Photo credit: Mike Derblich

Kijiji goes Green

At Kijiji we believe in green living. Our website makes it possible for everyday items to be given new lives: whether it`s in a new home, or a completely repurposed item that is sold on Kijiji and saved from a landfill.

We also believe in technology and love new products, gadgets and apps. Apple’s announcement around the iPhone 5 got us very excited. To help everyone else get excited about this monumental release we have created a page  that will give you all the info you need to know on this new incredible device from Apple.

To combine two of our favorite things, we are partnering with Evergreen  to give back for every sale you make!

From the iPhone launch date of September 21 until November 13, 2012 we will donate $1 to Evergreen for every iPhone sold on Kijiji*.  Given that at this moment there are almost 20,000 iPhones for sale across Canada, that’s a lot of loonies!

Evergreen is a national environmental charity whose mission is to inspire and enable action to green cities. Whether transforming barren school grounds into dynamic outdoor learning environments, or working with community groups to convert unused spaces into thriving food gardens, Evergreen’s work fosters a culture of nature in cities that leads to tangible improvements to environmental, social and economic health.

Photo credit: Mike Derblich

Visit our iPhone page to learn more about the iPhone 5 and other iPhones and accessories available on Kijiji, as well as user stories, app recommendations and other great info to help you understand this new product and, if you are buying an iPhone 5, sell your previous model on Kijiji to make some extra dough!

*Kijiji Canada will donate $1.00 to Evergreen for every iPhone, Blackberry & Android device sold on Kijiji. Promotion will run from September, 21, 2012 at 7 am until November 13, 2012 at midnight. Maximum total donation of $10,000. Apple is not a sponsor of, nor a participant in this promotion

  • How is this tracked? I’m selling my Android device and want to be sure the sale gets recorded.

    • kijijicanada

      Hi there! After you sell your device you will need to take down your ad. When you do that there is an option to tell us why you are removing the ad. Make sure you select that the item was sold to be included in the count.
      Good luck with your sale!