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Limited Edition Rob Ford Bobble-heads

We’ve had a very interesting few weeks in Toronto as the Rob Ford scandal unfolds. Love him or hate him, you gotta hand it to him – he sure has kept the city, nation, and world entertained every time he enters the spotlight. When City Hall released limited edition Rob Ford bobble heads on Tuesday, fans, detractors, and speculators of the potential collectible flocked to line up and get their hands on one of the 1000.

Would you line up in the cold or pay these prices to get a limited edition bobble head of the now infamous Toronto mayor?

Funny Ad Contest Winners!

We had a great time reading all the creative submissions for our first ever funny ad contest. Narrowing down the submissions was tough, as we received over 300 different ads, but with the help of our community on our Facebook page, we selected a winner. There were over 800 likes on the top 10 finalist ads before the end of the voting period to help us determine which ads should be the winner. On average, ads in our top 10 received 900 views and 4 email replies.

First place was awarded to Jeremy Veenstra for his Hyundai Accent ad and he will be receiving a 15-inch MacBook Pro (2.7 GHz with Retina display). This ad received 235 likes.

Contest Winning Ad

Contest Winning Ad

Second place was awarded to Jesse Reid for the ad English Grammar for Dummies ad, winning a 13-inch MacBook Air (256 GB). This ad received 165 likes.

Runner Up

Runner Up

Which of the funny ads was your favourite?

Calgary Flooding: Kijiji Users Helping Flood Victims

Yesterday, evacuation orders across Calgary, with the exception of the downtown core and one block in Inglewood, have been lifted. Approximately 2,500 volunteers came to McMahon Stadium to help residents settle back into their homes.

In addition to these volunteers, Calgarians have opened up their homes and offered to pitch in to help the community in any way they are able to through Kijiji listings.

Kijiji Calgary Classifieds Community/Volunteers section

One Kijiji poster says, “Here to help any way I can, I have a big jeep with a winch, lots of tools… can do manual labour or whatever helps.”  He also generously offers his clothes and miscellaneous house “stuff” for whoever needs it.

Calgary Flood Victims - Kijiji Calgary

Even people from out of the province are helping out any way they can.

Kijiji Calgary Flood Victims Volunteers

Another Kijiji user is offering to pick up the “mountains of dirty, mud soaked and dripping laundry”, clean, dry and deliver back to you.

Kijiji Calgary Flood Victims Free Laundry Service

As Calgarians are settling back into their homes, getting your house re-organized could be a challenge with little ones.  There are many listings where people are offering free childcare service to flood victims and volunteers.

Calgary Flood Victims Free Child Care on Kijiji

It really doesn’t matter how old you are, Calgarians have been eager to help their community in any way possible.  Fourteen and seventeen year old brothers have offered their services to help flood victims.

Kijiji Calgary Flood Victims Volunteers

Calgarians have not forgotten about your pets either. There are many listings on Kijiji that will take your pets in until your home is safe and back on track.  One Kijiji poster, who already owns a husky and three cats, is opening up her home to other dogs, cats and small pets.

Calgary Flood Pet Victims - Kijiji Calgary

The way Calgarians have come together to support each other during the flooding is overwhelming.  If you are able to help, or in need of assistance, visit the Kijiji Calgary Community/Volunteer section to post an ad of your own, or reply to one of the amazing volunteer ads.


Top Ads of the Week – Sept 30 – Oct 06

Is This Your Pink Penguin? (Winnipeg, MB)

We see a lot of ads every day at Kijiji. Lost friends are some of our favorites, because they restore our faith in humanity! Anyone in Winnipeg know who this penguin may belong to? She was found abandoned in the south end of Winnipeg at a bus stop. This was posted less than a week ago and has already received over 2800 views.
We hope that means the penguin made it home to their rightful owner.



EMW (Eisenacher MotorenWerk) – 1949 ( Niagara Falls, ON)

Classic cars are always a popular, and interesting, listing on Kijiji. This is a 1949 Eisenacher Motorenwerk (EMW) 340 with 60 horse power engine. Rumor has it that one of the pre World-War-II BMW factory was taken over by the Soviets and they continued the car production but changed the name to EMW.

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Top Ads of the Week – Sept 22-29

Petit divan Ikéa 2 places qui se cherche un foyer (Québec, QC)

It seems like Kijiji users love posting funny sofa ads. We listed two similar ones on July 31st. One of them received 97,000 views while the other is still live (Divan viril (laid) et confortable) and has exceeded 585,000 views!

This one was online for only a week and had received over 25,000 views.

Time Traveller wanted (Borden, ON)

We have another hilarious ad this week. This one is about a time travel opportunity. If you are interested in meeting Karl Albrecht, Prince-Elector of Bavaria from 1744, look no further. This ad received 1100 views in just a few days.



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