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What to Look for in a Used Vacuum

If you own no other gadget to help keep your home or business clean, you need a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, buying a new one that actually works well can break the bank. Luckily, you can buy a used vacuum cleaner. You may find refurbished sales online or in secondhand shops, as well as previously owned vacuums at yard sales and garage sales and on websites like Kijiji. As with any type of appliance, purchasing a used one has it risks, but if you know what to look for, you may just end up with a top-notch cleaner. Does It Work? The first thing you need to know about the used vacuum is whether it actually works when you plug it… read more


8 Last Minute Do it Yourself (DIY) Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner.  Do you have your costume yet? If not, no worries, Kijiji has you covered! Here are 8 easy do-it-yourself Halloween costumes. 1. Ghost Sheet, scissors, eye holes… BOOM! Instant scary ghost. 2. Toilet Paper Mummy Take a couple rolls of toilet paper and hold one end close to your body.  Get a friend to grab the roll and start running around you.  A little bit of tape and presto! BOOM! Instant Mummy Disclaimer: Make sure it’s not your last roll 3. Zombie All you need is a T-shirt and some red paint. Put a little bit of red paint on your clothes and face, mess up your hair, and… BOOM! You’re a Zombie! 4…. read more


Choosing the right roommate: Save money and time!

  Choosing the right roommate Sharing your home with a roommate can be the best thing you ever did for your budget and schedule, and it is easy to find one by advertising in the classified section on a website like Kijiji. He or she may pay part of the rent or mortgage, split utilities, and possibly even help you keep the place neat and tidy. However, not all roommates are created equally. From clashing personalities to theft, some roommates can turn out to be a real nightmare. This is why it is essential to find one who is perfect for you and your lifestyle.   Schedules When interviewing potential roommates, it is important to get an idea of that… read more

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Cost of Renting in Canada and the Vacancy Rates by the Number of Bedrooms

Canadian apartment finder,, released its annual Canadian Rental Housing Market Pricing and Vacancy Data infographic, providing a unique snapshot of the Canadian rental housing market. The 2015 annual report covers pricing and vacancy rates of apartment rentals in major cities across Canada and includes Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Kingston, Hamilton, Edmonton, Victoria, London, Guelph, Kitchener, Windsor, Sarnia, and a number of other cities in Canada. According to the RentSeeker report, Toronto and Vancouver had the highest prices for one bedroom apartments with Calgary and Edmonton following with the next highest prices. Toronto also had the highest prices on two and three bedroom apartments with rental rates for a three bedroom apartment reflecting upwards of $2,300 on average. Gatineau and… read more

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

Kijiji Gaming Contest #KijijiGaming

For the next two weeks, Kijiji will be giving away gaming consoles for the holidays! To enter, scroll to the bottom of the page and answer the week’s question in the contact form. We will have 2 questions (1 per week). You can answer each question only once per week for an entry into the draw. We will be sharing the questions on our social channels (G+, Twitter, and Facebook). Entries for week 1 must be in by Sunday, December 7 by midnight (EST). Entries for week 2 must be in by Sunday, December 14 by midnight (EST). Want Extra Entries? Post an Ad! Simply create an ad on Kijiji selling anything related to gaming with the hashtag #KijijiGaming in… read more