Top Ads of the Week – Sept 30 – Oct 06

Is This Your Pink Penguin? (Winnipeg, MB)

We see a lot of ads every day at Kijiji. Lost friends are some of our favorites, because they restore our faith in humanity! Anyone in Winnipeg know who this penguin may belong to? She was found abandoned in the south end of Winnipeg at a bus stop. This was posted less than a week ago and has already received over 2800 views.
We hope that means the penguin made it home to their rightful owner.



EMW (Eisenacher MotorenWerk) – 1949 ( Niagara Falls, ON)

Classic cars are always a popular, and interesting, listing on Kijiji. This is a 1949 Eisenacher Motorenwerk (EMW) 340 with 60 horse power engine. Rumor has it that one of the pre World-War-II BMW factory was taken over by the Soviets and they continued the car production but changed the name to EMW.