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I Left The Window Down: No Excuses, No Hot Pets

“I left the window down for him…” “I wasn’t going to be gone long…” We’ve heard it all. No Excuses. No Hot Pets. There is no excuse for leaving a pet unattended in a vehicle and this summer we need the public’s help to share this important message! The Ontario SPCA, in partnership with SPCAs and Humane Societies from across Canada, are launching the 2016 No Hot Pets campaign. The campaign’s goal is to educate the public on the dangers of leaving pets unattended in vehicles during the summer months. Parked cars can quickly reach deadly temperatures, even on relatively mild days with the car parked in the shade and the windows slightly open. SHARE this message by taking the… read more

Happy Spring!

Keep your pets safe this season: 6 Pet Spring Safety Tips

Spring seems to be finally arriving, and with it comes many potential dangers to your pets that as a pet owner, you need to know about. Here are 5 big things to look out for as the season changes to keep your pets safe. Temperatures: We’ve had a strange winter with temperatures fluctuating day by day and week by week. Before taking your pet outside, check the wind chill and watch for signs your pet is getting too cold. Melting Snow: Snow melting isn’t just about having puddles everywhere, there’s also the component of discovering what is underneath the snow. Squirrel nuts or bird feces that may have been dropped on your lawn in the fall have now had time… read more

#ConeOfFame Post-surgery dog

Spring is finally here. Time to Fix Your Pet!

Spring finally feels like it’s approaching; the sun is out, wildlife is waking up and animals are preparing for the spring season of love. You know what that means? It’s time to Fix Your Pet! March is Fix Your Pet Month at the Ontario SPCA – A time dedicated to educating the public about the importance of spaying/neutering their pets to help control pet overpopulation. People are sometimes daunted by the price of a spay/neuter surgery, but it’s important to remember this one cost covers your pet for life and comes with so many benefits. Here are 3 reasons why you should Fix Your Pet: Every year, thousands of animals are abandoned on the street or end up in shelters… read more

Make a special treat for your pet so they don't feel left out

Don’t let your puppy feel left out while you bake. Try this ‘Pupcake’ recipe!

Have you ever been baking, and out of the corner of your eye see an interested puppy’s nose getting a little too close to the goods? Our pets love being with us, and they also love food! So it only makes sense that they’d want to be involved when you’re getting your sweets on in the kitchen. To keep them away from your baked goods, we have a great solution: make them their own, specialty, ‘pupcakes’! These are little treats, similar to the more traditional cupcakes, which are specifically made with ingredients that will not harm your pet, and that they’ll enjoy. We’ve broken it all down for you so you can quickly and easily make pet-safe cupcakes for your… read more

Help your pets enjoy winter  with these 7 tips

7 Tips to get your pet through the winter

The winter months are full of perils for our furry friends, and it’s our responsibility to protect them! There are a number of things you need to be aware of as a pet parent, so here are six great tips to keeping your pet comfortable and happy through the winter months. 1. Reflective gear: The days are shorter during the winter, but that doesn’t mean your dog wants to take shorter walks! Consider purchasing some reflective gear for you and your dog so you can be seen and safe on your wintery strolls. 2. Clean your pet’s paws: After those lovely walks, make sure you carefully clean your pet’s paws to remove ice and salt, both of which can irritate… read more