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Love pets? Check out the OSPCA Pawdcast for discussion and news from the experts!

Ontario SPCA Animals’ Voice Pawdcast – Assessing Pain In Animals

Do you ever wonder just what your pet is feeling? Does it ever concern you that your pet is unable to tell you when they feel ill? If so, you’re not alone! Many pet owners feel this way. That’s exactly why we interviewed Dr. Sheilah Robertson of the American Veterinary Medical Association about assessing pain in animals. Dr. Robertson has been involved in Animal Welfare for two years and has been with the American Veterinary Medical Association for a year and a half. Before that, Dr. Robertson was a veterinarian for 32 years! Her main focus has been assessing and relieving pain in animals, with a specialization in pain management and anesthesia. In this episode of the Pawdcast, Dr. Robertson… read more

Keep Pets Cool This Summer!

This Summer Remember – No Hot Pets!

Nothing gets people more excited than the prospect of a warm, sunny summer day! However, pet owners need to take extra precautions to ensure their pet’s safety when temperatures are so high. Pet owners need to keep in mind that parked cars can quickly reach deadly temperatures, even on relatively mild days with the car parked in the shade and the windows slightly open. A dog’s body temperature averages 38°C, and they are only able to physically withstand approximately 41°C for a very short time. That’s only a difference of only three degrees! After that, a dog can become victim to heat stroke, brain damage and death. When you consider that a car can be 50°C hotter inside than the… read more

Do your research to ensure that your new pet is a great match, and that puppy or kitten will grow old at your side!

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

Here at Kijiji, we love pets. The pets section has given many people the opportunity to re-home pets they can no longer care for, but we hope any pet re-homed once finds their forever family! The best way to ensure that you and the animal you bring into your life are a good fit is to do your research and consider the following factors beforehand: Lifestyle – whether you prefer a night in snuggling on the couch, or like to spend your spare time doing sports, you want to make sure your choice of pet matches your lifestyle. If you like to go out after work frequently, that should definitely enter into your decision. Living arrangements – do you live with room mates, family,… read more

Search for Pets from Animal Shelters on Kijiji

We’re pleased to announce a new feature on Kijiji that lets you search and sort for pets only from Animal Shelters. As a way to increase the visibility of our friends and partners at Animal Shelters, we’ve teamed with Petfinder and started importing their shelter ads into our site. This partnership allows us access to Petfinder’s 13,000 animal shelters from across North America and import ads from shelters in local communities. You can find the attribute ‘Shelter‘ under the ‘Offered by‘ section in the left sub-navigation of the site. When you choose it, you’ll be taken to a page that shows just shelter ads, as shown here. The Shelters information will be listed on the top right under ‘Poster Contact… read more

Kijiji Photos from Woofstock 2011

This years Woofstock was another amazing event, growing to a whopping 250,000 people and over 100,000 dogs on the weekend of June 11-12th. This year we took 722 photos at the Kijiji Pet Portrait Photo Booth of owners and their furry companions. You can find all the photos on our Facebook Page, under photos. (If you want to download your photo, open it and choose download from the bottom left side, and don’t forget to tag yourself). Dog owners that came by the booth also got Milk bones and a dog bandana, which became quite popular as we started seeing them spread all over the St. Lawrence Market. Kijiji staff were on site to talk to dog owners about responsible… read more