Catching Pokemon Go Ads on Kijiji

So, you gotta catch ‘em all? No problem! We’ve got you covered when it comes to ads featuring the Pokemon Go phenomenon. There are all sorts of ads that you could sift through, but we found the best ones for you. Talk about a garage sale genius! It’s tempting just to see who is behind this clever ad that has “gotta sell ‘em all”. Makeup and Pokestops here we come! You definitely need to get a Pokemon Go egg walker if you have to catch up on your Netflix or go to work. It takes time to hatch an egg, but this person is offering to do this task at a reasonable fee with only a minimum of one egg… read more

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The Ultimate Guide to Spotting a Scam Online.

Is that offer a great deal, or a rip off? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell. Unfortunately, fraud is everywhere online. At Kijiji, we do our best to get rid of any fraud as quickly as possible; being a savvy shopper is the best way to protect yourself from being taken in. Not every site makes removing scams a priority, and not every site itself is legitimate. How can you identify a scam (on any site) before getting involved in the transaction? Know the value of the item. If there is a huge discount compared to other comparable items, does it specify why? Obviously a used item will be cheaper than a new item, and a damaged item will… read more


Which student jobs are best for resume building?

When you have little to no work experience, finding a summer job with transferable skills is an important stepping stone to ensure that next year you can get a better job. With the limited types of jobs that are willing to hire and train someone who has not worked much, its best to take a long term view of how paying the bills now can help you further your goals later. Goal: Sales If you have imagined yourself in a sales career, find a job selling something. Cold calling, door to door sales or telemarketing are options that will help you learn how to pitch and sell someone on a product efficiently, and are often good options for students. Finding… read more


Hunting for a Student Apartment

Finding student accommodation can be tricky. Considering that rentals near post-secondary institutions are often run-down and more expensive, you’ll likely be living with roommates, and you might be inexperienced in finding an apartment, it can be a very stressful situation. So, what should you do before starting out on a hunt for a student apartment? Do your research. Financially, does it actually make sense to find a rental apartment compared to living in residence? How much do you expect to save by living there? We have a tool for making these comparisons in different markets across Canada easy (link to what that is?), though you should also look through individual Kijiji rental listings to get a good sense of the… read more


Family Travel Tips: Best Baby Travel Gear

Planning your first family trip with a baby? The most adventurous family travelers began practicing soon after their child was born. Traveling with a baby may seem daunting, but with the right prep it can be more fun than pre-baby travel days because it helps intensify family bonds. You have to pack every time you leave the house with a baby or toddler anyway, even if it’s just for  an errand. Why not go somewhere interesting? The key to keeping travel with a baby low stress is to invest in the right baby travel gear. Remember, baby items are already intended for short-term use and readily available used. Baby travel gear is used less often, and also up for resale…. read more