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2015 in Review: Thank you Canada for 10 Great Years!

Kijiji Year In Review Infogaphic final

In 2015, we turned 10, and did some good, helping Canadians everywhere to fulfill so many wild desires, from buying a new tractor to finding a new buddy to help brave shopping at IKEA. It was a big year for you, our users, too. Nearly half of all Canadians used Kijiji on a monthly basis last year, and you averaged hundreds of thousands of searches each month.

With new ads posting every couple of seconds, you’ve helped make us a one-stop source for everything from buying BMWs to finding friends for Sunday dinner. In 2015, Kijiji helped you find useful stuff like mobile homes, and became a market for some very…interesting art (Stephen Harper reclining nude, anyone?).

We did some pretty cool stuff in 2015 – we made it easier for veterans to connect with jobs, introduced in app messaging, and lots of cool new categories, and that isn’t even getting started on some of the great things that we helped our fans accomplish in their own lives. Thanks to our fans for enriching our lives this past 10 years as much as we hope we have enriched theirs.

Here’s to 10 more years of helping Canadians connect and collect! Cheers, Canada!



New Categories in Pets (& Elsewhere)

Iguana riding an ebike with an aquarium in tow

As of this week, we have added 3 new categories in our pets section. No longer will ferrets, rabbits, and gerbils be intermingled with fish for sale and snakes; Fish, Reptiles & Amphibians, and Small Animals each have their own devoted categories. As with our other pet sections, you will have the ability to refine results to only show ads from shelters, breeders, or private individuals looking to rehome, depending on your preferences.

When looking to bring a new pet into your family, most people have very specific requirements on what type of animal based on what type of pet would fit into their lives (as well they should). With these changes, it will be easier to connect with communities of like-minded pet owners to find the best home for more pets.

We have also rolled out a new category for ebikes (under the bikes category, not motorcycles), and one for Nintendo Wii U consoles and games. We’ve got more great categories that will be rolled out soon, so keep an eye on your local Kijiji, and tweet us @Kijiji with suggestions for categories you would like to see!

Love Iguanas? Check out our brand new Reptile & Amphibian section!

10 Years of Kijiji = 10 Months of Giveaways!

We have had such a great 10 years, we decided that for our birthday celebration, we will give gifts to our fans and users who have helped grow Kijiji to what it is today! Every month for the next 10 months, we will be giving away an item from our awesome prize list. The type of item will inform where you have to post your ad, so for example, in April we are giving away a video baby monitor, and our contest category for the month is baby items. Post an ad in baby items and submit it in the entry form at to enter.
Things to know:

  • This contest is open to ALL residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority.
  • Your ad must be a legitimate ad in accordance with all of our rules and posting policies. People found to be spamming, posting fake ads, or violating the rules of Kijiji will have their entries disqualified.
  • Your ad must remain live until the draw date to win.
  • No editing ads that have been submitted as an entry, with the one exception of adding “NO LONGER AVAILABLE” if your item is sold during the month.
  • Your ad must state that “This ad is a contestant in a Kijiji Contest. See more details at”.
  • Each month you can enter up to 10 times if you are able to post up to 10 legitimate ads.
  • You can only use one email address/Kijiji account to enter.
  • We have some amazing prizes to give away, so don’t be shy. Post your ads, get rid of stuff, make some cash – and as if getting paid to get rid of your old things isn’t reward enough, now it might lead to winning a great prize. Good luck and happy posting!

    10 years of Kijiji = 10 months of great prizes!

    Save Money This Holiday Season with a Kijiji Christmas

    Do you want to save some serious coin on your Christmas celebrations this year? Kijiji has gifts for every taste and shopping list, from high end goods to vintage treasures to baby toys.
    Keith Mullins (@Keithmullins on Twitter) of Cape Breton, NS wrote a song about saving big on Christmas celebrations through shopping on his local Kijiji. We’re big fans!

    Want to sing along? Click here to read the full article.

    7 Tips for Buying a New Car

    In July we published a post about the 10 questions to ask when buying a used car. But what do you need to consider when looking for a new car? Check out the infographic for the 7 useful tips for new car buyers in Canada!

    kijiji new car infographic-04 - resized