Top Ads of the Week (Sept 2nd – Sept 8th)


All my Bomber gear (Winnipeg, MB)

This week’s top ad includes an angry fan who had posted all of his Blue Bomber gear because he no longer supports the team. He then received overwhelming response on Kijiji from other fans but his wife eventually convinced him to keep all the gear. This hilarious ad received over 2000 views in just 5 days. Click here to view the ad. Any bomber fans out there who feel the same way about this team?

1933 Ford coupe (Edmonton, AB)

This beautiful Ford Coupe received over 3,300 views. It has been fully customized to incorporate modern design on a classic shape. Truly a unique car to own!


Group of ladies looking for a cabana boy for Cottage Weekend! (Cornwall, ON)

Who wants to be a Cabana boy for a weekend?! The requirements are simple, you must have a loin cloth and a cowboy hat and have a European accent with a nerdy look. Duties will include addressing the ladies by ‘mistress’ or ‘my lady’, rubbing their necks when required, making drinks, cooking meals and playing guitar for them when they feel bored. Now that’s the kind of job offer that will attract 2000+ views!

Click here to view the full ad.


  • tiktilaok

    Quality!!!! lol

  • Zamboni

    Y’know what? if someone, some MALE posted an ad like that, it’d be sexist and IMMEDIATELY removed. Them ladies can clean their own god damned cabin.

    • Durnz

      I have to agree with you there…though I do find this hilarious, you’re right if it was 4 males asking for a female for the weekend it would be considered inappropriate.

      • jess

        the only reason it’s different for guys is because its stated there are no “benefits” or anything like that where as guys, WOULD be expecting some hot little thing they could take turns with… gross…

        • Tisha


        • Weezer

          Yes because every single male is a pig right….??? Guess we know youve had some great selections of boy friends in the past.

  • Biggest Fan

    I’m still a Blue Bomber fan and will be to the end!! I’m sending them my energy!!!

  • Obie

    soooo can guys post such ads??

  • “Voluptuous, self indulgent” means they are all fat noisy cows…

  • Billybobob

    Uh I think ads like this require pictures of the broads you’ll be catering

  • Startlc

    Love that, and they are really only seeking a male servant and it did say no benefits, learn to read people. Actually men post ads to buy wives and find escorts so yeah men post ads seeking women all the time. Equal rights folks.

    • hiiiiii

      Equal rights equal rights! You can’t hit me I’m a girl!

      • RoXas Saix

        Actually, I’m a female and I think it’s perfectly acceptable to hit a girl if they hit you first. My fiancee and I have playfights all the time.

        But I do think that this is unacceptable as those kinds of ads would be removed but this one was not. Even if it said ‘no benefits’ I can almost guarantee that the ad would be removed if it was made by a male.

        I’ll also add that these women are a disgrace to humankind and don’t need a slave. Doing their own work might fix their ‘voluptuous’ problem, which I’m sure isn’t a healthy amount of fat.

        • I love how everyone points out the “no benefits” portion, but tend to leave out the next line which says, “must sign a non-disclosure agreement” – LOL

  • Mark Morissette

    Curious how it doesn’t show the pay rate. I suppose that they consider free room and board adequate pay for being a personal slave to a bunch of people for a weekend?

    • Anonymous

      It mentions at the bottom that when you contact them, you’re to provide your required rate for the weekend.

  • Charles A

    looking for a canbana boy for the weekend i do meet their physical requirements with ease age currently 20 but for the date they are heading out there age will be 21, pretty much all the duties are something ive been doing my whole life like cooking cleaning making fires giving a neck massage, killing spiders is easy since i hate them myself just calling a woman my lady or mistress i dont think i could keep a straight face while saying that one, using a paddle boat canoe i can use with ease and i love them ive just have yet to use a kayak, also its in Quebec never been there but if i ran into a separatist and starts talking english to me about it i think there would be a screaming match followed with his face in the dirt after him starting a brawl, and them wanting a guy that owns a loin cloth and a cowboy hat they must be looking for an asian dude since that would be the only type of person who would own both of those or atleast ware them together, also wearing a loin cloth to me isnt that appealing since my junk would have a hard time fitting in that and i would have to have it loose since having a high sex drive is such a pain in the ass most of the time you get stiff at the worst possible times just cause your mind starts to wander for a few seconds, though this ad did give me a good laugh for some of the things they want though im the type of guy who wearing a good pair of jeans a shit and my steel toe boots thats what i wear pretty much all the time since im a shop guy but wearing a loin cloth i would feel like im in a really shitting anime of sorts since there is still a few of those that i watch just not that many anymore but now its just to kill time and since i wanted to know what happens next

  • Tobias

    I’m down you reply to this message, 4500.00 maybe depends on how big the cabin,I’ll need half upfront,the other half at the end..let me know…lol

  • Weezer

    that would be the weekend from Hell for this cabana boy… Constantly cleaning up after 4 pigs. Basically being paid to be a slave for 3 days. By the sounds of this post, Im sure they wont provide much respect so they will be extra pigish. Dont be suprised when you hear in the news Cabana boy slaughters 4 women after they drive him insane. :P)

    • IronMonkey

      “being paid” and “slave” contradict each other. It is a job, like hooters, get objectified for money. Not really a new thing.