7 Tips to get your pet through the winter

The winter months are full of perils for our furry friends, and it’s our responsibility to protect them! There are a number of things you need to be aware of as a pet parent, so here are six great tips to keeping your pet comfortable and happy through the winter months.

Help your pets enjoy winter  with these 7 tips

1. Reflective gear: The days are shorter during the winter, but that doesn’t mean your dog wants to take shorter walks! Consider purchasing some reflective gear for you and your dog so you can be seen and safe on your wintery strolls.
2. Clean your pet’s paws: After those lovely walks, make sure you carefully clean your pet’s paws to remove ice and salt, both of which can irritate their paws and cause them pain. Use warm water and a towel to gently clean any of these substances off the paws.
3. Dog boots: To help keep your pet comfortable on winter walks, purchase some dog boots. For all sizes and breeds of dogs, boots help minimize the contact between your dog’s feet and harmful chemicals. Not only that, but they prevent painful ice balls from forming on the paws of dogs with particularly hairy paws.
4. Proper doghouse: If your dog spends any extended period of time outside, they need a proper and suitable doghouse according to the Ontario SPCA Act, all year round. If dogs are tethered in any way outside they need ready access to a shelter so they can get out of the wind and cold.

Help your pets enjoy winter  with these 7 tips

5. Avoid Antifreeze: If you can, avoid using antifreeze on your car. To animals, the poisonous substance tastes sweet but if ingested they only need a small amount to permanently damage their kidney. Do some research and purchase the pet-friendly substitute to antifreeze instead. If you have to to change your car’s antifreeze, be very careful not to spill any around your car, and if it does spill, clean it thoroughly with detergent.
6. Check your car’s hot spots: Before starting your car in the winter, check your car hood and wheel wells for stray cats, or other wildlife. Animals may hide in those places to keep out of the cold, so it’s important to be aware.
7. No pets in cars! : In the winter your car can reach dangerously cold temperatures very fast. Whether it’s a quick coffee break, or a trip to the shopping mall, do not leave your pet alone in your car. Leave them at home where they are safe and warm, or stay in the car with them. To report a dog or cat in a car, call 310-SPCA in Ontario (for other provinces, contact your local SPCA or Humane Society, they will direct you to the appropriate help).
Help your pets enjoy winter  with these 7 tips

There you have it! Some tips to keep your pets safe through the wintery months. Enjoy them as best as you can!

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With Goodwill closed, what can you do with your stuff?

Those who love hunting for treasures in charity stores, have big bags of post-holiday donations to drop off, or who like to give back to their community in the Greater Toronto Area or parts of Ontario are likely hurting from the recent news that Goodwill has closed all their local store locations. Goodwill has been a large contributor in the second hand economy, as well as a major employer to those who face significant barriers to employment, and their contribution to their wider communities will be missed (though as their website states, they will continue to explore ways to continue their mission). What are the alternatives out there?

For Donations:

  • Furniture, construction materials, appliances, and home items can go to Habitat for Humanity, where items are resold to raise funds for their building projects. Some items receive a tax receipt (bonus).
  • Furniture can also be taken to Woodgreen Red Door Family Shelter, which can either be dropped off at their office, or picked up for a fee ranging between $25 to $45 (Toronto only).
  • Post your item(s) for free on Kijiji. If you want to get rid of a lot at once, consider posting as a lot and specify that the lot must be taken together. If you want to do some good and give it to deserving people in need, you can ask people to submit reasons why they require the items, or look on the “free” wanted ads, especially when it comes to items for child or baby items. Generally, when posting something for free, make sure you have some time shortly after posting to schedule a pick up, as you may get a lot of interest.
  • The Salvation Army accepts many of the same types of items as Goodwill, and funds similar types of programming and outreach with the funds they raise as Goodwill did with their stores.
  • Pegasus on Kingston Road in the Beach accepts donations of clothing, accessories, books, and housewares. Proceeds support their programs for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • The Canadian Diabetes Association accepts donations of clothing, cloth based items, accessories, small household items and electronics, and they pick up your items for free.
  • Eva’s is an organization that works to give homeless youth a fresh start, and accepts donations of clothing, household items, toiletries, bedding and linens.
  • Furniture Bank offers a pick up service for home furnishings, as well as televisions, artwork, and other home items, which go directly to those transitioning out of homelessness, fleeing abuse, refugees, and newcomers to Canada.
  • Other groups in your community may accept donations. If you have a shelter or a similar type of organization nearby, inquire directly about what types of donations they accept. You may find a lesser known group down the street who could use your help.
  • What to do with the "purge" pile?
    For doing some good through your shopping:

  • Habitat for Humanity Restore uses the funds generated by the sale of donated items and materials to build homes for those who otherwise could not afford them, both at home and abroad.
  • Salvation Army offers a similar shopping experience to Goodwill, as well as an altruistic social mission.
  • If you are willing to travel, Goodwill is still open in Hamilton, Halton, and locations in Western Ontario.
  • When you shop used on Kijiji, your cash stays in your local community, and usually goes to other hard working Canadians trying to create a good life for their family.
  • Any time you buy used rather than new, you are helping to keep items out of landfills, and keeping the money in your local economy. Supporting the second hand economy with your shopping and donations is a great decision not only for the environment, but also for your wallet.

    Top Items You Need in Your Car during Winter

    Winter in Canada can be unpredictable at times! Be prepared for anything by having these essential items in your car at all times (even after winter).


    Winter Gloves


    Nobody likes cold hands!


    Blanket / Extra Clothes (Socks)


    If your car won’t turn on, it can get cold really quickly!


    Extra Windshield Washer Fluid and Wiper Blades


    Your windshield can get extremely dirty quickly when winter driving.  Keep some extra windshield washer fluid in the car so you are not driving blind.  Sometimes, wiper blades can get stuck to your window with ice and break right off!


    First Aid-kit

    first aid

    To always be prepared for anything.


    MAP (Not a GPS)

    road map

    Your car may not start and you may need to conserve your cell phone battery.


    Ice Scraper / Snow Brush

    ice scraper

    It is not safe to drive with ice and snow on your car.  You should scrape off the ice and brush off the snow on your car before driving.


    Small Shovel / Carpet



    A shovel is very useful for digging yourself out of the snow.  You can also use car carpets to get traction under your tires if you get stuck.


    Snacks / Energy Bars


    Even if you don’t end up getting stranded, these can be super helpful if you get stuck in a traffic jam (not everyone is a safe winter driver).


    External Battery Charger / Charging Cable


    If your car is functioning normally, you might be able to charge your phone or any other electronics with your car.  However, if you cannot use the car battery, an external battery can mean the difference between getting home and being stranded.


    Jumper Cables

    car jumper cables

    No one wants to have to depend on the kindness of strangers (hence the battery), but sometimes you may need a good Samaritan and a pair of cables to get back on the road.

    Did we forget anything essential? What’s in your winter driving kit? Let us know in the comments!


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    2015 in Review: Thank you Canada for 10 Great Years!

    Kijiji Year In Review Infogaphic final

    In 2015, we turned 10, and did some good, helping Canadians everywhere to fulfill so many wild desires, from buying a new tractor to finding a new buddy to help brave shopping at IKEA. It was a big year for you, our users, too. Nearly half of all Canadians used Kijiji on a monthly basis last year, and you averaged hundreds of thousands of searches each month.

    With new ads posting every couple of seconds, you’ve helped make us a one-stop source for everything from buying BMWs to finding friends for Sunday dinner. In 2015, Kijiji helped you find useful stuff like mobile homes, and became a market for some very…interesting art (Stephen Harper reclining nude, anyone?).

    We did some pretty cool stuff in 2015 – we made it easier for veterans to connect with jobs, introduced in app messaging, and lots of cool new categories, and that isn’t even getting started on some of the great things that we helped our fans accomplish in their own lives. Thanks to our fans for enriching our lives this past 10 years as much as we hope we have enriched theirs.

    Here’s to 10 more years of helping Canadians connect and collect! Cheers, Canada!



    Classic Toys for your Children

    The holidays are over and this is great time to search on Kijiji for brand new items that people are selling!

    Toys are an important part of a child’s development, but when shopping for new ones for your own children, you may find the endless aisles of movie-themed action figures, dolls with dozens of accessories, and other unrecognizable toys a bit overwhelming. Instead of trying to keep up with the latest trends, stick to a few old classics, some of which you may even recognize from your own childhood.


    Radio Flyer Wagon

    radio wagon

    Every child needs a little red wagon. The kid-favourite mode of transportation made its debut in the 1920s and has undergone many makeovers throughout the years. Some modern models even come with sunshades and adjustable seats. Those are not your grandparents’ wagons. Today, you can find them in the $80 to $250 range, depending on the style you choose.


    Magic 8 Ball

    magic 8 ball

    Does the Magic 8 Ball really tell the future? Outlook not so good. But that did not stop you and your friends from asking it thousands of silly questions. The toy made its debut during the 1940s. Today, the classic costs between $10 and $20.




    Barbie may very well be the most popular doll to ever exist. In the decades since her 1950s-era debut, she has taken on hundreds of careers, worn thousands of outfits, and welcomed dozens of people into her life, such as her boyfriend, Ken, and her sister, Skipper. Today, you can find basic Barbies for as low as $8 all the way up to over $200 for collectible dolls.




    Who knew a piece of bendy metal could be so much fun? The Slinky dates back to the 1940s, where it was demonstrated in an American department store, and before long, it became one of the most popular toys in the world. Its theme song became pretty popular, too. Today, you can find it in a variety of colours for between $5 and $10.




    It is hard to believe, but parents have been stepping on Lego pieces since the 1940s. By 2013, the company had produced over 560 billion of those colourful little blocks. Today, you can purchase the bricks, Lego people, and sets ranging from “Star Wars” to Disney Princess themes. Prices vary, depending on the size and type of set purchased. For more expensive sets, try searching for pre-owned Legos in the classified sections of Kijiji.


    Hula Hoop

    hula hoop

    During the 1950s, Wham-O toy company in California designed and marketed a plastic hula hoop. Within two years, the company had sold over 100 million hoops. After gaining popularity in the United States, the craze swept the world and lasted until the 1980s. Today, the toy is regaining popularity and becoming a popular tool for working out, dancing, and gymnastics. You can buy them in assorted colours and styles, and even buy hoops that light up. A basic hula hoop will cost you between $5 and $20.


    What was your favourite toy growing up?