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Can Kijiji help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions?

By the second week of January, most people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. It’s now the first day of February, do you fall into that category? Don’t despair! Kijiji is here to help.
We have identified the most popular New Year’s resolutions and come up with ideas on how Kijiji can help you achieve them.

Get Fit

One of the most popular New Years Resolutions by far is to shed some pounds and get into shape. If you are a couch potato, saying you will work out 5+ days a week may not be the best way to start. Setting managable goals, like walking to work, or attending one group exercise class a week will be easier for you to accomplish.

One of the easiest ways to get fit, especially in the cold Canadian winter, is working out at home. We have more then 3,000 listings in our exercise category. Treadmills, Bowflex machines and other high end equipment sell on Kijiji for signifantly lower then their listing price. Even a simple set of free weights can be picked up for a low price, and will help you tone muscle and burn calories in your living room. Browse our exercise section to find equipment that is right for you.

Need motivation? Kijiji has listings of personal trainers and fitness professionals in your local area. Meet with one to see if they can help you meet your goals.

Save Money/Get out of Debt

If you are a regular Kijiji user, this is a no brainer. Shopping on Kijiji can save you money on new and gently used goods, and selling things you don’t use any more will make you money. Its a win win! If you are new to Kijiji, learn how easy it is to post an ad. Also, make sure your ad will get lots of replies by following our tips for writing a better ad.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Everyone has tasks and chores they don’t want to do. If there are things you could pass off to free up your time why wouldn’t you? Hire a plumber to fix the sink you have been fighting with for weeks. Get a cleaning service in once a month to do the heavy lifting so you can play with your kids.

Can’t find someone who can do the job? Post an ad. With 1/3 Canadians using Kijiji every month someone is bound to have the skills you need.

Get Organized

Kijiji is a great way to find storage solutions for a fraction of what you would spend in a store. From bookcases to vintage trunks and clothing racks and kitchen islands your house will be organized with a few quick searches and an an email or two.

Ikea furniture and storage systems are some of the most popular items on our site. Browse for Ikea items in your local area

When you have the perfect item to store all your stuff, don’t forget to go through it and really evaluate what you use. There is no sense in holding on to items for a rainy day. Selling your unused items on Kijiji will earn you money and help you declutter. Two resultions down in one simple action. See how easy it is to post an ad on Kijiji

How have you used Kijiji to help reach your goals?