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Local Heroes Inside Story: Lost And Found From 2000 Km Away

The power of community is something we celebrate each and every day here at Kijiji.

This week’s Inside Story is another tale of one family’s experience using Kijiji and the power of a connected community. While on vacation in Florida, the Cornelius family of London, Ontario left their neighbour Laura in charge of their family dog Dezy. Adopted from a shelter in Toronto when she was two, Dezy had become an important member of the clan, showing a strong affinity for children –especially after the Cornelius’ daughter was born.


One evening Laura called Jaime Cornelius on her trip, to explain that Dezy had escaped the yard without her collar on. While this had happened before (Dezy returned home almost immediately) – Laura was unable to locate her this time. Sick with worry and unable to travel back immediately, the family posted an ad on Kijiji from Florida with the hope that someone with information might see it.

As it happened, a community member in London was passing through a park near the Cornelius’ house when she spotted Dezy and took her home. Figuring she was someone’s pet, the woman posted a found dog ad on Kijiji.

While Jaime and her husband didn’t see the found post, and the woman didn’t see the family’s lost dog post – it took a third Kijiji userthat evening to connect the dots after seeing both ads. After notifying the Cornelius family by replying to their ad and providing the found listing; the Cornelius’ graciously thanked the woman and arranged to have Laura pick Dezy up the next morning.


As Jaime recalls, “Unexpected to both of us, my husband teared up when saying thank you [to the rescuers]. How can you express the importance of family dog? I’m sure every family thinks that their dog is the best in the world; but if we had lost Dezy, especially while being away, we would have been devastated.”


That evening, more than one Local Hero was making a difference in London. It’s a great reminder that helping your community doesn’t mean you have to be a caped crusader; all it takes is a little caring and the willingness to be a good neighbour. Dezy (and Kijiji) salute you for it.

Has someone helped return something special you’ve lost? Submit their Local Hero story today!

Local Heroes Inside Story: Rescued Cats And Kittens Finding New Homes

At Kijiji, we are always inspired when we’re able to help a local non-profit reach their goals using our services. In this week’s Local Heroes Inside Story, we salute the volunteers at Urban Cat Relief (UCR) who work tirelessly to find homes for lost and rescued cats in the Greater Toronto Area.

In her LH submission, Kijiji Helps Rescued Cats and Kittens, Urban Cat Relief volunteer Heather Thomas explains how UCR relies on their Kijiji postings to advertise their feline friends for adoption. With an estimated 1000 adoptions over the past four years, Heather estimates that 95 per cent of cat and kitten adoptions come through the ads they place on Kijiji.


Founded in 2009, UCR was created through the merger of two local cat rescues, becoming a not-for-profit charitable foundation with the goal of improving the lives of homeless cats. While rescuing and fostering cats for adoption is a big part of what the volunteers of UCR do each day, they also assist in caring for wild cat populations by providing food, as well as neuter/spay and veterinary services. The volunteers of UCR also supply additional resources for the public through local outreach and materials on their website, including educational information on how to safely address strays in your community.

As a proud partner of the Ontario SPCA and animals lovers across the country, we support and salute the Local Hero volunteers of Urban Cat Relief and the outstanding work they do each day.

Has a local charity like Urban Cat Relief made an impact in your community? Submit your own Local Hero story today!

No Pets Allowed? What You Need to Know About Pets & Rentals

No Pets Allowed at your Rental?

Finding a pet friendly rental can be difficult. Even landlords that are friendly to animals in their own home may place restrictions on pets such as by type, size, or temperament. Based on where you live, the no pets clause may not be legally binding, or, it may enough to get you evicted if you break it. It’s always a good idea to make sure landlords are on board with pets, especially if you live in close quarters with them or with other tenants, but what if they aren’t? The recourse and laws vary by province:

Alberta Rentals: Landlords can refuse to rent to someone with pets. Pets could lead to an eviction if there is a no pets clause in the agreement, as this would be considered a breach of contract. Size and number of pets can also be restricted in the agreement. Source & more information at the CMHC website.

British Columbia Rentals: Landlords can bar you from keeping pets, as well as place restrictions on the sizes permitted, what type of pets, and the number of pets you can keep. However, there have been cases where the pets clause was too broad, and found not to be enforceable. If the clause is so vague that even keeping a single fish in a bowl would be a violation, it may not be binding. Source & more information at the British Columbia Residential Tenancy Branch Website and Fact Sheet.

Manitoba Rentals: Landlords can refuse to rent to those with pets, and no pets clauses are binding. Landlords must issue a breach of tenancy agreement notice requiring that the pet be re-homed before an eviction notice is sent to a tenant. If a pet is damaging the property or disturbing the other tenants, that is also grounds for eviction. Source & more information at the CMHC website.

New Brunswick Rentals: Landlords can refuse to rent to people with pets, and if there is a no pets clause, they could be evicted, but infractions are dealt with on a case by case basis. Source & more information at the CMHC website.

Newfoundland Rentals: Landlords can refuse to rent to people with pets. If pets are permitted by the tenancy agreement, or not mentioned specifically, the apartment is pet friendly. If the rental agreement states that pets are not allowed, the landlord can give the tenant written notice to comply with the agreement, and if they do not, they could be evicted.

Nova Scotia Rentals: Landlords can restrict pets if they are included in the landlord’s rules (which must be reasonable and for the purpose of fairness, safety, comfort, welfare, or protection of property). The rules must apply equally to all tenants, and all must be given a copy of the rules prior to signing the lease. If the landlord wants to introduce restrictions, they must give 4 months notice to existing tenants prior to their signing of a new lease. If these requirements are met, the landlord can seek to terminate the tenancy of the residents if they have pets. Source & more information at the CMHC website.

Ontario Rentals: No pets clauses are not considered legally binding, except in select cases. Even if you have signed a lease with a clause specifying that no pets are allowed, you can only be evicted due to having a pet if your pet is dangerous, or causing allergic reactions or problems for other tenants or the landlord, which requires a written order from the Landlord and Tenant Board to result in action being taken against a tenant. Source & more information at

Prince Edward Island Rentals: Landlords can refuse to rent to tenants with pets, and may include a “no pets” clause in the lease, which can lead to termination of the rental agreement if breached, but this does not apply to tenants who pre-date the agreement. Only new tenants will be subject to an introduced no pets agreement, not those who have been living there before it was introduced. Source & more information at the CMHC website.

Quebec Rentals: Landlords can refuse to rent to tenants with pets. If pets are not mentioned in the lease, they are allowed, provided that they are not prohibited by the by-laws of the building or residence in question, as the by-laws are considered part of the lease. If a tenant has a pet in spite of them not being allowed, they can be evicted, if the landlord can demonstrate that they cause a serious injury. The landlord also has the option to apply for a court order requiring the tenant to get rid of the pet. Source & more information at the CMHC website.

Saskatchewan Rentals: Landlords can refuse to rent to a tenant with pets. If pets are permitted in the tenancy agreement or not mentioned, the rental can be considered pet friendly. If a tenant has pets despite not being permitted to as per the terms of the lease, they must be given a fair warning to rehome the pet, but if they do not, they may be evicted. A reasonable pet fee of pet deposit may be charged, but it must be specified in the lease, however, the total security deposit, including a pet deposit, cannot exceed the price of one month’s rent; if it does, any portion of the fee above the mark of one month’s rent is immediately refundable to the tenant, and can be deducted from regular rent payments. Sources & more information at The Government of Saskatchewan Website and the CMHC.

Local Heroes Inside Stories: Woofstock 2014

It’s always a pleasure for us here at Kijiji to have the opportunity to meet our Local Heroes in person. Last month, we attended Woofstock in Toronto and had the opportunity to greet the hundreds of dogs and their owners who came by our booth to say hello, and tell us about how they used Kijiji to find their furry new best friend.

From the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane, it’s amazing to see the variety of dogs – young and old – that have helped to complete families from all across the country. While many of these compassionate, loving dogs have found their way to their Local Heroes from the registered breeders who list on Kijiji; others have found their way home coming from rescue shelters such as the OSPCA, or after their previous owners could no longer care for them.


Among the many dogs and owners we had the chance to meet, we sat down with three families to hear how their adopted Kijiji dogs have impacted their lives. From Steven and his three dogs (Theodore, Bentley and Coco); to rescue foster mom Kim (Burt); and Natali, who credits her dog (Milo) for helping her and her partner to reconnect; we’re thrilled to see the role these dogs have played in enriching the lives of their owners.  Check out their stories in our latest Local Heroes video below:

While these are just a few of the terrific new pet Local Heroes stories that we heard at Woofstock, we know there are many more out there that we just can’t wait to hear. Submit your own today!

Summer Reminder: No Hot Pets!

With Summer Right Around the Corner, How Will You Keep Your Pets Cool?

Who’s excited about the warm weather and sunshine finally arriving? We know we are! Do you have plans to cool down at the beach, take a dip at your community pool or chow down on some delicious ice cream or ice cold coffee? What about your pets? How will you keep them cool?

What many pet owners don’t realize is that the summer sun can turn a car, even with the windows cracked, into a deadly situation for their pet. Let’s take a closer look at what happens to a dog when they’re left inside a hot car.

Ontario SPCA - No Hot Pets!

A dog’s body temperature averages 38°C, and they are only able to physically withstand approximately 41°C for a very short time. That’s a difference of only three degrees! After that, a dog can fall victim to heat stroke, brain damage or even death. When you consider that a car – even parked in the shade with the windows cracked open – can be 50°C hotter inside than the temperature outside within an hour, it creates a deadly situation for a pet that can’t cry for help.

How can you avoid this situation? It’s simple – leave your pet at home while running errands, no matter how quick you plan to be!

Remember – It’s easy for you to grab a glass of water, stash a water bottle in the car or stop by your local coffee shop and buy the latest and greatest tasting iced coffee while out running errands, but it’s not as easy for your pet. They rely on you to make sure they always have access to fresh, clean water to keep them hydrated, especially in the summer.

Some additional tips to keep in mind this summer:

If your dog has a lot of energy and you know they need to play and exercise a lot each day, plan to do so during early mornings and later in the evenings when it is not as hot outside. During the middle of the day, hot asphalt can burn your pet’s paws, so stick to grass or the sidewalk when out for walks.

While cooling down your pet, there’s many things you can do. Take a break and rest under a tall tree with lots of shade. Hose them down in your backyard with cool water or buy them a kiddy pool! Fill it with fresh water where they can splash if they like. Most dogs love water so this will be a welcome treat for them!

The summer is a great time to enjoy with your family and pets. If you take the appropriate precautions, you will have a wonderful and safe summer with your furry best friend!

The Ontario SPCA encourages you to take the pledge to not leave your pets unattended in a vehicle. While supplies last, when you pledge you will receive a window decal that can be placed in your car window, visit to take the pledge!

Ontario SPCA - No Hot Pets!

To learn more about the dangers of leaving pets unattended in hot vehicles, please visit

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