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How to tell solid wood from veneer funiture

Solid wood and veneer both create beautiful furniture even though some may think that solid wood is superior. It all hinges on craftsmanship and the quality of wood used. If done right and with the proper materials, veneer furniture can be more expensive and just as, if not more, beautiful. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of each.

How to tell solid wood from veneer

What is solid wood?
Solid wood furniture is made from natural wood, generally using just one type of wood. No other materials are used. Solid wood furniture pieces are generally heavier than their veneer counterparts.

• Solid wood can be repaired, refinished, re-stained or painted and passed down from generation to generation.
• It recovers better from those scratches, dents and stains that are bound to happen with everyday use than veneer.
• It is great for framing, turnings, curved pieces, dining table sets and desk tops, and chair seats.
• The natural variation in the wood

• It can bow and warp over time.
• Weather changes, especially heat and humidity can make it contract, leading to splits and cracks.
• It can be expensive and heavy.

What is veneer?
Veneer furniture is made from a thin slice of wood cut or peeled from a log and glued together. It can be paper thin or up to 1/16″. It is then laminated to another wood surface. The top piece is usually made from beautiful or exotic woods while the base is made from manufactured boards like plywood and particle board. The base can also be made with MDF (medium density fibreboard), which is a stronger, better quality material often used for higher end veneer products. It is much lighter than solid wood furniture.

• One piece of lumber used to create a solid wood table can make 15 to 20 tables made of veneer.
• Veneer wood can be used to create a constant pattern, grain or colour.
• There’s more flexibility to be creative with veneer furniture because of the mix of materials used.
• It can be lightweight.
• It can be made cheap or expensive.
• It’s great for shelves and cabinets
• If you’re looking to be a little more eco-friendly, know that the base can be made of a particle board that is made up of recycled sawdust.

• Since veneer is made up of a thin piece of wood over a cheaper type of wood or particle board, sometimes deep scratches cannot be repaired without exposing the bottom layer.
• Sometimes veneer wood is done cheaply and can look cheap.

What to do with unwanted or unneeded Christmas gifts?

Everyone has received some gifts they have no use for. Whether it is a well-meaning gift that is not age appropriate, a duplicate of what you already own, something you have no space for, or just flat out don’t like, there are plenty of reasons to return, re-gift or sell a gift. What is the best way to go about selling an undesired gift?

Regift, resell, or return

Post your ad right after Christmas. Post-holiday, Kijiji has lower inventory than normal, so if you take advantage of this, your ad will stay near the top for longer than usual. You’ll also be able to gain visibility with boxing week shoppers looking for deals on Kijiji.

The hottest searched items in late December and January:
Exercise equipment. Treadmills, ellipticals and bowflexes have historically had the very high increases in searches from December to January.
Furniture. Ikea items, sectionals, chairs, and bunk beds are popular searches in January. Possibly all that entertaining leads people to realize they need more seating for growing families?
Baby items. Historically we have seen increases in searches of about 35% for baby items from December to January, with strollers, car seats, play pens, and cribs being the hottest items.

Categories that see a boost in traffic during the post-holiday season:
iPods, mp3, headphones
jewellery and watches
phones, especially cell phones
sporting goods, especially exercise equipment, skis, fishing equipment (ice fishing in particular), lacrosse items, and skates
books, in particular text books, so if you have any that you won’t need next semester, strike while the iron is hot, and post them before a new edition comes out!
furniture, indoor items for the home, and home appliances
tools, especially power tools, tool storage and benches.

Don’t delay – if you are thinking about posting an ad, do it early!

The Best Things to Sell to Make Cash for the Holidays

Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or something else entirely, gift giving holidays can get seriously expensive! There are plenty of ways to get creative with gifts, but what if all you want is some more cash in your pocket to check things off your shopping list? Well, we took a look at some of the most popular items on Kijiji in December (based on top searches from last year), and here are our top picks of things you might want to consider selling to make some money.

Country Wide

  • Snowblower. Doesn’t matter where you live, this is a popular item once the snow falls. If you have recently downsized, or just prefer shovelling the old fashioned way, now is a great time to sell a snowblower.
  • Snowmobile. If you have a snowmobile sitting unused, there are plenty who would love to take it off your hands before the holidays. Put your old ski-doo or polaris on Kijiji to simultaneously make someone else’s holiday season, as well as make some cash for your own!
  • Gaming systems. If you have a PS4, an Xbox 1, or even some vintage consoles collecting dust, December is the ideal time to advertise them.
  • Skis, snowboards, or other winter sports gear. If you don’t plan on using them this winter, make some cash by selling them to someone who will.
  • Lego and other timeless toys. Has your child outgrown or lost interest in them? Sell them now to make room for the new.
  • Jewellery and watches. Always popular gifts, so if you are thinking of unloading some, before the holidays is an ideal time.
  • Technology. Any item that would be a good gift and is current technology won’t last long at a good price leading up to the holidays. Consider ipods, headphones, tablets, phones, laptops, desktops, and any other electronics you aren’t using.
  • Musical instruments. These are often popular gifts for older children or teens. If you have entry level guitars or string instruments, woodwinds, or brass instruments which you have since upgraded, or some old instruments not getting the play they deserve, consider selling them now. Guitars are especially popular this time of year.

Regional: Maritimes

  • A wood burning stove. If you have an extra or an old one, sell it now, while they are being actively sought out.
  • Firewood. Have extra wood? December is a great time to sell.

Regional: Prairies

  • Ice fishing gear. If you haven’t put it to use in a while, sell now, don’t wait until summer!
  • Mukluks. Sell them while people are still looking for new cold weather gear!

Cook Safe: How to Prepare A Holiday Meal in Your Apartment

Apartment Holiday Party -


December is a time for fun, friends, family and get-togethers. If you are hosting a holiday dinner in your apartment rental for the first time (or even if you’re a seasoned veteran of large meal festivities), it’s time to brush up on your cooking safety tips. According to a study by Alberta Municipal Affairs based on fire data from across Canada, cooking is the leading cause of home fires with 22 per cent of blazes beginning in the kitchen. Play it safe this year so you (and your neighbours) can have a happy holiday.

Ditch the Deep Fryer

Frying is the single biggest cause of fires in the kitchen, with oil splattering here, there and everywhere. Turkey deep frying has become an increasingly popular trend during the holiday season, but unfortunately it is not very safe. Due to the large amount of oil and high temperatures required to fry a whole turkey, it’s far too dangerous to attempt in an apartment. Turkey fryers should ONLY be used outside and away from buildings, so they are not safe to use even on your balcony or patio. Instead, stick to the tried-and-true method of roasting your turkey in the oven.

Don’t Walk Away

When your home is filled with guests, it can be tempting to leave the kitchen to socialize. When you are cooking items on your stove top, always be present. A watched pot may never boil, but sizzling appetizers left unattended can cause some unfortunate consequences. If you’ve been on your feet preparing a the meal for a while, enlist a helper to take over in the kitchen while you sit down to relax for a few minutes.

Kitchen: No-Kid Zone

While children are certainly eager to help, the best bet is to keep them away from the kitchen while you’re preparing the meal. The holidays naturally find kids being very excited, which is not a good mix when hot food is involved. If they really would like to help, set up a salad station away from the main hub of kitchen activity where they can tear up lettuce or ask them to help with setting the table.

De-Clutter the Kitchen

With so much activity going on, it can be difficult to keep any area of your apartment clean during the holidays. However, the kitchen is the one place where you need to be extra mindful of your surroundings. Don’t set down a tea towel or oven mitt on a hot stove top and keep all holiday decor out of the area. Instead, focus your decorating efforts on the living room where you and your guests will be spending most of your time.

Be Prepared

Despite your best efforts, sometimes accidents do happen. Have a working fire extinguisher on hand (small ones for the kitchen can be purchased at most hardware stores) and know what to do to put out small fires. For example, if you have a fire in a cooking pan, put on your oven mitt and cover the pan with its lid. Remove the pan from the burner and turn off your stovetop. The lack of oxygen will help to extinguish the fire. And remember – never use water to put out a grease fire. Baking soda (NOT flour) is your best bet for putting out small grease fires.

Keep your holidays happy! By being mindful of your surroundings and taking precautions, you can cook a fantastic meal safely in your apartment.


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How to Take Fabulous Photographs that Sell Your Item For You

We’ve been through how to make a great Kijiji ad – but after optimizing your description and doing your research, what can you do to make buyers desperate for your item? Great photos! Nothing sells an item like a great photograph that really showcases what an awesome find it is. Here are some tips to make sure your pictures are the best they can be:
A Great Picture Gets a Great Result on Your Ad

Use a high end camera (preferably a DSLR). We know you love your iphone, but the camera on a phone can’t compare to a high quality camera if you really want your photos to pop.

Stage your items. You know how in catalogs or store windows, items are placed artfully together in order to create a picture or idea? Pair your item with things that create an aspirational aesthetic – for instance, take a picture of your candelabra when full of lit candles, as a centerpiece on a fully set table, ready for a holiday. Take time to set up your patio set outside rather than snapping a picture of it while in the corner of the garage. Include a picture of your snowmobile in action while someone is riding it, rather than just stationary sitting on a trailer. Look through catalogs for some great ideas on how to best display your items.

Don’t show clutter. Make sure your item pops by ensuring that there is no dirt, dust, or unrelated clutter in the picture that distracts from your item. Understand the difference between clutter and items carefully picked for how they set each other off. This especially applies if you are creating a real estate listing. Clutter will distract buyers.

Feature all the angles. Capture any interesting features from multiple angles, and be sure to include a picture that clearly shows flaws. You want to show your item in the best possible way, but you shouldn’t misrepresent it, as this will cost you time and money later on when buyers are unpleasantly surprised in person.

Use daylight and/or a high quality flash. Natural light will make your items look much more attractive. Spend some time getting the lighting right and it will pay off with higher quality, clearer photos, and much more interest in your item.

Make it fun! Maybe you add personality by setting up a doll tea party in a dollhouse for sale, showing your child enjoying the swing set you are selling, or any detail that might make a viewer of your ad smile. Not only will the ad get more attention, but people will be more drawn to dealing with you as a seller if you can show that you have a fun personality and a sense of humour. Ads that are well crafted and have some thought put into making them fun often sell for better prices than ads that have been made in haste.