7 Tips for Buying a New Car

In July we published a post about the 10 questions to ask when buying a used car. But what do you need to consider when looking for a new car? Check out the infographic for the 7 useful tips for new car buyers in Canada!

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5 DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions You Can Whip Up At Home

Rather than fall for the gimmicks of commercial cleaning products, we here at Kijiji are all about sustainable, eco-friendly, and people-friendly cleaning products that can be whipped up in your own home saving you money and keeping you green throughout the summer months.

green clean

Here are a few cleaning solutions to get you started and ready for the summer adventures that lie ahead!

1. “Green” Grass Stain Remover

Whether you’re playing soccer outside or you have little ones running wild in the yard, grass stains are an almost guaranteed mess you’ll have to clean this summer. Using 2 tbsp. of hydrogen peroxide and 1 tbsp. of dish soap with hot water, let your grass stained clothing set for about ten minutes before soaking them in the peroxide solution for another ten. After this is all done, scrub with a brush (toothbrush probably is the most handy) and watch the stain disappear!

2. Grapefruit and Kosher Salt Bathtub Cleaner

Hot, humid weather means more showers and more grime being washed off everyday. To keeping the bathtub sparkling, one very easy cleaning method uses 1 grapefruit and coarse salt. All it takes it cutting the grapefruit in half, sprinkling a generous amount of the salt on it and then scrubbing the areas that need cleaning. Extra grimy areas can be juiced with some of the grapefruit juice first before scrubbing. Not only will your tub be shiny and new again, it will smell amazing!

3. Simple Toilet Ring Cleanser

You’re not always going to have the time to scrub your toilet bowl down every other day, so for those lazy summer days or when the buildup isn’t too much but you have a few guests coming over, an easy cleaner you can make at home requires only one ingredient you’re sure to have in your cupboards: vinegar!
Pouring one cup of vinegar and letting it sit for ten minutes should be enough to loosen the grime creating the ring in your toilet bowl.

4. Quick and Easy Glass Cleaner

Streaky windows from smudgy hands of children on their summer break are an eyesore, but instead of taking out a commercial cleaner, a “Green” alternative is to create a solution made of 2 cups water, 1/2 cup vinegar, ¼ cup rubbing alcohol, and about 2 drops of any citrus oil. Mix it all together in a spray bottle .

5. DIY Laundry Softener

If there was ever a season where fabric softener and freshener was strongly needed, it’s summer when kids and adults are out all day sweating and doing active, outdoor activities. This fabric softener alternative to commercial softeners is chemical free and safe for everyone. Lavender water or your favourite scent of essential oil (think citrus, rose, etc.) mixed with water in a spray bottle creates the perfect solution. All you have to do is spray the mixture on your laundry before it gets put in the wash, and just like that, fresh smelling laundry ready to take on the summer grime!

While you are cleaning up, sell your unwanted items on Kijiji!

7 Budget Friendly Fun Activities for the Whole Family

As August hits, all families know one thing: the end of Summer is near, and with it, school is back in session. All this means though is that everyone should pack in as much fun as possible before the season officially comes to a close.

Fun with the family is always on our to-do list, but budget friendly (or free) family fun activities are even better. Here’s a quick list of different family-friendly outings and adventures you can go on without breaking the bank!

DIY Top Chef:

Gather some friends along with your family, (or just your family if you’ve got a good-sized group) and get cooking! Run out and get some basic ingredients that everyone has to work from and make a competition out of it. Your ingredient options can range from fresh fruit and vegetables, to a different kind of protein, or even some obscure sauce you’ve never tried before. The more “out there” your ingredients are, the more creative the results are going to be. If you’re with young children and that option is out of the question, try DIY Pizza Creation instead where you stock the counter with all different kinds of pizza toppings and let everyone go wild.

If your kitchen isn’t exactly stadium-sized, people can take cooking shifts and assign sous chefs to assist while they’re not cooking. You might want to pair up young children with adults, (whatever works) but the main thing is everyone is together, everyone’s being creative, and everyone will get to eat (which, let’s face it, is the best part of making food.)

Road Trip With a Twist:

When people say road trip, the instant image in our heads is blue skies, wide open road, and the windows rolled all the way down as the wind and sun surround us. Here’s a different type of road trip you can take your family on and be back in time for the next morning. Pack the kids up and drive up North- however long it takes to get away from bustle of city life and light. There are many public camp sites you can search up and park your car there. Once there, set the scene: Hot drinks, blanket to sit on, binoculars to look up with and enjoy the time of peace and quiet while staring up at stars you’d never be able to see in the city or suburbia.

Workshops from Pros:

Kijiji is full of people with expertise in one field or another. Check out your local community section to see what classes and lessons are being offered.

Take Advantage of Free:

In the summer time, all over Canada there are free outdoor movie showings of all different films from different time periods. With a quick search you’ll be able to find the type you’re looking for and that’s appropriate for the whole family. Not only is it much cheaper than going to the theater, you and your whole family will be outside taking in a unique experience while soaking in the fresh air and warm weather.

Think Outside the Box:

Classified sites like Kijiji can offer a wide-range of inexpensive or free activities that only come around once or twice a year. A quick glance in the events section of Kijiji is where you’ll find posts for the annual circus that’s coming into town, an ethnic food festival popping up in your neighbourhood, or a fair or carnival that will roll in for a few nights only.


What Can You Find for Free in Canada?

What better price is there than free? At Kijiji, we don’t just list the best sales and services from people in your community – we’ve got the best giveaways, too. And today, we’re peering into the section with the greatest deals of all: free stuff.

Through analyzing hundreds of listings for giveaways over recent weeks, we’ve identified the top 20 items and services that people are listing for free in four major cities. From phones to pianos, from couches to cats, you might be surprised at what you find in your neighborhood. Take a look, and see what you can have for free on Kijiji today.


Finding Great Roommates That Fit Your Lifestyle

Whether you are starting a new school year, moving to a new apartment, or embarking on a new adventure across the country, finding roommates that fit your personality and lifestyle can be a tall order. How can you find a set of people to share your house with that you will remain compatible with?

Think long term. If you find yourself at the end of your lease with nowhere to go, its easy to work yourself into a panic, overlook red flags and move in without thinking it through. This could turn out fine – or, it could result in a disaster. If possible, start looking for a roommate about 2 months before you will actually need one. This should give you time to meet up with several possibilities, and think through the options carefully. If you have to find a new place on very short notice, consider subletting a place or a room until you have found a living arrangement that you feel comfortable with in the long term rather than signing a lease with someone less than ideal.

Know your own habits, and what you will put up with. As nice as it would be to live with someone who will clean up after you, if your room mate is a clean freak and you are a slob, it is not going to work out for either of you. Try to find someone with a lifestyle and preferences that match yours. If you prefer to stay at home, have alone time, and like the quiet, a party animal room mate or someone who is always entertaining is likely not going to be a good match.

Don’t overlook red flags. If all you want is a quiet place to read when you get home, and they keep talking about loving to jam on their drum kit, or watch tv all evening, you probably won’t be a good fit. If they have a history of unpaid debts don’t just assume they will pay you the rent on time. Don’t panic that you won’t find someone and settle for someone you will have friction with later.

Finding a Roommate that Fits Your Lifestyle

Be honest. Are you a very light sleeper? Are you always coming and going late at night? Does having meat in your fridge offend you? Do you love having parties at home? Be up front with your lifestyle so that both of you can make an informed decision on whether the fit is right.

Do a background check. Verify that their job is what they say it is, talk to former roommates, and do a credit check. Add them on social media if you can. People might display very different parts of their personality in an interview setting than they do on social media.

Make sure the space works for the arrangement. As cool as lofts are, a loft without defined bedrooms might not work so well when sharing with roommates, especially if they are loud. If you end up with the tiny bedroom and no space of your own, will that work with how you like to spend your time? Who should get that better bedroom, anyway? Will they pay increased rent?

Have you ever had a roommate that was not a good fit? Share your stories in the comments, or, find a new roommate on Kijiji!

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