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Top Ads of the Week – Sept 22-29

Petit divan Ikéa 2 places qui se cherche un foyer (Québec, QC)

It seems like Kijiji users love posting funny sofa ads. We listed two similar ones on July 31st. One of them received 97,000 views while the other is still live (Divan viril (laid) et confortable) and has exceeded 585,000 views!

This one was online for only a week and had received over 25,000 views.

Time Traveller wanted (Borden, ON)

We have another hilarious ad this week. This one is about a time travel opportunity. If you are interested in meeting Karl Albrecht, Prince-Elector of Bavaria from 1744, look no further. This ad received 1100 views in just a few days.