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8 Last Minute Do it Yourself (DIY) Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is just around the corner.  Do you have your costume yet? If not, no worries, Kijiji has you covered! Here are 8 easy do-it-yourself Halloween costumes.


1. Ghost

Sheet, scissors, eye holes…

BOOM! Instant scary ghost.


2. Toilet Paper Mummy

Take a couple rolls of toilet paper and hold one end close to your body.  Get a friend to grab the roll and start running around you.  A little bit of tape and presto!

BOOM! Instant Mummy

Disclaimer: Make sure it’s not your last roll


3. Zombie

All you need is a T-shirt and some red paint.
Put a little bit of red paint on your clothes and face, mess up your hair, and…

BOOM! You’re a Zombie!


4. Paper Bag Princess

One large potato sack or a leaf bag, cut a hole on both ends, put it on, and…

BOOM! Paper bag princess!


5. 50 Shades of Grey (FREE)

Go to the nearest hardware store.
Take a bunch of grey paint chip samples and glue them all over yourself!

BOOM! 50 Shades of Grey!


6. Cereal Killer: 

Tape Variety Pack cereal boxes to yourself and carry a plastic knife…

BOOM! Cereal Killer!


7. Caught in a Storm Costume: 

Do you have a broken umbrella? Flip that umbrella inside out and tie it over your shoulders.
Slick your hair back, pin some leaves or a newspaper to one pant leg, and…

BOOM! Caught in a Storm Costume!


8. Werewolf

… and if you don’t like any of our ideas, you can just wear plain clothes.  When someone asks, “What are you?” just simply say, “Halloween didn’t fall on a full moon this year”

For other great last minute Halloween costume ideas, check out Kiijji’s Costume Section!

Choosing the right roommate: Save money and time!



Choosing the right roommate

Sharing your home with a roommate can be the best thing you ever did for your budget and schedule, and it is easy to find one by advertising in the classified section on a website like Kijiji. He or she may pay part of the rent or mortgage, split utilities, and possibly even help you keep the place neat and tidy. However, not all roommates are created equally. From clashing personalities to theft, some roommates can turn out to be a real nightmare. This is why it is essential to find one who is perfect for you and your lifestyle.




When interviewing potential roommates, it is important to get an idea of that person’s schedule. For example, do they like to stay up all night listening to loud music? This might not be so great if you like to be in bed by 10 pm. If you work from home, you may want to choose someone who works outside of the house so that you are not competing for phone lines, quiet time, or office space.




While schedules can be a big conflict of interest between roommates, cleanliness can be just as important. Unless you are planning to turn your life into a sitcom like “The Odd Couple,” you want someone who cleans up after themselves or who is okay with you leaving a few dishes in the sink because you tend to be a little bit more of a slob.



If your roommate is always late with the rent or asking you to borrow a few dollars, it can end up costing you more money than it saves. Ask any potential roommates about their work history. Do they have a good job and have they been there long or do they have a different job every few months? Get an idea of how financially responsible the person is before signing any contracts. Make sure the deposit you request will cover the rent in the event of an issue.


Discuss the Rules

Before inviting someone to live with you, make a list of rules about things like pets, smoking, alcohol, and guests.  Find out if the potential roommate is comfortable with these rules or if the two of you can come to a compromise. For example, if he or she smokes, maybe you will allow it outdoors only. If the person has a dog, will you allow it to live with you if they pay a pet deposit?


Get References

The best way to find out about your new potential roommate is to talk to their former roommates and landlords. If the person is not willing to share reference information, consider that a red flag.


Get to Know Each Other


Finally, you need to make sure you get along with the roommate. Invite him or her out to lunch or dinner and spend a couple of hours together chatting about life beyond your living arrangement. If you do not feel that the person is someone you can get along with, it may be time to continue your search.


Cost of Renting in Canada and the Vacancy Rates by the Number of Bedrooms

Canadian apartment finder,, released its annual Canadian Rental Housing Market Pricing and Vacancy Data infographic, providing a unique snapshot of the Canadian rental housing market.

The 2015 annual report covers pricing and vacancy rates of apartment rentals in major cities across Canada and includes Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Kingston, Hamilton, Edmonton, Victoria, London, Guelph, Kitchener, Windsor, Sarnia, and a number of other cities in Canada.

According to the RentSeeker report, Toronto and Vancouver had the highest prices for one bedroom apartments with Calgary and Edmonton following with the next highest prices. Toronto also had the highest prices on two and three bedroom apartments with rental rates for a three bedroom apartment reflecting upwards of $2,300 on average.

Gatineau and Windsor reflected the lower-end pricing for apartment rentals with one bedroom, in Gatineau averaging $630 and in Windsor $664. Two and three bedrooms in Windsor averaged $798 for a two bedroom and $912 for three bedroom apartments.

Vacancy rates for all cities were relatively low, especially compared to some cities in the neighboring U.S. The lowest vacancy rates were in Vancouver with a vacancy rate of only 0.5% for one bedroom apartments. Toronto and Calgary also had lower vacancy rates with Calgary at 1.3% and Toronto at 1.6% for one bedroom apartments. Windsor and Montreal had higher vacancy rates with Montreal averaging 4.2% and Windsor averaging 4.1% for one bedrooms. The highest vacancy rates were in Gatineau, which averaged a 6.4% vacancy rate.

Canadian Housing Market and Vacancy Rate

Canadian Vacancy Rate

View the full report here.

Kijiji Gaming Contest #KijijiGaming

For the next two weeks, Kijiji will be giving away gaming consoles for the holidays!

To enter, scroll to the bottom of the page and answer the week’s question in the contact form. We will have 2 questions (1 per week). You can answer each question only once per week for an entry into the draw. We will be sharing the questions on our social channels (G+, Twitter, and Facebook).

Entries for week 1 must be in by Sunday, December 7 by midnight (EST).

Entries for week 2 must be in by Sunday, December 14 by midnight (EST).

Want Extra Entries? Post an Ad!

Simply create an ad on Kijiji selling anything related to gaming with the hashtag #KijijiGaming in the title of the ad.  Be creative! Gaming can be anything from a couch to play video games on to the coffee table that you use to place your favourite gaming snacks.

Don’t forget to include the hashtag #KijijiGaming in the title of your ad.

Each ad created will get you 2 extra entries up to a maximum of 10!

Stay up to Date on the Contest by following our Social Channels:

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Week 1 (Dec. 1 – Dec. 7)

Which gaming console would you love to receive this holiday?

 Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4


Week 2 (Dec. 8 – Dec. 14)

What is your favourite gaming console of all time?

Click to englarge


Submit your answer below!

Don’t forget to create up to 5 ads with the hashtag #KijijiGaming in the title for more entries!

Full Contest Rules (Link)

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Comedy Benefit for Kimm and Other Families Struggling with Cancer

Tickets are only $20 and proceeds will be used to support Kimm and raise money to help others in similar situations.

At 41, the Milton mother of two young children has had to face the fact of being diagnosed with the advanced stages of glioblastoma multiform, a deadly brain tumour.

Kimm Fletcher Kids

But she isn’t doing it alone with the community rallying behind her in her fight to buy some more time to live, love and spend time with her husband and children.  Her family and friends have been mobilizing to help raise money for treatments that will prolong her life.

Support Kimm and Others at Comedy Club 54

They’re hosting a comedy show fundraiser at Club 54 Nightclub in Burlington on Nov. 29 to help Kimm and her family pay for a drug called Avastin, which her oncologist has said is her best possible treatment.

 The night will feature comedian Mark Matthews, who has opened for Jerry Seinfield, Gilbert Gottfried and Jimmy “JJ” Walker to name a few. Mark has also appeared on Crystal Comedy Quest, The Fruitopia Comedy Fest, Comedy at Club 54 and the CBC show Comics.

 Tickets cost $20, with doors opening at 8 p.m. at 3345 Harvester Rd.

Kimm’s family and friends have said the event is really about having some fun while raising much needed funds and awareness about Kimm’s situation and others like her. 

How to Purchase a Ticket

You can contact Scott Fletcher to purchase tickets:

kimm comedy show tickets

Kimm has already gone through her first treatment earlier this month with positive results.

The tumour, which is inoperable, showed no growth on her MRI and she said she was feeling more energetic and healthy.

“So what has been rapid growth now has shown no growth,” she wrote on her fundraising site. “Yes treatment is working, yes round 1 win!”

Kimm and her family have also been actively lobbying the Ontario government to cover the cost of the drug Avastin, which has Kimm’s family paying $8,000 out-of-pocket each month.

The drug isn’t covered by the Ontario government or by her insurance company for use against brain tumours even though Health Canada approved the drug in 2010 to treat patients with glioblastoma multiform.

Health and Long-Term Care Minister Deb Matthews has told the media that the particular drug is currently approved to treat colorectal cancer in Ontario, but that evidence doesn’t warrant coverage for other types of cancer.  Still, Kimm said she will continue lobbying the province to cover the costs so that other families like hers won’t have to go through the worry about how they would be able to afford the treatments.

Kimm Fletcher Family

Kimm Fletcher