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Local Heroes Inside Story: Canadians Finding Their Dream Cars Through Kijiji

For years, Canadians across the country have come to know Kijiji as a go-to destination when purchasing a quality used vehicle. Not only are we the largest automotive site in the country, but have almost 350,000 cars listed coast-to-coast at any one time. This isn’t surprising, as the latest National Kijiji Auto Survey tells us that 65 per cent of Canadians feel that it’s more important to have a reliable car than a reliable government!

Based on our Local Heroes submissions, our readers have told us how they’ve had tremendous success in buying and selling used vehicles on Kijiji. In this week’s highlights, we’re showcasing how our latest car ownership stats are evident in some recent stories you’ve sent in.


While many Canadians use our car listings to find family vehicles, luxury sedans, and SUVS; Kijiji has also been a place where buyers can scout out their dream sports and performance vehicles, such as in our one Local Hero story from Ross Scott.


For years, Ross had searched Kijiji for the perfect muscle car to add to his garage. While he had countless model options from 1950 to 2005 at his fingertips, nothing caught his attention until his dream car listing arrived one evening. She was a stealth black 1985 Buick Grand National – one of just 2000 made that year, and one of only 153 that made it across the border.

Not only was this a rare vehicle, but one found at a terrific price. Despite being valued at more than $15K, Ross was able to pick his up for only $6, 900; a great value with a little elbow grease thrown in.


It’s great to hear that almost half of all Canadians would rather buy a used, mid-level luxury vehicle than buy new if it was easy to find and affordable. Something our Kijiji Autos section knows a thing or two about.


In our second Local Heroes Inside Story, Rob Scharf tells a story of following this trend when he needed to find a safe, reliable, and comfortable vehicle to pick up his three step-children from college during the winter months. While he was currently driving a newer Chevrolet HHR crossover, he didn’t feel it would perform as well in icy conditions as a full-fledged 4×4 SUV.

Rob initially looked at a more heavy-duty SUV, such as a Jeep Wrangler, which has the capabilities he needed. However, one sleepless night around he decided to check out the listings and managed to find a 2007 Hummer H3 listed for a full $5000 less than the Wranglers he was finding. It was a done deal – especially considering that his car insurance dropped as a result of the switch.

In Canada, 27 per cent of the population considers their relationship with their car to be ‘In love’ with their vehicle; Rob is now part of that statistic – and you can be too! Check out our incredible listings, then come back and tell us by submitting your own Kijiji Local Heroes story!

Kijiji Puts Your Stuff on TV

Pulling together all the props for a TV commercial can be tough. Especially if you’re trying to demonstrate the huge selection of items and cars available on Kijiji, from muscle cars to skateboards, family vans to keytars. Where better to look for the objects that show off what’s on Kijiji than on Kijiji?

So our newest commercials imagine what the Kijiji shopping experience would be like in real life. “Hobby Hunting” follows a young woman browsing through different categories to find the perfect item to inspire her creativity, and “Family Man Van” is the story of family man exploring the wide spectrum of awesome cars on a quest to find the perfect vehicle. Both commercials feature only objects that our production crew found on Kijiji.

Our team browsed through the hundreds of thousands of ads on Kijiji and then reached out to the community, asking the sellers if they’d like to have their objects featured in the commercial.

The response was overwhelming. Thanks to the generosity of the Kijiji community, we found every single prop we needed, nearly 100 in all. Check out the “Making Of ” below.

We’ll keep you posted on future Kijiji projects that you can be a part of. A huge Thank You to everyone in the Kijiji community who helped make this production possible!

Kijiji set to transform into a full service delivery system!

Here at Kijiji, we’ve been brainstorming the best way to make buying and selling within your community even easier than before, and we are excited to introduce our new innovation: a fleet of remote-controlled solar powered cars, devoted to delivering Kijiji items to buyers.

Through bitter weather and snow, Kijiji delivery will be there to help!

Through bitter weather and snow, Kijiji delivery will be there to help!

With these brand new remote-controlled cars, no delivery is impossible. Their winter-ready tires and sturdy frames make them ideal for our rough Canadian terrain. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, nothing can stop our new remote-controlled cars! Each vehicle contains a chip that allows you to control them and track their progress through our GPS app (available soon in the app store). If you’re nervous about having to control the cars, don’t fret: we’re currently working on pre-programmed delivery vehicles.

GPS systems will take the guesswork out of delivery!

GPS systems will take the guesswork out of delivery!

How will the system work? Easy as 1,2,3:

1. Request a Kijiji remote-controlled car on our website. You can subscribe to the service with a monthly flat fee for all your sales and purchases, or, you can purchase the service à la carte when you need it.

2. Once you have an item to deliver, enter it in the Kijiji system and follow the instructions to load the car. We recommend using PayPal on delivery for payment, as our cars are equipped to handle this exchange.

3. Log on to our website or GPS app to control your car and follow its progress. Both buyer and seller will receive push notifications when the car is a half hour away from the destination, and upon arrival.

Don’t expect the transition to be instant: you can keep making your regular Kijiji transactions for the time being. We will launch test initiatives in major Canadian urban centers in the next few months. Stay tuned to find out when the Kijiji fleet is coming to your area!

Kijiji takes your items on the road!

Kijiji takes your items on the road!

Kijiji takes your items on the road!

Kijiji takes your items on the road!

EDIT: April Fools!

On the go holiday savings with the Kijiji App!

Mall chaos used to be the biggest pain of the Holiday season. Not anymore! According to a recent survey by Kijiji, 25% of Canadians would rather spend time in a lineup or fighting for parking than be without their smartphone over the holidays. And it doesn’t stop there: 1/5th would rather put in extra hours at the office, and 15% of Canadians would rather gain 10 pounds than not have their mobile in hand. Canadians are clearly smartphone dependent during the holidays!

Not surprisingly, this same survey finds that 28% of Canadians will use their mobile device to research and build their holiday gift list, and nearly a quarter (24%) will use it to shop for the perfect gift.


Savvy shoppers know that Kijiji is a great place to score big-ticket presents without big-ticket prices, and with the official Kijiji App (in iOS & Android) you can easily find savings anytime, anywhere! Some of the great gifts you can get through Kijiji include:

  • Smartphones themselves – There are currently more than 130,000 live smartphone ads on Kijiji, with an average price of $332. Compare that to the $400 – $900 price tag for the latest releases in store and you’ve got yourself quite a deal. There are also more than 21,400 phone accessories for sale – perfect for stuffing stockings!
  • Gaming consoles – Kids and adults alike have this tech toy on their list. There are currently more than 150,000 gaming console ads on Kijiji, including the hard-to-find Xbox One. The average price for recent console generations from Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo is $203. Compare that to brand new consolers that typically go for $400 – $500, you’re looking at potentially saving more than half price by buying gently used.
  • Children’s bikes – A holiday classic gift that is always in demand, two and three-wheelers make for a nice surprise under the tree. Bikes are an ideal, durable item to buy second-hand, and with 7,000 live kids bike ads on the site at an average price of $43, you can still give that big surprise without paying the big bill.  As parents know, new bikes can cost hundreds of dollars each.

With these kinds of savings, you’ll have money left over for plenty of eggnog and candy canes! Happy gifting!

Is your car ready for the next snowfall?

When winter approaches, many Canadians turn to classified sites to find good deals on winter tires that meet their needs and still offer good mileage – whether new, previously owned or gently used.

With an estimated 30,000 tire listings on Kijiji, the number of winter tires ads has increased by 33% between 2011 and 2012. As for the total value of transactions, it increased by 94% since 2011 to reach $11.5 million in 2012.


To help Canadians look for winter tires at a good price without compromising road safety, Kijiji has some key tips to keep in mind:

Check for wear and tear. It is recommended to check the general wear and tear of tires. Check the entire circumference of your tire’s tread and note if there are any unusual wear patterns at extremities (tire lacking air), in the middle (tire too inflated) or on a side (which could indicate a problem of permutation or alignment).

Check if tires are at the end of their life cycle. There are three ways to do this:

  1. The traditional way – Using a quarter, it is possible to determine if your tires are still in shape for another season, which represents approximately 10,000 km. Insert the quarter in the tire grooves. If the tip of the caribou’s muzzle is not visible, then the tires are still good to go.
  2. Indication from the manufacturer – All tires have a wear indicator. The latter is a small rubber square elevation located inside of the main grooves. When the main grooves are worn to the point of being the same height as the indicator (1.6 mm or 2/32 of an inch), it is the time to change those tires.
  3. Using a Tire Groove Depth Gage – The tire groove depth gauge is a small tool to measure the groove’s thickness in 1/32 inches or in millimeters. It is also the most accurate way to determine whether or not it is the time to buy new tires. It is strongly recommended to change tires when the groove is less than 4millimetres high (5/32 inch), but the law allows them to be kept until the groove reaches 1.6 mm (2/32 inch).

Check the tires’ date of production. Even if the tire grooves remain deep enough for operational use in winter conditions, when your tires are older than 6 years, their life cycle is over. If you have any doubts on the status of a tire, please consult a specialist or your dealer for professional advice tailored to your needs.

For more information on tire listings currently on Kijiji, visit