Newspaper gift wrap

Stay Green This Holiday Season

Ever wonder about the impact the holidays have on the environment? Well, Kijiji did and decided to do some homework.

According to 2011 research from the folks over at Smart Planet and Ethical Ocean, holiday toys can account for nearly 70M tons of carbon from initial production and packaging to disposal.

The good news is that according to a recent global online study of consumer behaviour by Kijiji* more than 650 million people worldwide reported exchanging goods for cash online. If trends like these continue, they will help to significantly lessen the impact on our environment.

Trading, recycling or upcycling new and used goods are all great ways for people to reduce a carbon footprint instead of buying from conventional retail environments. 

Kijiji  Top 3 Green Holiday Tips

  1. Shopping at major chains and department stores that use ground transport + over packaging has a significant impact on the planet. New items can be found using online classifieds sites like Kijiji, often at a much lower cost.  
  2. Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be store-bought foil paper with a synthetic bow. We suggests using plain brown paper tied with raffia and a holly sprig. Or have fun with newspaper by using the comic section and fold it accordion style.
  3. Vintage-inspired items are a huge trend this Holiday season, so why not actually give a unique gift that you can’t find in-store – true vintage finds have a “new to you” appeal. This is true especially for children, who love a new toy because its new, not because of the box and plastic it comes in.

Do you try and stay eco-friendly this time of year? Share your tips with us in the comments!

  • JC

    The comic book section of the newspaper makes for stylin’ wrapping paper idea.

  • Rod B

    wrapping paper makes good wrapping paper??? unemployment makes .. umm nope cant think of a thing here!