New Categories in Pets (& Elsewhere)

Iguana riding an ebike with an aquarium in tow

As of this week, we have added 3 new categories in our pets section. No longer will ferrets, rabbits, and gerbils be intermingled with fish for sale and snakes; Fish, Reptiles & Amphibians, and Small Animals each have their own devoted categories. As with our other pet sections, you will have the ability to refine results to only show ads from shelters, breeders, or private individuals looking to rehome, depending on your preferences.

When looking to bring a new pet into your family, most people have very specific requirements on what type of animal based on what type of pet would fit into their lives (as well they should). With these changes, it will be easier to connect with communities of like-minded pet owners to find the best home for more pets.

We have also rolled out a new category for ebikes (under the bikes category, not motorcycles), and one for Nintendo Wii U consoles and games. We’ve got more great categories that will be rolled out soon, so keep an eye on your local Kijiji, and tweet us @Kijiji with suggestions for categories you would like to see!

Love Iguanas? Check out our brand new Reptile & Amphibian section!

Choosing the right roommate: Save money and time!



Choosing the right roommate

Sharing your home with a roommate can be the best thing you ever did for your budget and schedule, and it is easy to find one by advertising in the classified section on a website like Kijiji. He or she may pay part of the rent or mortgage, split utilities, and possibly even help you keep the place neat and tidy. However, not all roommates are created equally. From clashing personalities to theft, some roommates can turn out to be a real nightmare. This is why it is essential to find one who is perfect for you and your lifestyle.




When interviewing potential roommates, it is important to get an idea of that person’s schedule. For example, do they like to stay up all night listening to loud music? This might not be so great if you like to be in bed by 10 pm. If you work from home, you may want to choose someone who works outside of the house so that you are not competing for phone lines, quiet time, or office space.




While schedules can be a big conflict of interest between roommates, cleanliness can be just as important. Unless you are planning to turn your life into a sitcom like “The Odd Couple,” you want someone who cleans up after themselves or who is okay with you leaving a few dishes in the sink because you tend to be a little bit more of a slob.



If your roommate is always late with the rent or asking you to borrow a few dollars, it can end up costing you more money than it saves. Ask any potential roommates about their work history. Do they have a good job and have they been there long or do they have a different job every few months? Get an idea of how financially responsible the person is before signing any contracts. Make sure the deposit you request will cover the rent in the event of an issue.


Discuss the Rules

Before inviting someone to live with you, make a list of rules about things like pets, smoking, alcohol, and guests.  Find out if the potential roommate is comfortable with these rules or if the two of you can come to a compromise. For example, if he or she smokes, maybe you will allow it outdoors only. If the person has a dog, will you allow it to live with you if they pay a pet deposit?


Get References

The best way to find out about your new potential roommate is to talk to their former roommates and landlords. If the person is not willing to share reference information, consider that a red flag.


Get to Know Each Other


Finally, you need to make sure you get along with the roommate. Invite him or her out to lunch or dinner and spend a couple of hours together chatting about life beyond your living arrangement. If you do not feel that the person is someone you can get along with, it may be time to continue your search.


Things to do on Labour Day

Enjoy the end of summer and stay close to home


Things to do on Labour Day

Canadians began celebrating Labour Day during the 1880s with a parade to support a union strike. Today, the holiday that takes place every first Monday in September, is viewed by many people as the end of summer rather than a celebration of the country’s workers. Families see it as their last hoorah before the kids go back to school and take advantage of the long weekend by attending fun, exciting Labour Day events, travelling, and soaking up the last warm days of freedom for the year.




Throw a Party

Celebrate the end of summer in style with your own Labour Day party at home. Pick a theme like a Mexican fiesta, a tea party, pool party, or an outdoor movie night, and start decorating. Make sure you have plenty of space for your guests to sit and especially plenty of food and drinks. If you are not sure what to make, stick to summer favourites like seafood or classic barbecue foods with fresh fruits and icy cold drinks. Finally, make sure you keep your guests entertained, whether it is with swimming, sports, games, or movies.


Suspension Bridge



If you are already mourning summer vacation, consider taking one last long weekend trip before the kids go back to school. Depending on where you live, there are dozens of places in Canada that make excellent three- or four-day holidays. See the historic sites in Old Montreal, go kayaking at Sonora Island, visit the urban beach in Vancouver, or ride a tundra buggy in Manitoba.




Spend a Day on the Water or Beach

Labour Day usually means the end of warm weather, basking in the sun, swimming, and other water activities, so why not use the time to have one last trip to the beach or lake? Enjoy a weekend of boating, swimming, sunbathing, building sandcastles, playing water sports, and fishing at some of Canada’s favourite summer beaches. They include Wasaga Beach in Ontario, Manitou Beach in Saskatchewan, Long Beach in British Columbia, and Devonshire Beach in Alberta.




Parades, Festivals, and Fireworks

If you cannot come up with a good idea on your own, go to one of the many public events that take place throughout Canada, both in big cities and small towns. For example, Canada’s Wonderland amusement park offers an exciting fireworks show every year on the night before Labour Day. Guests can spend a fun-filled day riding the rides and then watch the colorful celebratory explosions that light up the sky later that evening. The Canadian National Exhibition takes place every year in August and September during the days leading up to Labour Day. It is held in Toronto, and it features the Canadian Air Show, concerts, and much more.




Camping / Cottage

Labour Day weekend is a great time to get away from the city and enjoy some quiet time. Canada has over 42 national parks and numerous provincial parks to go camping at.  Labour Day is a busy time for campers so you should book early or get their early – you’ll also avoid the dreaded “camping-bound traffic”.

Look for cottages, cabins, and camp grounds in our vacation rentals section


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Back to School Tips for Parents – Buying Used and Making it Cheaper

Do not spend a fortune on back to school supplies



Children often have mixed feelings about back to school time. They cannot wait to see their friends again, but they also miss lazy summer days at home, sleeping late, and spending time with their families. But for parents, back to school time often means spending tons of extra money on supplies, clothing, and other necessities. Luckily, there is a way for parents to make this time of a year a little cheaper by buying some used items.





One of the easiest back to school items to purchase used is clothing. Start by checking out the local thrift stores and consignment shops in your area, and even consider visiting neighbourhood yard and garage sales. Find out about local sales in your area by checking the classifieds on websites like Kijiji. You can also look for used clothing for sale on the website, and you may even be surprised at the quality of the clothing you can find. If your child is into a certain designer because all of his or her friends are wearing it, you may even find that pair of designer jeans or one of the designer’s shirts for a price far lower than what you would pay for it in a department store or retail shop. Finally, if you have friends or neighbours with older children, you can consider asking if they are interested in selling the items their children can no longer wear.

Find New and Used Clothing for Kids




Classroom Supplies

Many teachers hand out a list of supplies students will need for the school year, and even if they do not, you probably have a good general idea of what to buy. Pens, pencils, paper, and notebooks are almost always necessary for students of any age. Before heading to the store, shop at home first. You may find an old box of pencils lying around from last year or notebooks with only one or two used pages in them. Consider asking grandparents and other close friends and relatives if they have any supplies they can share or sell as well.

Search for School Supplies





If your child must supply his or her own books for class, it can get expensive quickly. Luckily, several major book retailers offer used book sales on their websites. There are also websites dedicated specifically to selling pre-owned textbooks, and some campus bookstores sell pre-owned books too.

Sell Old Textbooks and Purchase New Ones




Computers and Electronics

Of all the items your child needs for school, computers, laptops, tablets, calculators, and other electronics can cost you the most money. Luckily, several major retailers are selling refurbished versions of these items at a significantly lower price these days. They generally work just like the new version, and many of them even come with a one-year warranty just in case something goes wrong. There are also electronics stores dedicated to renting out desktops and laptops for extended periods of time.

Find a Gently Used Computer / Laptop



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Ever wonder how large Canada’s rental market is?

Montreal had the most rental apartments available with 534,005 and Toronto followed next with 308,212 rental units.

There were 60,086 apartments for rent in Ottawa.

The smallest rental market was St. John’s in Newfoundland with 3,538 rental units.

Check out the infographic by to see how many apartment rental units are available across Canada.


A Snapshot of Canada's Apartment Market INFOGRAPH

Check out all the rental apartments available on Kijiji now:











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