork with the understanding that if anything goes wrong, this is the person who will end up with the pet and all the responsibilities that go with it.

What if there is an emergency? We all hope that we won’t have to experience an emergency, but the reality is that it could happen! Having a pet with a roommate is a great situation for you to think about pet insurance. It can be a real lifesaver if you don’t have money saved up for vet emergencies! At least with pet insurance all you have to worry about is what you should do to treat emergency problems. That’s going to be enough to handle at the moment without having to make financial decisions too.

Okay, so let’s talk about something less dramatic – what to feed your furry friend and who adopts it? Set out a game plan in advance – maybe swap out every month and talk over what you both think is a good diet to feed your pet (you can also chat with your veterinarian about this). Also on a day-to-day basis, who disciplines the pet if they chew on something or have a leaky bladder episode? This is where keeping those lines of communication open are going to be really important. Talk it over early what you’re going to do if you encounter the common problems. Chewing is big one – what would you do differently if the pet chewed up some shared furniture versus chewing up one roommates favourite sweater? It may seem trivial until it happens and everyone is really upset. Some good advice? Talk over some basic ground rules before you need them.

Lastly, what happens if something goes wrong and you and your best bud aren’t really best buds anymore, or it’s the end of the school year – who gets the final responsibility of the pet? If it’s the end of the school year, then hopefully you’ll be coming back in the fall with the same roommate for the next year. But if people are graduating or you split up for good, then what happens? Several Ontario SPCA Communities have to deal with abandoned pets or surrendered pets that they just adopted out eight months earlier. Again, pet ownership is something to talk over while you’re still talking and communicating well. Make a plan just in case things don’t go as well as they are right now… just in case.

So what are we trying to say here? In the end, we’re not saying that it can’t be done – it’s just that it takes great planning, being mature and keeping the lines of communication open between you and your roommate to make for a great rewarding pet experience. Try to remember to always put your pet’s needs and wants first over any problems you may have living with a roommate, big or small!

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Local Heroes Inside Story: Lost And Found From 2000 Km Away

The power of community is something we celebrate each and every day here at Kijiji.

This week’s Inside Story is another tale of one family’s experience using Kijiji and the power of a connected community. While on vacation in Florida, the Cornelius family of London, Ontario left their neighbour Laura in charge of their family dog Dezy. Adopted from a shelter in Toronto when she was two, Dezy had become an important member of the clan, showing a strong affinity for children –especially after the Cornelius’ daughter was born.


One evening Laura called Jaime Cornelius on her trip, to explain that Dezy had escaped the yard without her collar on. While this had happened before (Dezy returned home almost immediately) – Laura was unable to locate her this time. Sick with worry and unable to travel back immediately, the family posted an ad on Kijiji from Florida with the hope that someone with information might see it.

As it happened, a community member in London was passing through a park near the Cornelius’ house when she spotted Dezy and took her home. Figuring she was someone’s pet, the woman posted a found dog ad on Kijiji.

While Jaime and her husband didn’t see the found post, and the woman didn’t see the family’s lost dog post – it took a third Kijiji userthat evening to connect the dots after seeing both ads. After notifying the Cornelius family by replying to their ad and providing the found listing; the Cornelius’ graciously thanked the woman and arranged to have Laura pick Dezy up the next morning.


As Jaime recalls, “Unexpected to both of us, my husband teared up when saying thank you [to the rescuers]. How can you express the importance of family dog? I’m sure every family thinks that their dog is the best in the world; but if we had lost Dezy, especially while being away, we would have been devastated.”


That evening, more than one Local Hero was making a difference in London. It’s a great reminder that helping your community doesn’t mean you have to be a caped crusader; all it takes is a little caring and the willingness to be a good neighbour. Dezy (and Kijiji) salute you for it.

Has someone helped return something special you’ve lost? Submit their Local Hero story today!

Local Heroes Inside Story: Rescued Cats And Kittens Finding New Homes

At Kijiji, we are always inspired when we’re able to help a local non-profit reach their goals using our services. In this week’s Local Heroes Inside Story, we salute the volunteers at Urban Cat Relief (UCR) who work tirelessly to find homes for lost and rescued cats in the Greater Toronto Area.

In her LH submission, Kijiji Helps Rescued Cats and Kittens, Urban Cat Relief volunteer Heather Thomas explains how UCR relies on their Kijiji postings to advertise their feline friends for adoption. With an estimated 1000 adoptions over the past four years, Heather estimates that 95 per cent of cat and kitten adoptions come through the ads they place on Kijiji.


Founded in 2009, UCR was created through the merger of two local cat rescues, becoming a not-for-profit charitable foundation with the goal of improving the lives of homeless cats. While rescuing and fostering cats for adoption is a big part of what the volunteers of UCR do each day, they also assist in caring for wild cat populations by providing food, as well as neuter/spay and veterinary services. The volunteers of UCR also supply additional resources for the public through local outreach and materials on their website, including educational information on how to safely address strays in your community.

As a proud partner of the Ontario SPCA and animals lovers across the country, we support and salute the Local Hero volunteers of Urban Cat Relief and the outstanding work they do each day.

Has a local charity like Urban Cat Relief made an impact in your community? Submit your own Local Hero story today!