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The Year in Review – Top Searches of 2011

2011 has been a banner year for us here at Kijiji. We decided to examine data from the site from the last twelve months, and the results surprised even us! We learned some interesting insights about what we Canadians have been searching for, shopping for, and Kijiji’ing.

The Viral Couch Ad from Quebec (Click to View Full Size)

It turns out that Canadians performed nearly 22 searches and viewed approximately 185 listings per second, looking to us for everything from art to video games. In this record-breaking year, more than 100 million replies were sent to Canadians like you, and a whopping 500,000 of us viewed a single ad for a couch for sale (pictured)


Here are some other top trends from 2011:

Approximately half of the Canadian population are Kijiji-ers. This year, nearly two items were Kijiji’d per second with a total of 27.4-million items listed in the Buy & Sell category since January. Canadians were looking to buy, sell, or trade, everything from iPhones and BlackBerries to chairs, tables, and clothing.


Top ten search terms:

  1. iPhone
  2. Mustang
  3. Honda
  4. Civic
  5. Jeep
  6. iPad
  7. iPhone 4
  8. Blackberry
  9. BMW
  10. Camaro


If you’d like to read more about what we Kijiji’d in 2011 you can read more here.

Keep up the good work Canada, let’s make 2012 even better!