How to price your item to sell on classified sites

Posting an ad on Kijiji may be easy, but that doesn’t mean that selling your item is. We’ve been over the way to ensure that you post an effective, attention grabbing ad, but that is only half the battle. The other half: actually getting the item out of your house!
No one wants to see their ad they spent so much time perfecting languish on the site for months. Ideally, we would all like a quick, easy, drama free sale. How do you go about that?

Kijiji: a refund?
Unless you are selling a new in box sought after item (perhaps a new iphone days after the release or the hottest sold out toy at Christmas time), or a collector’s item, you are unlikely to get back what you paid or above. Ideally, we would all like to get our money back in full when we sell an item, but unfortunately for sellers, the market generally doesn’t work like that.
Barring the scenario that you are trying to sell a very sought after item, there is a good chance that you will have to price your item significantly less than what it sells for new, even if the item is in good condition.

Research the pricing
The best way to determine what an item is going for is to check out the same market that you plan on selling it in. In the case of Kijiji, this means checking the category and area you will be posting in for similar items, and seeing what they are priced at. Are there a lot of ads? Have they been posted for a long time? If so, you might want to price your item a bit lower than those items if you want a quick sale. If you want to price your item higher than the competition, think about what sets your item apart. Is it in better condition? Is the item higher quality than the other ads? Call attention to whatever sets your item apart in the ad to justify a higher price. Buyers won’t bite if they can get a nearly identical item for less.

If you want a higher price, but there is no clear reason why your item would be worth more to a prospective buyer, you may have to readjust your expectations (or be prepared to wait a long time for sale). We’ve created a pricing tool to make it easy to see what some common items are going for on Kijiji, so if you are selling a mobile phone, researching the second hand market just got a lot easier.

Understanding the market
Some people like to go to sites that specialize in new goods to find a price for their item, but if you try and price a used item based on the price to purchase it new, you will likely be disappointed. When buying new, consumers generally have access to warranties and the option of returning it if it does not function as expected. Why would they pay the same amount and lose out on additional buyer protection?

Some like to use a site like eBay for price comparison, which does have the advantage of showing a large amount of used items as a comparison. One thing to keep in mind is that the ebay market is quite different from the Kijiji market, especially for more obscure items. On ebay, you are entering a worldwide marketplace, and collectors from all over may be looking for an item like you have for sale. A large, worldwide market may command higher prices for certain types of items (or lower prices for others), so while it is useful to check eBay or other sites featuring a large used inventory, be sure to consider the differences in the market and adjust your price accordingly.

Adjusting expectations
If you find your items aren’t selling and all the offers you receive are low balls, you might have your items priced too highly for the market. Try imagining that the item is not yours, but belongs to a neighbor who is trying to sell it at a garage sale. Think about what the maximum price is that you would be willing to pay in that scenario, without considering any additional sentimental value you may have attached to it when coming up with your initial price. The right price for the item in a market like Kijiji is likely a blend of whatever you would pay at a garage sale for a similar item and what it would go for in a larger market.

Tonnes of replies?
On the flip side, if you post your item and your inbox is flooded with interested parties wanting to buy it right away, you may have priced your item too low. If you want a fast sale, that is the right move, but if you are in no rush, you could probably increase your price and still move your item (while making a few extra bucks than you initially thought).

Specialized items
Sometimes, a buyer can be slow to materialize because the item is very niche. If you are posting a highly specialized item, these considerations may be less relevant, as you may simply have to wait for the right person to happen across your ad. If this is the case, do your best to promote your ad to communities that may have buyers. You may want to share your ad on a forum, tweet it with a relevant hashtag, or share it with a specialized subreddit (for the uninitiated, that is a community on the popular site reddit) full of other enthusiasts. Find the people who would be seeking your item and promote it until you find a buyer.

Top 8 Searched Categories by Men in 2015

We took a look back at 2015 to see what the top searches done by males on our site were.  We were surprised by some of the results! The results below highlight the most popular categories on

8. Heavy Equipment


We were a little surprised by this at #8 but males on our site searched for heavy equipment such as snow pushers, sanders, forklifts, and tractors.


7. ATV / Snowmobile


What kind of Canadian list would this be if something related to snow/cold was not on the list!


6.  Computer Accessories


From cables, cameras, keyboards to covers, computer accessories came in at #6.


5. Boats / Watercraft


Looks like we got some fancy users! Boats and watercrafts made the list at #5.  If you want to take Kijiji with you on your new boat, let us know!


4. Classic Cars


Probably nothing too surprising about this one… except that we thought it would have been higher on the list!


3. Musical Instruments


Coming in at #3, musical instruments! Looks like we have some talented musicians on Kijiji!


2. Tools


Looks like there are a lot of handy men on Kijiji! Tools came in at #2.

And the top searched category on Kijiji by men in 2015 was…


1. Motorcycles


Stay tuned for the top searched categories by women in 2015!


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Shopping Tips

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday. The hard part is finding a gift that expresses how you feel about your Valentine. Love is one of those things that can be tough to express.


What Do You Want To Express?

Because you’re shopping at the last minute hasty decisions are tempting. The first step involves thinking through what kind of love you’re trying to express. Your gift should reflect your relationship with this person. Always remember: you don’t have to stick to generic greeting cards and flowers. If you want to make your Valentine happy cater to their interests.



Be Creative!

Thinking outside the box is a great way to treat your Valentine to something that they deserve. It’s also a clever and thoughtful way to make your Valentine feel special.  Satisfying a need is the perfect, outside the box approach to Valentine’s Day shopping. Great examples of this include treating your Valentine to a relaxing day at the spa, or a new puppy (Talk to them first about it and make sure you’re both ready!).  No matter what you decide to get your Valentine creativity is key. Don’t be afraid to turn it into a fun, quirky, event.  You can buy everything from Knight-A-Grams, to custom cakes on Kijji.


Sometimes The Perfect Gift Is Online…

If you’re not the crafty type, and you want to find the perfect gift you’re in luck. The digital age is making it easier than ever for people to buy and sell online. Kijiji has a wide variety of used, handmade, and one of a kind items for sale. You can also google local jewelry, clothing, and accessory makers in your area. A lot of local designers are branching out into the e- commerce industry. E-commerce websites are a great way to find the perfect gift for any occasion. They thrive based on their ability to connect designers to customers in their area. If you want to find the perfect gift for your Valentine you might not even have to leave your house!


Don’t Overspend Or Go Overboard

Sticking to a budget, and keeping it simple is important. Never forget the most important part of Valentine’s Day. It’s all about love. All it takes is one thoughtful, small gesture to express how you feel. Expressing your love with less conveys a clear message. Expressing your love with a lot of bulk can lead to the message getting lost in translation.  If you keep it simple both your Valentine and your wallet will thank you for it.


Compare Prices

It’s easier to save money than you think.  If you want to get the best possible deal on your Valentine’s Day gift be open to comparing costs. To compare costs you have to be open to investigating what people are charging. Before buying an item compare prices at a wide variety of stores, both on and off line. You can sometimes spend less money on the same item elsewhere. If you can’t find a good deal on whatever gift you’re looking for used versions are often cheaper. If you choose to buy a used item online proceed with caution.




When in doubt listen to what your gut instincts are telling you. Don’t let the pressure of last minute shopping cloud your judgment.


What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year?

Should I become a Landlord?

So you are thinking of buying an income property. Being a landlord isn’t all fun and games – even assuming you have the cash on hand to invest in real estate, managing a property is costly and time consuming, and can be a huge head ache. What should you consider, aside from your cash flow, before you take the plunge and become a first time landlord?

Thinking of becoming a landlord?

Understanding your regional tenancy laws and regulations is extremely important. There are a lot of myths and half-truths out there about landlord and tenant interactions. One common misconception is around pets, can I take legal action against a tenant who brings a pet into the dwelling despite the terms of our lease restricting pets? The answer is… It depends. In Ontario, the Residential Tenancy Act [s.14] voids all “no pet” provisions in a lease agreement, whereas in most other provinces, you as the landlord can include this provision, and take action towards eviction if the tenant is in violation. You don’t want your newly renovated income unit torn up by dogs and cats, or maybe you don’t mind, either way this is a good one to check out. There are plenty of other legal issues that could affect your decision to become a landlord, you’ve put in a lot of work to get to this point, so be diligent and finish your homework. A good place to start is CMHC, specifically their territorial fact sheets.

If you think it’s going to be smooth sailing, think again. Even a well-constructed or renovated unit will require upkeep and repairs. You don’t have to be Mike Holms, but you do need to know how to patch drywall and replace a fuse. You will be spending time during and in between tenancies on maintenance, otherwise you’ll be paying someone to do it which can take a serious bite into your profits. If you are not a handy person, but intent on making this work, be sure to include a nice buffer in your expenses to cover maintenance. Most repairs and labour are deductible, as long as you’re paying someone else to do the work, it’s always a good idea to speak to your accountant about which landlord expenses are tax deductible.

There are some fantastic benefits to having an income property, you’ll probably be thrilled with your decision most of the time when you’re chipping away at your mortgage and planning that early-ish retirement plan. That said, the most important question to ask yourself after learning about everything from taxes to tenants is, am I ready to handle this type of a commitment? We’re talking mentally and emotionally ready. If you find that your schedule is packed from work, children, pets or school and is enough to cause you some stress, you may not be ready to take on more, and that’s okay. This is a big decision; don’t ignore the most important part of the equation, the health and well-being of you and yours.

Don’t let your puppy feel left out while you bake. Try this ‘Pupcake’ recipe!

Have you ever been baking, and out of the corner of your eye see an interested puppy’s nose getting a little too close to the goods? Our pets love being with us, and they also love food! So it only makes sense that they’d want to be involved when you’re getting your sweets on in the kitchen. To keep them away from your baked goods, we have a great solution: make them their own, specialty, ‘pupcakes’! These are little treats, similar to the more traditional cupcakes, which are specifically made with ingredients that will not harm your pet, and that they’ll enjoy. We’ve broken it all down for you so you can quickly and easily make pet-safe cupcakes for your furry friends.

Pup getting too close to your treats?

Pup getting too close to your treats?

Make a special treat for your pet so they don't feel left out

Make a special treat for your pet so they don’t feel left out

“Pupcakes” recipe
2-3/4 cups water
1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
4 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup dried apple pieces (you can also use fresh fruit)
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 egg beaten
4 tablespoons honey
• Preheat oven to 350C. Spray cupcake tin with cooking spray. Mix wet ingredients thoroughly.
• Combine dry ingredients in a separate bowl.
• Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients slowly, scraping well to make sure no dry mixture is left.
• Pour into cupcake tins.
• Bake for 30 minutes. Insert a toothpick into the centre and if it comes out dry, they are done.
• Cool completely and serve. Store in a sealed container. Makes 12-14 pupcakes.

These are edible for humans, but designed for a dog’s palate, so don’t plan on serving them to your human friends. If your ‘pupcakes’ get you into a baking mood, consider hosting a Cupcake Day party during February to raise money for your local SPCA or Humane Society.
National Cupcake Day™ is a coordinated Canadian event to support local shelters, SPCAs, and Humane Societies. In 2015, animal lovers across Canada raised over $550,000 in support of their favourite societies.

Here’s all you need to do: register for National Cupcake Day, and host a party where you bake for your co-workers, friends and family. In exchange for a cupcake, your guests donate to the participating animal welfare charity of your choice. This simple, fun, event raises critically-needed funds for animals that are abused, abandoned, neglected or no longer wanted. Your Cupcake Day party can be held at your workplace, home, school or local community centre – anywhere you think people will enjoy a treat!

National Cupcake Day is Monday, February 29, 2016, but you can hold your Cupcake Day party on whatever day works best for you in February. The event is supported by the Ontario SPCA and BC SPCA on behalf of participating local shelters, SPCAs, and Humane Societies.
Get baking today, and make a difference in the lives of needy animals!

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