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Save Money on Outdoor Toys for Kids

Well summer is finally here, but you’re not prepared with outdoor toys for the kids. At this point, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any deals at a retail store. If you’re looking to save, here are some ideas to get more use out of the toys you already have, plus some tips for shopping for new additions to the toy chest on Kijiji . Reuse the outdoor toys you already have Most discarded toys just need a little fresh perspective. You can add something new to a toy without spending money. For example, an old sandbox can be fun using egg cartons, Jell-O moulds and Tupperware to build new sand structures. Have your kids join you in turning something old into… read more


What Questions Should I Ask Before I Buy a Toy or Game My Kid?

Saving money isn’t the only advantage of buying a used version of a toy or game.  Not only are used products eco-friendly, but they also encourage people to purchase items locally. Looking for a good deal on a gift for a children’s birthday party, a rare collector’s item, or a board game? If so, quality is most likely your top priority. Neither Kijji nor any other third party guarantees your purchase when you buy an item on Kijji.  As a result, the inspection process is 100% in your hands. If you don’t carefully inspect the item that you’re interested in, before you buy it, you’re taking a risk.  Before you say, “yes” to a specific toy or game, you should know the answers to… read more


5 Top Reasons Your Product Aren’t Selling

You know that your products are great, but they’re not selling. There are no emails or phone calls about any of your ads. You’re wondering if you should delete them today. It could very well be one of these 5 reasons your products aren’t selling. Photos Selling online is one of the hardest places to sell a product. You need to rely on visual impact when a buyer finds your listing. Think about your favorite online shop. Would you add things to your cart without product photos? The majority of online sale ads can be grouped as listings with photos, no photos or terrible photos. Most of us will bypass the listings with no photos or unappealing shots. Consider the… read more


Drive Traffic to your Kijiji Ad from your Twitter followers

Do you ever wonder why nobody cares about what you’re tweeting about? You just need to learn some tips to get your Twitter page rolling. It doesn’t matter how many Twitter followers you have to use the platform as a marketing tool. Learn how to use your Twitter page to drive traffic to your Kijiji ads in no time. Make sure to follow Kijiji on Twitter. Using @Kijiji at the start of your tweets is like sending a tweet directly at us and will only be seen by you, Kijiji and mutual followers. If you want to start a Tweet with @Kijiji but want to make it public, just add a period in front – “.@Kijiji”. You could even have… read more

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The Ultimate Guide to Spotting a Scam Online.

Is that offer a great deal, or a rip off? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell. Unfortunately, fraud is everywhere online. At Kijiji, we do our best to get rid of any fraud as quickly as possible; being a savvy shopper is the best way to protect yourself from being taken in. Not every site makes removing scams a priority, and not every site itself is legitimate. How can you identify a scam (on any site) before getting involved in the transaction? Know the value of the item. If there is a huge discount compared to other comparable items, does it specify why? Obviously a used item will be cheaper than a new item, and a damaged item will… read more