Kijiji Alerts

Did you know that you can setup an email alert to be sent daily in order to get the latest ads pertaining to your search criteria?

I love browsing for items on Kijiji. I have to admit that I spend way too much time than I should looking for the right deal or even looking for quaint and obscure items (even at work , but don’t tell my boss that – although, in my case it’s product research!).

In addition to browsing, I like to setup these nifty little alerts that are pushed to my email daily with the exact criteria for the items I am looking for.

I just set this one up for a BlackBerry that I’m looking for. Entering the BlackBerry keyword in the search box gives me wayyy too many results and so I need to be smart about searching for it. I use the tools in the left hand side of the page to narrow down the results. I enter my price credentials, click on the Offering ads and then lastly enter my main criteria – the distance search. I like to find items locally and so I can enter my local address (the postal code) + number of kms I’m willing to search for this item. This distance search slider is a pretty cool tool as I can drag it to find the right mix of items.
Once I’ve setup my right search filters, I click on the alert button which prompts me for my email address. After I’ve entered that data, I get an activation email from Kijiji with my search criteria.

Set up your search criteria and Kijiji Alerts will automatically push you notifications via email or RSS feed

I activate my alert and voila – daily email alerts pushed to my inbox.

Let me know if you’ve used Kijiji Alerts before. What kind of items are you looking for?

PS: If you’re really into Alerts and email is so 1990s for you, you can always use the RSS button at the right hand corner to setup a feed specific to your search criteria.

  • mpg

    is there anyway to manage my alerta? I have created a couple and I want to change one and delete the other one.

  • Joe Blow

    I’ve received over 700 email alerts.. and that just since midnight tonight… man I’m so happy I could just hold the delete key for 5 minutes!!! Maybe someone witll fix this cr@p before 8h00AM tomorrow.. byh that time my inbox will be filled with at least a thousand email alert!!!

    • jay

      how did you set that up . i am trying to set up alerts where it emails me each add in the form of an email. but i can t figure it out. please help

  • Evan Parsons

    There is an Android app called Canadian Classifieds Alerter that gives you instant alerts and it actually works.