Baby Shower 101: What to Expect When You’re Attending

The time has come in your life when all of your friends seem to be having babies, and you know what that means…. No, not the pressure to have one of your own, but a totally different kind of pressure. If you haven’t been to one before, it can feel intimidating to do the right thing as a first-time guest. What are you supposed to bring? What is the accepted baby shower etiquette? No need to worry, we’ve got some tips to help you make it special for the mom-to-be. The invitation Baby showers normally happen a few months before the due date. If your friend is having a baby, a close family member or friend will likely plan the… read more


Financial Tips For Students

With summer now in full swing, hopefully you have landed a summer job to help pay for school in the fall. But even with the added cash, you’ll probably have to limit discretionary purchases once school starts. Practicing self-control is hard; it’s like a muscle that has to be exercised. Before you head off to university, get used to telling yourself “no” for items that you don’t actually need. You’ll want to build a cash cushion for later when you start having to pay for all your own meals and living expenses. Take these tips to help ease your transition into the frugal student lifestyle. Buy used whenever possible. One of your biggest necessary purchases may be an updated laptop… read more


10 Strategies to Save Money on Textbooks

Going back to school is expensive. Between housing costs, course fees, food, and textbooks, things really add up. There are lots of ways to save in all these areas, except for your school fees. At the end of the day there is no haggling with the registrar on the cost of a course. Saving tricks vary a lot depending on if your school is in a city versus a more suburban area, or if it’s close to family. But, pretty much wherever you are, saving on textbooks is virtually the same process. How to save on textbooks at any school: How to save on college and university textbooks: 1. Get the syllabus as early as possible, and start looking for… read more

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Low-balling: What is Appropriate? The Guide to Smart Negotiations

The great thing about using Kijiji to buy and sell in your community is that it puts money back in your pocket. Buyers get to save money on the stuff they want; sellers get to make money on the stuff they no longer need. Despite the mutual benefit,, buyers’ and sellers’ motivations are somewhat at odds. The more a buyer saves, the less goes into a seller’s pocket, and vice versa. A by-product of this difference is the “low-balling.” If you’re looking to negotiate a lower price, make sure you aren’t being a low-baller. What is low-balling? Low-balling is the act of offering a price that is deceptively or unfairly low. Some use it as a strategy to start negotiations,expecting… read more


How to Make Your For Sale By Owner Open House Feel Professional

So, you have decided to sell your home “by owner.” [link to other article] Hosting an open house without the aid of a realtor can be tricky, especially if you aren’t used to entertaining or having strangers in your home. What can you do to put your guests (and yourself) at ease to maximize your chance of a sale? What to Do to Prepare Let interested buyers know when to show up Once you decide the dates for your open house, be sure to include the times in any ads you have created for your house. You can also put up signs around the neighbourhood advertising the house along with the date, time and address about a week in advance…. read more